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Full Cast and Crew. Buffy the Vampire Slayer — Season 6 Episode 7. In this musical extravaganza, Sunnydale residents find themselves bursting into song, and flame, when a demon attempts to make Dawn his bride. Musicals - My Ratings. Best "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" episodes. Share this Rating Title: Once More, with Feeling 06 Nov 9. Use the HTML below.

Once more, with less feeling

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Buffy Summers Nicholas Brendon Xander Harris Emma Caulfield Ford Anya as Emma Caulfield Michelle Trachtenberg Dawn Summers James Marsters Willow Rosenberg Anthony Head Tara Maclay David Fury Mustard Man Marti Noxon Parking Ticket Woman Daniel Weaver Handsome Young Man Scot Zeller Edit Storyline Sunnydale is alive with the sound of music as a mysterious force causes everyone in town to burst into full musical numbers, revealing their innermost secrets as they do.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia On the DVD commentary for this episode, Joss Whedon says that many of the songs he wrote for this musical were conscious references to different musical theater styles and composers. Goofs When it shows a close up of Lethe's Bramble in the book, the blossoms were pointing to the left and beneath the description.

When they show a different angle, the flower is facing the other way and on top of the description. But i-it seemed perfectly normal.

And not the natural order of things, and do you think it'll happen again? I should look into it. Do we have any books on this? Well, we just gotta break it down. Look at the factors before it happens again. Because I for one No, something isn't right there. All of the regular cast performed their own vocals, although two actors were given minimal singing at their request.

It was Joss Whedon's first attempt at writing music, and different styles—from s sitcom theme music to rock opera—express the characters' secrets in specific ways. The episode was well received critically upon airing, specifically for containing the humor and wit to which fans had become accustomed. The musical format allowed characters to stay true to their natures while they struggled to overcome deceit and miscommunication, fitting with the sixth season's themes of growing up and facing adult responsibilities.

Throughout the series Buffy Summers Sarah Michelle Gellar , in her role as the Vampire Slayer, is assisted by her close friends, who refer to themselves as the " Scooby Gang ". These include Xander Harris Nicholas Brendon , a young man without particular strengths or talents, but devoted to Buffy and her calling, and Willow Rosenberg Alyson Hannigan , a young woman who has grown from a shy but gifted student into a strong woman and powerful user of magic.

They are mentored by Buffy's " Watcher ", Rupert Giles Anthony Stewart Head , a paternal figure since the first season, when Buffy moved to Sunnydale after her parents' divorce. Xander is engaged to Anya Jenkins Emma Caulfield , a former vengeance demon who has become human.

The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry

They have struggled with disclosing their engagement to the rest of the group and individually doubt their impending marriage. Buffy died at the end of the fifth season " The Gift " , sacrificing herself in place of her younger sister Dawn Michelle Trachtenberg in order to save the world. In the first episode of the sixth season, Willow, believing Buffy to be in Hell , used magic to bring her back from the grave. Buffy was in fact at peace, in what she thinks was heaven, but she has kept this a secret from her friends. Since her resurrection, Buffy has been lost and without inspiration to perform her duties as a Slayer.

Willow is romantically involved with Tara Maclay Amber Benson , a powerful but ethical witch. Tara has previously expressed concern at Willow's use of her emergent magical powers for trivial or personal matters.

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In the preceding episode " All the Way " , Willow cast a spell to make Tara forget an argument about her abuse of magic. In the same episode, Dawn, who has been stealing from stores, including Anya's magic shop, lies to Buffy and goes on a clandestine and almost deadly date. Left to take care of Dawn after the death of their mother Joyce Summers Kristine Sutherland in the fifth season " The Body " , Buffy has come to depend more heavily on Giles. Following Dawn's date, Buffy asks Giles to shoulder responsibility for disciplining her, much to his discomfort.

Buffy's former nemesis is Spike James Marsters , a vampire. In the fourth season The Initiative , a secret military organization whose mission is to evaluate and eliminate demonic beings, rendered Spike harmless by implanting a microchip in his head that causes him intense pain when he attacks humans. However, the chip does not affect him when he harms demons and he now often fights on Buffy's side, after at first fighting just for the pleasure of brawling.

His motivations changed when, in the fifth season, Spike realized he had fallen in love with Buffy. She initially rejected him, but just before her death they had begun to form a friendship of sorts. She has been confiding in him; prior to this episode, he is the only one to whom Buffy has revealed that she was in heaven. Throughout Buffy the Vampire Slayer , music serves as a narrative tool, integral to character development and action. The mood is set by music, characters discuss it, and writers use it to emphasize differences between generations.

In an essay on the use of music in the series, Jacqueline Bach writes that in conjunction with the sixth season themes of growing up, "Once More, with Feeling" gives music a central role instead of keeping it in the background. When Buffy is on patrol, she laments in song about how uninspired her life has become "Going Through the Motions". The next morning at the Magic Box, the gang reveal that they also sang that evening. Buffy learns that the whole town is affected when she looks outside the shop to see a large group led by series writer and producer David Fury singing and dancing about how a dry-cleaning service got their stains out "The Mustard".

Tara and Willow leave to "research" at home, but dally along the way while Tara muses about how much Willow has improved her life "Under Your Spell".

The next morning, Xander and Anya perform a duet about their secret annoyances with each other and their respective doubts about their impending marriage "I'll Never Tell". They realize that the songs are bringing out hidden secrets, and later insist to Giles that something evil is to blame. As they argue, they walk past a woman series writer and producer Marti Noxon protesting a parking ticket "The Parking Ticket". That evening, Buffy visits Spike, who angrily tells Buffy to leave him alone if she will not love him "Rest in Peace".

Dawn tells Tara she is glad that Tara and Willow have made up after their argument. Since Tara has no recollection of an argument, she suspects that Willow has used magic to alter her memory. She goes to the Magic Box to consult a book, leaving Dawn alone. Dawn starts to bemoan that no one seems to notice her "Dawn's Lament" , but is soon seized by minions of Sweet Hinton Battle , a zoot suit -wearing, tap-dancing, singing demon. They take Dawn to The Bronze, where her attempt to escape transforms into an interpretive dance with the minions "Dawn's Ballet" before she meets Sweet.

He tells Dawn that he has come to Sunnydale in response to her "invocation", and he will take her to his dimension to make her his bride "What You Feel" when his visit is complete. At the Magic Box, Giles recognizes that he must stand aside if Buffy is to face her responsibilities in caring for Dawn instead of relying on him "Standing" and Tara finds a picture of the forget-me-not flower Willow used to cast a spell on her in a book of magic. Giles forbids the gang to assist Buffy, so she goes alone, despite having no will to do so; eventually Giles and the Scoobies change their minds and leave to catch up.

Although Spike initially thinks that things would be better for him if Buffy was dead, he also changes his mind and decides to help Buffy; Sweet opines that Buffy is drawn to danger "Walk Through the Fire". When asked by Sweet what she thinks about life, Buffy gives her pessimistic take on its meaning "Something to Sing About". Xander then reveals that he, not Dawn, called Sweet, hoping he would be shown a happy ending for his marriage plans. The Scoobies realize that their relationships have been changed irreversibly by the secrets revealed in their songs "Where Do We Go from Here?

Spike leaves The Bronze, but Buffy follows him out, and they kiss "Coda". Joss Whedon had wanted to make a musical episode since the start of the series. This was heightened during the fifth season when he hosted a Shakespeare reading at his house, to which the cast was invited. They began drinking and singing, demonstrating to Whedon that certain cast members had musical talents.

During the first three seasons of Buffy , he was unable to take more than two weeks off at a time, and the constraints of writing and directing the show precluded him from putting forth the effort of preparing a musical. Whedon spoke to the show's producer, Gareth Davies , about his idea; they agreed that a musical episode would be written. Whedon spent six months writing the music for "Once More, with Feeling". And they don't play piano very well. The songs sounded really cheesy and horrible We were saying, 'Joss, you're ruining our careers.

Preparing for the episode was physically difficult for some of the cast members, most of whom had little experience singing and dancing. They spent three months in voice training. Michelle Trachtenberg Dawn , who is trained in ballet, requested a dance sequence in lieu of a significant singing part, [9] and Alyson Hannigan Willow , according to Whedon, begged him not to give her many lines.

And I never want to do it again. Battle, a three-time Tony-winner, wore prosthetic make-up for the first time to give him a demonic red face. Sweet was portrayed as "slick", smooth and stylish; in contrast, most demons on the series were designed to be crude and ugly. Running eight minutes longer than any in the series, [note 2] the episode was also the most technical and complex.

Whedon, who has stated this is one of his favorite Buffy episodes, used a widescreen letterbox format for filming the only episode in the series to get this treatment , [12] different lighting to bring out the sets more vibrantly, and long takes for shooting—including a complicated shot with a full conversation, a song, and two choreographed dances that took 21 attempts to get right. These were designed to give viewers all the clues they needed to establish all the nuances of the relationships between characters.

Once more, with less feeling —

Network president Dean Valentine remarked he thought it was "one of the best episodes of television I ever saw in my life". Critics hailed the episode as successful in telling a complex story about all the characters in a unique way, while retaining the series' effective elements of writing and character development. Throughout the show—as in the rest of the series—the characters self-consciously address their own dialogue and actions. Anya describes her own duet "I'll Never Tell" as "a retro pastiche that's never gonna be a breakaway pop hit".

With a characteristic dry demeanor, Giles explains that he overheard the information about Sunnydale residents spontaneously combusting as he was eavesdropping upon the police taking "witness arias". The song introduces the character's emotional state but also removes the barrier between the actor and the audience, as Gellar the actor portrays Buffy, who feels she is merely playing the part of the Slayer.

This hints to the audience that the episode's musical format is strange to the actors and characters. Rhonda Wilcox, [17]. The dynamic nature of the characters was a unique element of writing in the series at the time. Once they were established in the twelve episodes of the first season, characters began to change and relationships were developed in the second.

This continued through the series to the point of unpredictability that sometimes became unsettling to fans.

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Buffy continues her charade in the chorus number "If We're Together", beginning the song by persuading others to join in one by one, as if each is convinced that she is still invested and in charge, and their strength as a group is infallible. Secrets reveal themselves steadily throughout the episode. Xander fears that his future marriage will turn him into an argumentative drunk like his father.

He attempts to avoid his fears through the song "I'll Never Tell", singing "'coz there's nothing to tell", after summoning Sweet to Sunnydale to show him that he and Anya will be happy. Amid the various annoyances Xander and Anya express through this song, some verses are clear-sighted observations of behavior, such as Anya's accusation that Xander—once in love with Buffy—uses Buffy as a mother figure to hide behind. Anya and Xander's duet is the only song in the episode to address the audience directly.

During the long single-shot scene when she and Xander talk over each other insisting to Giles that evil must be at play, Anya refers to the audience, saying "It was like we were being watched Like there was a wall missing Like there were only three walls and not a fourth wall. Giles' truth, according to Whedon, is that he realizes he must not "fight my kid's battles or my kid will never grow up", [9] which he sings in "Standing" while he throws knives at Buffy as part of her training.

Whedon remarked that this touch "is the kind of complete turnaround that is a staple of the Buffy universe". Although "Once More, with Feeling" allows all the characters to confess truthfully, with the exception of Willow, it does not resolve the behavior that demanded confession in the first place. At the end of the episode, Buffy kisses Spike, initiating a romance that she hides from her friends. Their relationship lasts until the end of the series, marked for a time by Buffy's loathing of him because he has no soul. Her relationship with Spike, however, allows her to feel lust and attraction, which she yearns for after being pulled back from a heavenly dimension.

In earlier seasons, this takes the form of simpler pleasures such as dating and socializing, interspersed with defeating evil forces. It reaches a climax in the ultimate sacrifice when Buffy offers to die to save the world. However, "Once More, with Feeling", according to Stroud, is the turning point at which she begins to face her responsibility to the community, her friends and her family. Not only does she continue her Slaying despite a lack of inspiration, but for the rest of the season she works at a humiliating job to provide for her sister and friends.

He learned how to play guitar to write several songs. Christophe Beck , a regular composer for the series, filled in the overture and coda and composed "Dawn's Ballet". Whedon is a fan of Stephen Sondheim , and used him as the inspiration for much of the music, particularly with the episode's ambiguous ending.