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Now look at the books you read yourself. Does your novel remind you of the books you have loved?

Advice for New Authors: Five sure-fire ways to find your book’s genre

Go to Amazon and scroll down to the books, and see what categories they are listed in. Of course, both of these are huge categories, so I needed to drill down a little more to find my particular sub-category see below. Doing your research will pay dividends later. They are not free, but I found them incredibly useful. When you have a few titles under your belt, an annual or even lifetime membership will be more suitable. I am an affiliate of the company, so if you click on the link , you will support this blog. When I looked at the categories, I found that Nordic titles were all dark detective novels think Stieg Larson or Jo Nesbo and Military Romances about Navy Seals with book covers littered with bare-chested men.

The rose petals on the covers of my titles looked completely out of sync with either of these categories. I would never have put my novels in this category, but when drilling down further, found that this was the perfect place for my books. To get the latest report on Clean and Wholesome Romance , go here. When you publish your book on Amazon KDP, you are allowed two categories.

Other bookstores such as iBooks, GooglePlay or Kobo all have their set numbers of categories too. However, with Amazon KDP, you are allowed up to ten categories per book, but you have to email Amazon through the Author Central page to include the additional categories. Make sure, however, that when you email Amazon, you put the categories in the correct format, ie. In this age when the metadata is increasingly important to find the right readership for your book, it pays to take some time to find the right genre, categories, sub-categories, and keywords.

But it does contain some mystery too.

Empire Antarctica: Ice, Silence, and Emperor Penguins

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you opt in above we use this information send related content, discounts and other special offers. Here are five sure-fire ways to find the correct category, or genre, for your book. Plot First of all, look at the plot of your book.

Which genre does your novel or book fall into?

You may also like: Advice for New Writers Part 8: Or even better, what are your social media pet peeves? I write contemporary romance stories and have two books available from CreateSpace.

See a Problem?

Since both have baggage, they must come to terms with their pasts and their future together. Marry Me Under the Mistletoe is a humorous romp about an overweight gal who tweaks her personal info to an online guy. When he invites her to Colorado, she has to either lose weight fast or fess up to her lies. Can they confess and let bygones be bygones? And what about that luscious workout instructor making eyes at her man? What keeps me writing: Knowing that practice makes perfect.

I want to be famous.

Kay Thorpe Book List - FictionDB

I am a writer because: It is my forte. Because it allows me to be people characters I am not, which is a lot of fun. Because writing is soothing for me except when on a deadline. I write at home, in my loft office, surrounded by personal inspirational items and photos of my son, with the radio on and sunlight streaming in from the skylight above my head.

Worst rejection or how long it took before publication: Best rejection was when HMB again said there were elements of the story they really loved and proceeded to give me a full page of positive feedback on Antarctic Affair with encouragement that I was heading in the right direction and to keep going. The need to create fun, flirty stories with dashing heroes for women to enjoy. I am a writer because… It comes naturally to me, and I enjoy getting lost in my own fantasy world where every story has a happily ever after. I write Romance Novels in my spare time the little that I have!

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So this is one of those days that I could use a pep talk. Do you have days like this? Can I write my book while everything goes crazy? Can I make this happen? When I held a real job, I would finagle a way to write a company newsletter or put together the company handbook. As receptionist at an advertising agency, I managed to infiltrate the copy writer room.

Kind of like George in the Seinfeld sitcom series, I just took over a desk in an office and started writing ad copy. I know it sounds insane, but I did…and they let me keep writing. Eventually, they even let me write television commercials….

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I did dream a little about writing screenplays for a while, screenplays from the novel I would write. When the boys were born and I had three little ones at home, I kept writing primarily short pieces, magazine articles, newspaper columns, press releases…resumes for friends and family…lots and lots of resumes…but rarely my own. Occasionally, just because I wanted to remind myself that I really wanted to write fiction, I would write a short story here and there and tuck it in a drawer, my novel waiting. Waiting for when the three little boys were out of diapers, bottles and off to school, did I say off to school?

Waiting for when I quit homeschooling and they were all in college…not that I was wishing those years away. I loved every minute that the boys were home with me…okay, there were minutes I could have done without. I mean really I raised three boys, but whatever happened I loved being a mom, however imperfect a mom I am.

But life has a way of throwing you a curve ball every now and then. Things can change quickly, and what do you do? The responsible thing of course, whatever that may be. So can I write? Or will my writing get put in a drawer again?

How to find your book’s genre?

What do you do when life throws you curve balls? How many times have you put your fiction writing career on hold…or have you? I could use one. W here I write: To be more specific, my romance has a slight chick-litty feel with some quirky characters and offbeat situations. Started submitting manuscripts about fifteen years ago — off and on — but my writing has definitely improved over the years, so it all worked out for the best. The stories that keep popping into my head.

As a technophobe I have not got around to setting up a blog or website yet shocking I know! On my bed, on the couch, on a banana lounge under a tree in my backyard, in the car if the inspiration strikes. Pretty much anywhere but at my desk! I have written a romantic suspense called Shadows of Yesterday which is published by Breathless Press.

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I have a romantic comedy forthcoming from Siren-Bookstrand titled Pleasure Island. I was very lucky and got a contract fairly quickly for my first book which I was very grateful for. Unfortunately instant fame and fortune did not immediately follow but I continue to live in hope. Very, very exciting, to put it mildly. I ran screaming through the house and would have turned cartwheels if I was nimble enough! I am a writer because… I love nothing more than to let my imagination run free!

I take a notebook and pen everywhere I go. If at home, I write while watching TV or listening to music. The more background noise—the better I concentrate. Dramas that focus on family and romantic relationships. I imagine the best kind would be where the agent or editor gives certain suggestions to your manuscript and invites you to resubmit.

Writing is my passion and keeps me motivated during the day—my excuse to daydream. I was meant to be one.