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  1. So I got a $310 haircut. I learned 3 SURPRISING things about raising your prices. You'll love #2.
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Come in, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, or just some great conversation while you have your hair done. Come get away from the day to day grind and take some time for yourself. Our hair salon has a friendly staff that will welcome you like family. Come check us out! Expert color and styling services comparable to what I've experienced in Chicago.

So very fortunate to have found this salon and Caitlyn as my stylist. Michael does an amazing job with color! He is extremely thorough and particular about his work and each time I am impressed. Prices are great for the quality of service and flexibility in scheduling. I would not go anywhere else for color! I moved to the Gateway area about 18 months ago. I've never been someone who goes to professional salons, but it was near my new place and figured I would try it out. I got so many compliments on my haircut I decided to keep going here. I love that he is successful and able to charge what he does- he has certainly put in the time and work to get there!

What are your thoughts on being successful in retaining business past that first, second, and third experience?

Hair Color

Repeat business after all, is where the real success lies. I wanted something different. I wanted them because of the details. Handmade, titanium, gold plated. But I purchased them because of the salesman who was helping me. Very knowledgeable, very patient, suggestive, continuously energetic. I think the biggest part is that you have to believe in your price, when you do the right people will buy it.

Thanks for the video. I am in the process of launching a high-end photography brand as a second photography business for me, and my prices are set a lot higher than most in my area, but what I am offering is so much more. My goal is to make the experience as luxurious as possible; difficult to do when starting out, especially with a tight budget and few contacts but there are definitely some things I can take away from this video; Such as the realisation that I do not need to justify myself to everyone, as long as I can deliver the results to those who matter. It was just before skinny jeans became the norm.

I wore those jeans almost every single day for a year to make sure I got good use out of them. I wore the knees out completely and then cut them off and used them as shorts. I think it turned me off spending too much on things. He CAN ask for more because he has more skill.

You have to earn it. If you oversell yourself people will lose trust in you very quickly. For one, they only made cheeseburgers; no chicken, no salads, no fancy wraps. So that alone raised my confidence in their ability to make an outstanding cheeseburger.

They had windows along the drive-thru that allowed you to see them cooking your meal. And to top it off, literally, the burger I ended up with always looked like the burger they advertised. It was juicy, plump, not smooshed to bits, and filled the car with an aroma I wish I had as an air freshener.

We automatically assume that more expensive equals better quality. Hi Dereck First of all I totally enjoy listening to your videos. You are excited about what you are telling people and the enthusiam is contagious! I would love to be able to attend a lecture with you! I have a travel agaency in a small town, and the biggest obstacle I have is justifying charging fees.

I am a professional and so are all my agents, AND I demand great service from myself and my agents, and we are very professional and friendly, AND we keep up on taking travel courses, conferences, webinars and everything else to keep up to date with anything travel related.

So I got a $310 haircut. I learned 3 SURPRISING things about raising your prices. You'll love #2.

I have started implementing some charges, but its difficult. But after listening to this video I think I can take it to the next step. Becasue I believe we deserve that service fee. Thank you for your help! Last year I invested in a program to help me lose weight and gain energy, it was the best investment I have made, and am down 33 lbs for 8 mos now, and i feel like a million bucks….

Also, experience is the most important thing in the business. You had given me a creative idea today to implement it in my business. My customer surely would have a much better experience from tomorrow…. A lot of this has to do with our attitudes and beliefs about money. I had to get past this, myself. I work with clients with some pretty serious health issues, including chronic and intractable pain AND I want to make a good living doing it. Good luck and let me know how it goes. People really need to know to charge higher for their services especially if they can really do a good job. Confidence then becomes a very important factor.

This is a great example and a great story. Anyway thanks for the great tips and really enjoyed the vibe you produce those videos. If not, what more would they have to do to earn your business on a regular basis? You wear it on top of your head every day of your life. The same with sunglasses. Leave it in the hands of people like Jordan Blackmore who have a real passion for it.

All you have to do is look good afterward. Great advice as always. The ones that baulk at the higher rate are probably the clients that were going to be nightmares anyway. Truthfully I have worked at both ends of the price spectrum, trying to provide volume work at a cheap price and quality at the top end.

The top end is where you have to be in a service industry if you want to stay sane and retain some self-respect. One of the few things I splurge on is food. Once in a while, my wife and I will go out for dinner and just really treat ourselves. Really cool that you find and break down all these learning points from a single experience!! I know you can get one good haircut for a cheaper price. But then, sometimes we do splurge on things we think that are worth it. That skirt was the only one that had fit in a week of trying on. It lasted me over 15 years, I wore it at least once a week that whole time.

It had a forgiving fit, classic style and great construction. Theoretically it could give him new revenue stream without hurting the brand and keeping those high-end service customers where they are. I stayed at the Turtle Bay hotel on Oahu. It had beautiful robes, towels and mugs in the room and if you wanted to take it home with you, they would just charge your room. We used their tennis courts, which ignited a passion for the game and when we got back home, we got all our friends interested in taking up tennis with us. I tell you, your videos are awesome and always inspire me.

I just told a friend about you and sent her the link to your Facebook and Website. I love how you just tell it the way it is and there is no BS. Thanks for all the hard work and most importantly the education you provide! I like your video. I think by having a higher price you will automatically raise the expectation of your client and if you can beat that users expectation then it is a win-win for everyone.

Most people are afraid to do it, but you should always try and if all else fails just go back to the lower price. Question for you, would you be willing to compromise on price, given that you would have a monthly repeat customer? What does that say about your business? Does that mean that you are compromising on quality outwards speaking? What happens if you charge differently for different services? Thanks for the video, Derek. I paid a small fortune for a foot massage in a 5 star hotel in Bali and it was orgasmic er, metaphorically speaking.

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It was also the delicate fruit water I was given before and after, the location under-cover outside, next to a river , and the attentive nature of everyone working there. However, today is my birthday. As I sat in the spa at my local beauty treatment place, contemplating the fact that I am spending well and truly over what it would cost me to do the same thing at home, I realised the point you were trying to make.

You may even find another excuse part way through the year. I like the idea that they tell you to refresh your hair every month. For less than the cost of getting the hair cut regularly for the year, you could get pampered — luxurious treatment. What a great birthday treat for yourself! I love this video. Your right there are things that make the service world class. In the world we live in today with all the buzz in society. People need to take an hour out of there day and be pampered and treated to indulge themselves in something relaxing and something that will last hopefully weeks.

I am a hair colorist. I have been providing upscale service for 14 years. Where we offer above an beyond customer service from the point of walking in the door to the point at which you walk out, with your next appointment pre-booked for your convenience.

Hair Cuts & Styling

Thank you for posting and showing the difference. They also ask you what you like to eat when you check in — and you never see a menu — they just ask what you want, instead of telling you what you can have. When you stay at the Intercontinental in Tokyo they send a Rolls Royce to pick you up at the airport.

Or, at least they did back in the day. But that was then. Spend it while ya got it. Wonder if Supercuts is still in business? I told a friend and he said — would you go? I said… because I want to know what they could possibly be teaching that is worth that amount of money! There is a local boutique nearby where the girls all know my name and pull things they know I will like or call me when they get something in. They have wine or champagne and make it an event.

Hair Salon Services

And, if my husband goes in to look for a gift for me they know exactly what I like and they get him a drink, and wrap it up. I have a question: I see that you are doing more videos lately, but I am a subscriber who prefers reading over watching or listening. So how do you draw the balance to your audience, is that not why you have different channels, like youtube for video, blog for writing, podcasts for audio and so on? I am not against what you do but just trying to find out your reasoning psychology?

Thanks for the great tips! Great job delivering on this topic. I can totally verify with personal experience that raising the psychological barrier to entry i. Great tips on how to charge higher prices. You always give great tips and very entertaining to watch and listen to. I really love your personality as well. Some great lessons there. Charging more will also select out certain types of customers, probably the ones you will enjoy working with.

Not so with computers — as much as we in this industry can educate ourselves, new stuff comes out all the time. Example — customers ask me what model printer they should buy. Yes this is an enormous field to work in! What if you called yourself the Computer Surgeon instead of repair man? Elevating your work with something as delicate as well as pricey and skilled as major surgery could make a difference in how your work is perceived. Such an excellent video, Derek! You really hit some very important points, including the importance of actually delivering the high-end service.

Several years ago, Microsoft killed my one year old laptop. I did have the highest level of service from India for two weeks. It was like I was dating that guy. I had to run home every other night to check if what he did worked. So, I thought I am not going to buy a new PC laptop. I was starting a new business, how can I plunk down that money and think of the impact on productivity. I knew PCs inside and out. I conducted massive research. I even had a spread sheet. I walked in the Mac store just for more neurotic information gathering. I was confused on which Mac was really right…the iMac was a consideration too for video editing power even more money.

The sales guy walked me through pros and cons of each option based on my needs. Then when I made my choice he walked me through the programs on my new Macbook Pro — mail, iMovie, the finder, keynote… He actually was a video production guy, so he ran me through Final Cut and other options too! When the Mac sales guy was escorting me out of the store to help me hail a taxi… in the pouring down rain!! This was more than worth it. Thank you so much for the excellent service. Oh and best of all i didnt pay…. I share this point because i now associate him with the experience …. The intercontinental hotel in china..

The hotel was 5 diamonds… not 5 stars but 5 diamond ….. Interesting post, Derek, as I tried similar experiments over the years. It all went to you-know-what once I slept on it. At the end of the day it was all sizzle and no steak. It seems like a form of hypnotism really. And hypnotism wears off. As others have already pointed out, the million dollar question is, will you go back more than a few times?

You will have to report back at the end of the year and let us know. So some of these experiences are actually worth it, and others are just a mistake that everyone or at least every woman feels compelled to make at least once just in case…. I so agree with you. My salon sounds just like what you described on your video. I live in Portland, Oregon and everyone is really frugal. Grew up in Calif. I have just splurged a lot of money on some tickets to see The Rolling Stones.

A splurge to me is a special thing and more of a one off depending on the cost. You got the experience and it was novel and different so had the WOW factor. Let us know if you keep on going to this guy or if you go back to your regular barber. Your hair does look really good I gotta say. It would be like trying to eat at a McDonalds, or even family dining chain restaurant after eating at the fancy seafood house every week. Hi Derek, I enjoy all your blurbs! I go for a haircut at the hair studio too, get the robe yours might have been more cozy! I love my Vitamix!

I design growth places underground for trees and my crew doe s the maintenance of trees in our own specific way, not comparable with what my collegues do. But what about this?: They started making cars for a lower budget but — off course — based on Porsche knowledge and branding. Yes, they were non-profitable for decades!! What is your thought on that? How do you handle this? I think that on top of the total experience he offers that little extra step is definitely my favourite tip. Thanks for sharing this info Derek.

May I know the name of that haircut? I loved this lesson Derek. I am a stylist, a pretty experienced and unique one, but even after having my license 30 years, I could never do a fade with just scissors, gold comb or no. The robe is not really that weird, a few male clients wear them where I work, because it keeps their shirt collar dry and hair free.

And the brush is great, it will keep your scalp healthier than a comb will. Thanks again for your video blogs, I am inspired to do better. It is funny the fact that I went through a very similar experience… last year when I visited Germany. I went to the same hair-styling studio that my girlfriend goes to frequently, and they did everything you described in the video.

Great message, as a business strategist I charge a premium charge. I love golf so sometime a play inexpensive courses and then I will splurge for a premium course and a premium experience. You have a great way of explaining the lessons we should take from your stories. By the way, the first article I read from you was about going to a spa, and now this. I have to say it. Hey Derek, great points about positioning. I had a similar experience when purchasing a BMW a few years ago.

From now I am not a web designer.. And I agree with everything else you said — educate the customer. It DOES seem counter-intuitive when you tell people how to do something themselves when you could be charging for that knowledge. I regard it as teaser content to build credibility — I use the phone a lot to consult with clients and this works we.. Because of my tight geographical niche word is spreading fast. I just need to raise prices again soon. They are the premier shoe designers for all the entertainment industry in Melbourne, Australia and sometimes other parts of the country.

Would you have paid the same amount of money for an equally well-made, but unknown, brand? I mean after checking the product out, and finding that it was as good or better than the well-known brand. Or do you buy something strictly on brand name alone? Hi Derek, Thanks for the great post! Loved the take aways. Do you know why that is? Would you consider putting subtitles on them or attaching the script so we can also see what you are saying?

Kate the script would work my blind Buddy uses the software that reads back to him and I wonder IF this software could call out the video audio? Walks with a GPS and has a memory for sport as good as a computer recall.. Thanks for sharing this Derek, great story. I shopped at a Department store once and they put me in a luxury room, asked me what I was looking for, and then brought me selections they thought would flatter my figure.

It was the most phenomenal shopping experience of my life because I felt special and acknowledged. It also saved me the overwhelm and anxiety of roaming through racks. Experiences are way more important and long lasting than things. I love this because it demonstrates so well what a higher margin for a business can do in terms of serving clients. Your favorite kind of tea will be served to you — whatever it is they know that matters to their customers and can create a truly different experience.

Even though I live on a very tight budget, I do treat myself every six weeks or so to a special spa treatment. And I go to one, very special place for this treatment. I receive excellent customer service and I have developed a wonderful rapport with, Aimee, my stylist. Last visit, she blessed me with lots of samples to take home and play with.

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