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Baker and reluctant investigator

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Then it is Goths, dead drug addicts, witchcraft, a homeless boy and a missing girl and it seems she will never get those muffins cooked in time. With flair, chutzpah and a talent for kneading, Corinna Chapman will find out who exactly is threatening her life and bake some beautiful bread.

No one has less interest in mysteries than Corinna Chapman, who has bread to bake, but they seem to be arising spontaneously in the vicinity of her bakery, Earthly Delights. Between the mouth-watering distractions of loaves and muffins, of Jason her apprentice and Horatio the cat, she's keeping an eye on the door as she waits for the exciting Daniel, her recently acquired lover, to walk back into her life. After a week of no communication Daniel finally returns, bruised and battered from a run-in with a so-called messiah. But disturbing things are also happening close to home. Juliette Lefebvre, the owner of Heavenly Pleasures and maker of the most gorgeous chocolates in town, is distraught.

Someone is spiking her very expensive chocolates. Is it an elaborate and horrible joke, or is it a warning that worse may yet happen? If there's one thing that Corinna Chapman, baker extraordinaire and proprietor of the Earthly Delights Bakery, can't abide, it's people not eating well - particularly when there are delights like her very own, just-baked, freshly buttered sourdough bread to enjoy.

So when a strange cult which denies the flesh and eats only famine bread turns up, along with a body which is found in a park, dead of malnutrition, Corinna is very disturbed indeed. But she doesn't only have that to contend with: Altogether, it's a delicious recipe for murder, mayhem and mystery. When a cut-price franchise bakery opens its doors just down the street from Earthly Delights and crowds flock to purchase the bread, Corinna Chapman is understandably nervous.

Meanwhile, the gorgeous Daniel's old friend Georgiana Hope has temporarily set up residence in his house, and it doesn't take Corinna long to work out that she's tall, blonde, gorgeous and up to something. Daniel is making excuses and Corinna is worried about his absences and also the strange outbreak of madness which seems to be centred on Lonsdale Street. Will Corinna win through a maze of health regulations, missing boyfriends, sinister strangers, fraudulent companies and back-alley ambushes?

Or will this be the end for the Earthly Delights Bakery? Corinna Chapman, owner of Earthly Delights, detests Christmas. The shoppers are frantic and the heat oppressive. Neither of which this perfect size 20 with a genius for baking breads finds congenial. She's dreaming of quiet, air-conditioned comfort but instead finds herself dealing with a rose-loving donkey named Serena, a maniacal mother with staring eyes, a distracted assistant searching for the perfect muffin recipe, her friend the fearless witch Meroe, and the luscious Daniel with whom she'd like to spend a lot more time.

But Daniel is on the hunt to find two young runaways, Brigid and Manny. This simple Romeo and Juliet romance though is not as straightforward as it seems and they will go a long way to ensure they're not found. When Corinna and Daniel find that Brigid is on the streets, heavily pregnant and in danger, the stakes rise. With the help of a troupe of free-spirited freegans, some very clever internet hackers and a bunch of vegans, Corinna and Daniel go head-to-head with a sinister religious cult on a mission and a band of Romany gypsies out for revenge in a wild and wonderful chase against the clock.

Corinna Chapman, talented baker and reluctant investigator, is trying very hard to do nothing at all on her holidays. Her gorgeous Daniel is only intermittently at her side he's roaming the streets tracking down a multi-thousand dollar corporate theft. Jason, her baking offsider, has gone off to learn how to surf.

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And Kylie and Goss are fulfilling their lives' ambition auditioning for a soapie. It should be a time of quiet reflection for Corinna but quiet reflection doesn't seem to suit her - she's bored. Scenting a whiff of danger, Corinna accepts an offer from a caterer friend to do the baking for the film set of a new soap called 'Kiss the Bride'.

I still measure them all against Earthly Delights which was superb, but this comes a close second to being my favourite in the series. Following Corinna and Daniel as they try to solve the mystery of the missing pregnant teen and do battle with militant vegan hussies was a really enjoyable experience.

I HATED Sarah the vegan because she used Jason and tried to feed everybody something that was not only in contradiction with her vegan ideology but absolutely appalling and probably the most horrendous act of militant protest against the eating of meat I've ever encountered.

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Corinna Chapman

The contrast with the Manny and Birdget aspect of the plot was excellent, two major storylines woven together like they were meant to be told alongside each other. The whole religious zealot thing with Bridget's family. Excellent book, I'm starting the next, but I really don't want the series to end. Dec 04, Anastasia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Corinna Chapman, owner of the bakery Earthly Delights, helps her lover Daniel look for two runaway teenagers, one who is heavily pregnant, at the same time as coping with Christmas preparations and baking. I enjoyed this book very much and I thought it represented Christmas in Australia very well with the extreme heat and crowds.

I loved catching up with all the quirky inhabitants of Insular, and I think it Forbidden Fruit by Kerry Greenwood is the 5th book in the Corinna Chapman mystery series. I loved catching up with all the quirky inhabitants of Insular, and I think it helps to have read the series from the start in the order they were written.

Corinna is a strong, sensible and very capable character and this has become one of my favourite series. Mar 12, Mary rated it liked it. These books are always a fun breezy read when you need one. Though they do seem to get progressively more weird: Christmas in Melbourne, complete with a runaway pregnant girl, a muffin-loving donkey, and a religious cult. Jul 02, Kate rated it really liked it. A bit like Greenwood writing a parody of her own style, Forbidden Fruit brings us Corinna and company at Christmastime in terribly hot Melbourne.

The primary mystery involves a lost pregnant girl with a truly unpleasant family, and that plus the secondary mystery is the reason for the excessive sweetness - you need a lot of twee to take the terrible taste from your mouth. Not as great as others in the series but better than most mystery dreck of late. Delicious recipes at the end. These books are set in modern day, inner Melbourne, are also on the cosier end of the scale. There are enough elements that coincide in both series to make fans of one feel somewhat comfortable in the other.

Corrina is a woman who has turned to baking after a life in the professions. Happier, content to the point of delirious, she is even able to just cope with the 4. Living in very idealised circumstances, she has a happy home life in a building full of bohemian type characters, all living their own somewhat unorthodox lives. A content love life with Daniel, the main thing making Corinna grumpy in this book is Christmas. Basically the story is that Daniel, the private investigator, is trying to track down two teenage runaways.

Pregnant Brigid and the father of her baby Manny. Neither parents approve of either of the couple, Brigid has been locked up at home awaiting the birth of the unwanted by her family child, when she escapes and hits the streets with Manny. Daniel wants to find them because he's been asked by her parents, Corinna wants to find them because she's worried for Brigid's health. Whilst it could be that all these distractions - and to be frank - meandering down a simply astounding number of irrelevant byways and cul-de-sacs is part of the charm of these books, in FORBIDDEN FRUIT, it just seemed to go on, and on, and on, and on.

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  8. As did the none-too-subtle hinting about the joys of bohemia and alternative lifestyles and finding your inner whatevers. Not that I'm opposed to any of the elements that were raised by this book - but I just found that the constant bombardment and distractions ended up, well tedious. Every time the plot tried to progress a little, the reader was suddenly down one of those cul-de-sacs with a whinge about something really, if you don't like Christmas decoration shopping then just don't do it!

    Yes, I know these books are fictional and idealised, and maybe that's part of the problem - I prefer idealised fiction that "shows" rather than "crows". There are some glimpses of parallels between elements of these books and the Phyrne Fisher series that were interesting - a similar sort of independent, feisty female character with an abandonment of normal conventions.

    Perhaps this is a book for fans of the series, perhaps there's something about not reading the earlier books that means I missed the point. Apr 23, Teri-K rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the first book in the series that I read as I was looking for Christmas mysteries.

    Reward Yourself

    I fell in love with it, though it isn't all that Christmasy and the mysteries kind of take second place to the characters and setting. I've since listened to and read this several times. As I wrote in the review of the first in the series, I shouldn't love these so much. They have a lot of elements I don't usually care for in books, and in this one Corinna clearly loathes Christmas.

    How can that be??? I sh This is the first book in the series that I read as I was looking for Christmas mysteries. I shouldn't like her, but I do. Here are the reasons I love these stories. A great narrator I could listen to forever. But these books are also good to read. The MC is an actual adult, who acts like one. She's not living her life in search of the perfect man or a size 2 body. The hero is perfect. There's immediate attraction, but not instant love. They care about each other, not just what the other person is like in bed.

    Melbourne and Insula are a wonderful setting. I feel like I've been there when I read one of these books. The MC is a baker, and the author appears to actually know about baking bread. Time involved, care of yeast, etc. I hate reading books about bakers full of silly mistakes. These books are full of great minor characters. They have anorexia or they eat nachos for breakfast, some are young and some old, some have money and others don't - what a wonderful cross section of people!

    I love visiting them.

    Earthly Delights

    I don't have to wallow in tons of swearing or sex when I read these books. There's a little cursing but not much and the sex that happens is off screen. This book is full of details that ring true. While I read them as a sort of alternate-fantasy series, perhaps because I first read the Christmas book which is quite unreal, it's a world that is firmly grounded in small details.

    Corinna thinks she cares more about her cats than people, but she's really compassionate. She cares about the people around her and she's willing to act on their behalf. I like her a lot. Apr 11, Marianne rated it it was amazing. A few charming Christmas analogies appear. Mouth-watering muffins and cakes abound; one can almost smell the bread baking. As with all the Corinna novels, this one is a delight to read, will leave the reader feeling good and probably the best so far.

    My favorite so far in this very entertaining series featuring Melbourne baker Corinna Chapman. This one, the fifth, takes place during Christmas season, which in Australia is in the summer. It's a well-plotted mystery, involving a rose-loving donkey named Serena, singing freegans, some fanatical animal-rights activists, a weirdly un-Christian cult of "Christians," a Romeo-and-Juliet couple on the run, and a band of vengeful Gypsies. In addition to the story itself, I loved the cultural references My favorite so far in this very entertaining series featuring Melbourne baker Corinna Chapman.

    In addition to the story itself, I loved the cultural references and allusions to, among others, Tom Lehrer, G. Plus references to delicious food on nearly every page! And recipes at the end. In terms of way-out plotting, it doesn't get any more unique than this. And a seriously grisly tale it is, too. Don't listen to parts of this one while eating dinner. No overt spoiler here, but fans of Jonathan Swift won't be disappointed -- or much puzzled, either -- by some plot elements. Swift did it better, but then he wasn't writing a novel.

    Quite some time ago, I'd read -- as in an actual paper book -- one of Kerry Greenwood's novels, and eventually I remembered that I'd had the same sort of trouble getting into that book as I did with this one. But I'd forgotten that, so with this one, when I found myself profoundly confused about who -- or what -- "The Goddess" was, or what sort of being "Hector" might be, I had to backtrack, and listen again.

    She doesn't explain in each book who -- or what -- some of these characters are. But fear not -- it really doesn't matter. I wouldn't have needed to backtrack -- it became as clear as it needed to be, eventually. It's not all bad -- the book has its charms. I loved "Serena" -- no spoiler to tell you she's an adorable donkey. Any scene in which Serena appeared was pure delight. I also got a kick out of her "mouse police" squad, which are feral cats she keeps to keep her bakery basement mouse free -- the antics of the mouse police are a nice, funny, touch.

    A fairly good book. I'm sure this series has its passionate fans. I'm not quite there, but Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? I love that the book is set in Australia, so seasons are opposite.

    Forbidden Fruit: Corinna Chapman's Murder Mysteries 5 - Kerry Greenwood - Google Книги

    And the characters are just quirky enough to be fun, not totally off the wall. This book is just lots of fun. Some social commentary, but the live and let live attitude carries through. The narrator has the right tone for the book. I just wanted to keep driving so I could finish it all. So far I have a "read" a book by this woman that I have not thoroughly enjoyed. For me reading is a mini vacation. So, when I read I want to be able to relax and have some fun. To that end I love her little twists and turns and happy endings!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book, in large part due to the protagonist Corinna Chapman, a baker of large heart and large size. I agree with other reviewers who state that the story is fairly thin - it is, but I did not mind in the least. This was my first in the series but will not be my last. The characters are all special and Kerry Greenwood delights me in giving the quirky and off beat a full voice here, not just as colorful stick figures on the sidelines but carrying the story themselves.

    I want to be sitting in Corrine's shop and watching her treat the damaged and broken with respect and encouragement. She is a modern woman to be admired.

    Fruit of the Family Tree

    Greenwood's other series, Phryne Fisher, also features a strong and admirable woman, but of a different time and character. Both of these women are great contributions to the mystery genre. The narrator here does a commendable job overall, but some of her minor characters are a bit oddly read.

    I am not hugely fond of the way she reads Daniel, but that is personal taste. Occasionally she forgets to revert to "narrator voice" and carries over her character voice into descriptive sections. I would listen to another book by her though, so it is not too bad.

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    Such easy appreciation and acceptance of herself and people around her is just lovely. The voice actor, Ms Seversen gave the book an extra dimension. I would listen to her work again for sure. The story feels a bit far fetched, and not extremely mysterious, but that's not a problem. The pace is good and I felt enough outrage and sympathy in the right places to enjoy it. Kerry Greenwood creates interesting and likeable characters. Always a pleasure to meet them. What did you love best about Forbidden Fruit? I love Corinna and was worried I wouldn't like this book because I'd read some negative reviews.

    I shouldn't have worried.