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It was named in French, which was the leading international language and language of the Prussian royal court of that era. The French name was retained, despite the rising tide of nationalism and increasing hostility between French and Germans during the 19th century, and ironically many of its recipients were honoured for acts performed in wars against France. In March , the king added an additional distinction, a spray of gilt oak leaves attached above the cross. Award of the oak leaves originally indicated extraordinary achievement in battle, and was usually reserved for high-ranking officers.

The original regulations called for the capture or successful defense of a fortification, or victory in a battle. In early , it was proposed to award the oak leaves to Germany's top flying ace, Manfred von Richthofen, but he was deemed ineligible under a strict reading of the regulations. This was still a high honor, as the 3rd Class was normally awarded to colonels and lieutenant colonels, and von Richthofen's award was one of only two of the 3rd Class with Crown and Swords during World War I. In , a special military Grand Cross class of the award was established.

This grade of the award was given to those who, through their actions, caused the retreat or destruction of an army. There were only five awards of the Grand Cross: In aerial warfare, a fighter pilot was initially entitled to the award upon downing eight enemy aircraft.

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Aces Max Immelmann and Oswald Boelcke were the first airmen to receive the award, on January 12, The number of aerial victories necessary to receive the award continued to increase during the war; by early , it generally required destroying 16 enemy airplanes, and by war's end the approximate figure was However, other aviation recipients included zeppelin commanders, bomber and observation aircrews, and at least one balloon observer.

Although many of its famous recipients were junior officers, especially pilots, more than a third of all awards in World War I went to generals and admirals.

Moltke, Freya von

Senior officer awards tended to be more for outstanding leadership in combat than for individual acts of bravery. The last new member admitted to this class of the order was flying ace Theo Osterkamp, on 2 September This marked the end of the Prussian monarchy and it was never awarded thereafter; however the honour continued to be recognized for, and worn by, previous recipients.

Für und wider :

August von Gneisenau, Napoleonic-era Prussian general later field marshal ; first decorated in , received the oak leaves in Ludwig Graf Yorck von Wartenburg, Napoleonic-era Prussian general later field marshal ; also received the oak leaves. Helmuth Graf von Moltke, known as "Moltke the Elder"; first decorated in as a junior officer; he received the oak leaves in and the Grand Cross in March Also inducted into the civil class of the order in World War I air force [edit source editbeta]Kurt Wintgens, the first military aviator to ever down an enemy aircraft with a synchronized machine gun July , earned his medal in July with as many as 22 total victories.

Josef Jacobs, German flying ace with 48 victories. His total tied him with Werner Voss. Eduard Ritter von Schleich, better known as the "Black Knight", destroyed 35 enemy aircraft.

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Awarded 21 September Somme ; oak leaves on 24 April Arras. Nephew of Moltke the Elder. Nikolaus Burggraf und Graf zu Dohna-Schlodien, German auxiliary cruiser commander; one of only two junior officers to receive the highest military honors of the five main German states. Karl August Nerger, German auxiliary cruiser commander; one of only two junior officers to receive the highest military honors of the five main German states.

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Kreisauer Kreis selbst der Name davon ist in der italienischen Wikipedia falsch! Er wurde am Solo sul suo bisnonno, famoso stratega prussiano. Mi viene da inginocchiarmi di botto davanti a una simile persona, mi corrono i brividi lungo la schiena ogni volta che leggo qualcosa di suo. Dentro l'articolo l'ho corretto, ma il titolo stesso no: Yorck von Wartenburg, Ludwig Graf, Kreisauer Kreis mittlerweile wurde endlich der Name in der italienischen Wikipedia korrigiert! Solo sul suo propronipote, famoso stratega prussiano.

Juli und einer Kabinettsorder vom The author of the letter, Gefreiter Cramer, 9. Kavallerie Division, Hussar 8, 5.

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Heute wird das Tor als Lager genutzt. Der Torbogen das Sackheimer Tores wurde zugemauert und die Medaillons unter den Zinnen wurden unkenntlich gemacht, weil nichts in der Stadt an die deutsche Vergangenheit von Kaliningrad erinnern sollte.

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Das Denkmal wurde zum The ruins of the castle Schloss can still be visited and viewed, but are under private ownership. There are only slender remains of the walls to be seen, these are directly above the centre of the village. Up until the foundation and the erection of the Castle Schloss , the small residential colony only had a few houses and was named Geckingen. The first historical records in written form was in and the colony was named as Kekingen. The exact dates of the castle erection remains unclear, but most likely building began in the time between and In the year , the castle was completed and was at its largest.

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A few years later, the castle was damaged by the Basel earthquake on 18 October , but it was soon restored to its original condition. Jakob an der Birs on 26 August , the Solothurner conquered the castle on 17 June and they kept it occupied. The village and castle were reigned for years by the city of Basel. The castle was also sold and used as a stone quarry to build new houses. Auf den Elbwiesen bei Wartenburg aufgenommen. The Keim and allied families in America and Europe. Randolph De Benneville Randolph , Keim family Johannes Keim, d. All Images From Book. Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Terms of subscription to the Publication Fund: His trust that folks can get what they need with no hatred and violence has regularly translated into motion, and his activities, quite the job of writing, have required his contemporaries to imagine heavily approximately what it's they wish. His dedication to freedom is absolute, yet neither wild-eyed nor humorless; with a attribute blend of idealism and pragmatism, Michnik says, "In the tip, politics is the paintings of foreseeing and imposing the possible. Sharing Michnik's highbrow trip via a tumultuous period, we contact on the entire topics very important to him during this wide-ranging assortment and locate they've got value for everybody who values moral sense and accountability.

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