Manual Healing the Family Tree

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  1. Can Anyone Give Me Some Insight Into the Healing of the Family Tree?
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In a future blog, I will explain that having a mass said for the living is more powerful for the person than a mass said for them when they are dead, but that is for a future time. We believe that the mass said for the deceased person truly has as a positive effect on the person. Well at the masses for the healing of the family tree we bring our entire family tree to Jesus. One of the things that I have learned is that illnesses are connected to events and sins in the past, and when the past event is touched or brought to Jesus the present event is touched and healing can take place.

An example, a person might suffer from an eating disorder. At the mass she might see a past ancestor suffering starvation. When she prays for healing of that person she is also healed of her eating disorder.

Can Anyone Give Me Some Insight Into the Healing of the Family Tree?

When it comes to physical maladies, a doctor asks his patients questions about the family medical history. However, sometimes illnesses are rooted in generational attitudes or sins. For example, sometimes events like abortion, unexpected deaths, or infant deaths run in families. I believe this is true, in large part, because of personal experiences.

Healing the Family Tree

I am not saying that all illness are caused by past events or even most. All I am saying is that we are all interconnected. The good and bad that we do has effects for many generations. In future blogs, I will make my case for this type of healing, as how it flows from our Catholic Faith.

Remember to pray for your family members who have gone before us. One of the Spiritual works of Mercy is to pray for the dead. A quick question please. Is the family tree mass in keeping with the laws of the Catholic Church? I ask because I asked my priest to do one this morning and he said it was not from God. Hello Anne Marie, it is all in how you explain the theology of healing of the family tree. At it most basic level it is a mass for all the members of our family that have died, Most mass intentions are for the deceased.

Also when we pray for the healing of things in the past in our family tree, murder abortion thief… things and events persons in the present can ve healed. We are all one body in Christ. Hi Father Stefan; I would appreciate your opinion on the following please; My daughter of 24 years is since the age of 15, suffering from a wide arrange of strange physical and mental illnesses.

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We tried everything and pray to God many times for her healing. The Lord Jesus Christ intervene may times and saved her life and heal her.

Holy Spirit

But then another strange illness arrive on the scene and the struggle is on again. I am a Christian Pastor and I and my wife is involved in Christian counselling. In the counselling process, we stumbled across a teaching about spirits of deceased family members who can attach to living family members and caused some health problems. The reaction was immediate!

Healing the Family Tree by Kenneth McAll

A woman identifying herself as Grandma start speaking to us in very aggressive tone and to cut a long story short, she went out on my instruction in Jesus name. My daughter saw her as a old woman with clothes dated back may years. Did you have similar experiences and is this biblical based? Do you have any comments you would like to share please or can you refer me to any books explaining this phenomenon?

Regards in Jesus Pastor Johan. During the first prayer, after the reading of the Gospel, the Priest commands any impure spirits who might be present to depart from the person to be baptized. This process is to purify the physical body of the believer. May He soon touch your ears to receive His Word, and your mouth to proclaim His faith, to the praise and glory of God the Father. We must reject the claimed power of the Exorcisms that take place during the Sacrament of Baptism.

God wants you to see the truth about yourself …. It is only then that life becomes messy, difficult and problematic as well as beautiful and hopeful. Now, we know through experience that both good and bad things get handed on. Blessings can be handed down to a thousand generations, where love has reigned in households and the family has orbited around God and his sovereign word. Yet, at many levels, we see how things get passed on which hurt us. At a physical level we know that a drug-addicted mother can pass that addiction straight on to the child in her womb …..

Gene therapy has shown that generations of a family can be prone to a particular illness. So what can we say at a spiritual level. How many speak of their grandmother and the kindness they remember, appreciated, and drew into the way they decided to live. Or how an old dog-eared prayer book got handed down to the next generation and was treasured.

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At the same time, we know that the effects of sin can pass through the branches of our families. At a wider community level, think of the prejudices inherited and accepted through the generations in the tension that imprisoned so many people during the years of the violence in Northern Ireland on both sides of the argument. At an individual level, consider a child neglected by his or her parents who then falls into a life of crime. Yes, what we do or omit to do will influence the lives and personalities of those with whom we share living space.

If there were no negative traits among your ancestors you would be another immaculate conception. There were sinners, liars and schemers in his genetic and historical lineage, as well as good, honest people of faith. Tamar is alluded to …. God works through pure and impure blood lines. Look at the saints whose feasts are today …..

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St Rock was infected by a plague in Italy …. In all of our family trees, God writes straight with crooked lines…. Nowhere in the Holy Bible does this passage imply a curse upon all of humanity, from the beginning of time to the end of time.

Healing of Family Tree Part 1 By Tom Horan Jr.

That is an erroneous teaching! But look a little further down the bible story and in Ezekiel God, seeing the hardheartedness of the Israelites warned them of the repercussions of sin, how its branches spread insidiously and rapidly, so they might not be lost and to teach them the seriousness of their sins. Each of us is responsible for our own sins. Of course, if the man is training his son in the skills of burglary, there is a good chance the son will follow a path of dishonesty, imitate his sin, but the son must still accept responsibility for his actions.

When Jesus came, as the incarnate love of the Father, he gave us clarity on this issue when, after seeing a blind man, the disciples asked him: The only one who has borne the sins of others and paid the penalty for their sin is Our Lord, Jesus Christ. In order to take away the sin of the whole world, God gave us a lamb, his own Son, sacrificed on the cross in expiation for the sins of the human race — past, present and future.

For our sake, as St Paul said, due to our sins, Christ became accursed on the cross. He exchanged his perfection for our sin. He died the death that we deserved so we could live a life like he lived. So what is the lesson for us? Christ crucified and risen breaks the chains that hold us to the past.

If we are to accept that evil spirits of our ancestors are passed on to their descendants, then we must reject the Sacrament of Baptism. We must reject the claimed power of the Rite of Exorcism that takes place during the Sacrament of Baptism either as an infant or an adult. Both beliefs cannot be true and upheld because they oppose one another. Humans enjoy free will. If a person is possessed by evil spirits because of the sins of his ancestors, logically, he cannot be held accountable for the actions of his sinful nature.

That would be unjust and God is just. The blame game, accusing our parents or ancestors for our adverse circumstances, simply allows us to passively accept that my life is thus and I am powerless to change….