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He says a few words, just normal words and the audience laugh. You get the picture. I started to feel sorry for him. Worst thing is that he obviously thinks a lot of himself. Only a tosser would say that the IRA were British. That is the opinion of a cocky little Brit, which he so obviously is. I've nothing against the British, but I don't happen to like cocky wankers, as it happens. If there was an Irishman saying that an English group were Irish, i'd call him a dickhead too. If Lee is into facts, as he preaches about in another clip, then he should sit down and look at them - instead of talking total shite.

However, it seems that he is now definitely not worth bothering about. Trash is the only word I can think of this person. What a terrible comedian Just realised why - you're still not funny. Shite at his job. Used to love him, but right now, is there a more overrated comic? Brooker is a weetabix haired trendy tosspiece trying to cling on to anything remotely cool these days and Stewart Lee is a hypocrite.

I heard him interviewed by Clive Anderson on a R4 review programme. Anderson was enthusiastic about Lee's recent gigs and upcoming new shows and Lee lapped up the attention. Then Anderson brought up a personal attack by Lee on fellow "funny man" Russell Brand during one of Lee's stand up shows. Apparently during this attack, Lee quoted Brand, the quote demonstrating that Brand is an immoral, shitty, worthless excuse for a human being, and not the intellectually and morally superior experimental kind of individual that Lee is.

Unfortunately, Anderson reveals, Lee misquoted Brand, and so changed the entire meaning of what Brand had originally said. So far, so you've-not-done-your-research. Lee's true genius shone through moments later though when Anderson put it to him that he had deliberately misquoted Brand, and so was not just a bit lax, but actively dishonest. Throughout his passage of discomfort he didn't sound smug once, and I never laughed so much in my life. He is just bitter and jealous. Not funny whatever" - skype29, skyvu.

Maybe he thinks comedy should be challenging conventions and intelectually complex. Maybe he thinks comedy is a form of high art, perhaps there is a place for that.

Jackson's Way – review | Stage | The Guardian

He keeps a bottle of poppers back stage. You're not half as funny or intelligent as you think you are. In fact you're just silly, cruel and crude. It comes across as drawn-out tedious tripe. There really are some nasty people posing as entertainers. He's also a smug, liberal, PC douche bag to boot.

Such a smug cunt. I still can't believe there are grown men who still think like a 15 year SWP member. And thats a problem if you're suppossed to be a comedian. Jesus is Lord philippians 2: Burn in Hell Stuart Lee. His stories are painfully drawn out. This 'smug superiority complex' that some people have about his comedy is bullshit! Is this supposed to be the 'thinking man's' comedian?

Give me Frankie Boyle any day! It certainly is not funny. I was at school with both of them and I know why Lee is so bitter about Richard. Richard has always been a thoroughly nice chap. He is unbelievably kind and always stuck up for people who were being bullied. His artistic skills are fantastic and he was always way ahead of everyone else in terms of having a mature outlook. However, the senior school we went to in was extremely old-fashioned and had an awful "macho culture". Richard disliked it from the start. Lee was at least two years older than Richard and a typical arrogant posh-boy.

I am certan he never knew Richard at all. Lee always arrogantly thought he was going to be a big star and is now very bitter that an unacademic, down-to-earth character like Richard is a well-loved superstar whilst Lee is just treading the comedy circuit. Lee never knew Richard and anything Lee has said about knowing Richard is a almost certainly a complete lie. Thanks for letting me put the record straight. I thought rogue traders was still on and they were catching out comedians. Not one funny gag, a small audience who seemed to be embarrassed into laughing along and a general bitter tirade of insults and jealousy from Lee.

Am i alone in wondering how this was commissioned? Can i have my half hour back please? I accused him of carrying the germ of a curse of the Broken Brothers pentacle Church and he immediately fired back. The Fall, Hex Enduction Hour, A genuinely nice bloke we thought, and not a bit snobby or pompous like we had been led to believe. I find his response train-spotterly creepy, and like him less, not more, for it. Also hate it whenever someone raises that he isn't funny, you get the standard remark "oh you dont get him". What is there to get. I couldnt stand him with his mate herring and cant stand him As for his sycophantic crowd, thats a whole new topic That's why he's on after Newsnight.

He can be as smug and unfunny as he wants, but as long as he recieves a BBC paycheque, I have the right to be critical of him. He's not funny, and he's clearly got friends in high places to have continually been promoted as a funnyman for over a decade. Having said that, there's few things in the history of the world less funny than Stewart Lee- most of which are far too obvious to list. I could go on stage at the Comedy Store, die on my backside so hard I would be pelted off with broken bottles, and still be far better at comedy than him.

We asked for a new Bill Hicks and got Stewart Lee. This fucking cunt is devastatingly unfunny. A ridiculously unfunny cunt. I was in shock for a couple of days after his last show. I am rarely shocked at stuff on TV, but I could scarcely believe my eyes or ears that what I was watching was actually happening. Political correctness seems to guarantee an unfunny, student humour cunt of a comedian.

He told one about 2 Jews who were best mates, one asks the other what he would do if he won the lottery, his mate says: I won't argue with you on that one, you poof. And Stewart Lee, you can stick your crisps, and your Grandad, right up your fucking arse, you boring cunt. His fans claim him to be some comical prophet turns out he's just awful. Stewart Lee has become a lazy comedy slag! I used to think he could be quite amusing. Something made me think, maybe this time he'll be funny, but no. You are a scumbag. Jesus, what a lame muppet.

Stewart Lee - still not funny. Self awareness alone does not equal humour. You need dick jokes too. He may think it's irony to bore the audience, it wasn't. However sycophants in the audience loved it! It is as if he has appointed himself Mr credibility. Frankly, if you are a comedian, I don't care about credibility; I just care if you make me laugh.

In fact you were interminably dull. If only he could let it go as is so true with Williams and simply let people make their minds up without the immense childlike immaturity of trying to appear so cool about it he would be not only more likeable, but just a much better comedian. He would have a witty and clever reply even to this though no doubt. He was hilarious back in the 90's now he just sounds bitter. Since when has being smug, boring, spiteful and not to mention extremely fucking creepy been the height of hilarity? They can keep him the weirdo bastards.

Solely put on this earth to condescend the absolute fuck out of anyone that's stupid enough to listen, mainly liberals who, like him, believe their smarter than everyone else. I remember seeing this cock on 8 out 10 cats once, not a great show i know although i quite enjoy watching sean lock on it, everytime he spoke he fell flat on his arse, it was so amusing watching him be outwitted by the very type of people he regulary deems witless, he went on to say that it was one of the lowest points of his career, not because he made himself look like a prick oh no, but because he wants people to believe he's to good for a show of that nature.

It pains me to say it, bit i think i'm witnessing someone who's even more undeservedly aggrandized than even Bill fucking Hicks is, he's lucky that theres people stupid enough out there that will settle for someone like him who cannot, for the life of him, muster up the main ingredient that someone in his position SHOULD have, the ability to make others laugh, instead he gives them nastiness, bitterness, huge amounts of snobbery and one great big condescension, appalling beyond belief!

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I've been unfortunate enough to pay money to watch this talentless buffoon. He had this part of his act whereby he held an vinyl record above his head repeating the title, the multitude lapped it up as insecure in their intellect as lee himself. Only a fucking moron would put up with being patronised to fuck by such a unfunny, clearly bitter, out of date prick such as this 90's fucking throw back, there's no intelligence required for this onslaught of pure cuntishness.

He tells what he thinks is a joke, then has the nerve to turns smugly to his audience and practically ask what type of joke it is and whether it's funny, again thinking he get's something everyone else doesn't, talk about vilifying the very people that pay for his meaningless existence, it's not their job to be judged it's yours you useless fucking humour vacuum. Smug, egotistical and self-contented. I've spoken to him several times in the past at various get-together's although not recently and he is a bit of a pillock!

He used to go out with my wifes' cousin. He came up a few times for Xmas and one or two other things. I found him to be a little condescending and a bit arrogant I think it must be a thing with people who become famous, whereby they automatically think they are superior to you, just cos they've been on Telly Anyway they've split up now and my wifes cousin seems a lot happier.

I'd expect him to keep his stand-up routine seperate from day to day life, but then perhaps I'm expecting too much. I like his comedy, but as a person, he's a bit of an arse. They don't know when to laugh but feel they should. He thinks he's clever by explaining his own jokes and how they work.

Stonewall Jackson's Way

Other comedians could do the same but realise it's lazy and crap, but with a coating of Stewart's smug veneer it becomes 'intelligent' to his audience, cunts sucked into the Lee vortex of smug who think Lee is some military general of comedy who sets trap that allow him the have the last laugh as victory, when in fact he's just exploiting daft self-proclaimed comedy connoisseurs who he knows will like anything that's deemed intellectual, no matter how many times he mumbles 'crisps'.

Like prog rock which disappeared up its own arsehole or conceptual art which just relies upon the talentless flagellating the 'uneducated' so standup now moves into realm of not being funny, which strokes beard here is er Ladies and gentlemen and reviewers who "think he's the funniest thing on television right now" please get a grip Stewart Lee is using the word cunt - which is a misogynist word. He is a witless, hypocritical prick. And he isn't funny. Hes not as funny, cutting edge or clever as he probably thinks he is. He gets some things right but his deire to challenge modern life and society dont quite hit the spot and come over as both studenty and smug.

He reminds me of that other 'protesting' comedian Mark Thomas. Allthough both are probably well intentioned. His routine is simply tell a joke, take a 15 second pause, tell another joke, another pause. Irritated me so much that I could only stand 15 minutes of one show. I'd rather listen to Chris Moyles than sit through Stewart Lee's unfunny drivel.

Funny he was not. Hardly anyone was laughing because his act is rubbish! I really fancied a good laugh to cheer my self up. Unfortunately I didn't get it. His style is to bang on about something for ages and ages and then come back to it for ages and ages. It was like being stuck with a bore at a dinner party, one that you want to punch. It's probably because he's unfunny. If they don't approve of you and you don't conform to their world view they'd rather put you up against a wall a la Che Guevara.

I hate this comedian. He's about 25 years out of date and is no doubt coming to the fore just as another failed Labour government is about to be kicked into the political wilderness for a generation. I'm sorry but this is self indulgent tedious piffle, allowed only because this 'worzelette' has been to oxford. More haha and less ooh ahh! Half an hour thinking, "he can't be THIS bad surely? When's he going something, anything funny or even mildly interesting?

Oh I see, it's post modern irony - he's a comedian who ironically, doesn't make you laugh. I have been watching Stewart Lee religiously for a few years but season 2 of Comedy Vehicle is awful so far. Making "ironic" jokes about his poor audience and venue. I know people will insist he is 'playing a character' here, but after dozens of references it comes off as extremely bitter, sad and misanthropic.

His criticisms of modern stand-up would be valid were it not for the fact that more than half of the material is recycled from his old DVDs. Half the problem is his unbearable audience, insisting on articles like this that he is a 'thinking man's comedian' while lazily bellowing with laughter at each prompted pause in his speech, like a bunch of dogs being taught to beg for a treat.

Gave the impression he couldn't really be arsed. He spent the whole time talking about nooks and crannys. Well the British brainwashing corporation is on the ropes and with a bit of luck they will die and we can get rid of communism and leftism once and for all.

The best part about being a fan is that i can tell people he's my fave comic and if they know who he is then we can both bask in our feeling of superiority over the rest of the plebs. Just kept saying weathercock. Sadly, every time i give said "comedian" that chance i find it reinforces my views: Pompous, self interested and self important twaddle. Maybe those who find him funny do it because it makes them feel clever. Its always good to play to the ego of your audience.

He hits the cunt button every time. Brisket headed, slanty eyed, repetetive dog's log. He has the puffy, flat faced appearance of a post-op rhinoplasty patient. I bet he stinks of ham, the Findus crispy cuntcake. He uses power of suggestion so that some people assume he's being clever and actually means something, when really he's just a complete fucking dickhead.

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You do realise they are meant to be funny? You'll be telling me Bidisha is a journalist next. Adding, "You silly buggeranti". If you want to see a real comedian at work, hi thee to YouTube and cop some Tommy Cooper. He could make people wet their pants without saying a word.

Mix - Stonewall Jackson's way

If this is what passes for comedy, I'm happy it has passed me by. So a liar as well. All of him looks constipated. Chocked up full of shit. An absolute fried cunt's testicle. He's a bog standard comedian, except he has this pseudo ironic facade, and it's all very lazy, because if he's funny then yay he's funny everybody praise the funny man and if he's not funny then oh lawdy he's not supposed to be funny that's the JOKE I can't believe you were so stupid as to expect that bit to be funny it's making a STATEMENT.

It's the exact same covering-all-angles, non committal, insincere, bastardise-irony-for-your-own-self-aggrandisement approach as every 4chan acolyte who ever ruined your game of TF2, except because it's an ugly middle-aged bloke saying it to a crowd of thirty-something Londoners and making them feel clever, rather than making them feel like the superfluous sacks of skin they are, it's suddenly genius.

Jackson’s Way

He comes across as SUCH a cunt, so unfunny, so unoriginal, so needlessly offensive still without being funny and so prone to pointing out the bloody fucking obvious, in a manner which packs in all the charisma of a miscarried lamb, I don't actually know how he's got a career out of it. Stewart fucking Lee can fuck off, I hope I never see his ugly piggy little cunty slant-eyed face again, or hear his wretched, self-congratulating drawl ever again for that matter. The stout loathsome little twat. You've heard of Blackpool, in the pictures and the holidays and that One of England's iconic towns with the tower Little Richard the Hamster Hammond went up there once.

With the Top Gear lads This isn't even funny is it How that shit rates as comedy is beyond me. I feel dirty now. He was holding her head underwater while she thrashed I tried to push her up for air. He was smoking and wore a grin that told me he had a point but I didn't really understand it and he didn't seem to care. I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. I didnt laugh once. If as a self proclaimed comedian if you can't be funny which is after all a basic requirement, time to do something else.

I've always thought this and every utterance from his boring little sphincter of a mouth just proves it more and more He really is not funny. I've seen him live and the dead pan got old after about 5 minutes. Hes a fuckin bore. Watching his act, I found myself checking my phone to see if anyone had texted me, even though I knew they hadn't.

Lee's audience is full of the right on sector of society, his act is feeding and reinforcing their prejudices, much the same as some of the ultra right-wing American comedians who have been around in the last few years. It's a cheap shot, which guarantees him laughs from an audience bound to agree with him, and it's much easier than having to write decent gags.

Who is this douche? Dont recall any of the greats dying on stage , do you? Can only watch about five minutes, laugh, then I'm fast asleep. He's like a small child in the way that he thinks if he tells you the same joke over and over it will become funny. You couldn't find a more tiresome, self-regarding twat masquerading as a comedian. Not fit to lace Steve Coogan's boots.

Is he a comedian? The whole TV show struck me as hugely pompous, especially the insets with that smug twat Iannucci, and the attempts to justify weak material by having Iannucci point it out made me angry. The fact that his "interesting" bit of format-twiddling was plagiarised from Steven Wright was just the icing on the cake. If Lee devoted less time to deconstructing things and more time to thinking up funny things to say he would be a better comedian. I do find it very hard to watch Lee. He really irritates me - when he does one of his trademark "slow repetition" bits I get the red mist and start to have fantasies of going round his house with a sledgehammer and smashing all his Fall albums.

If I don't find it funny in the first 20 seconds, it's not there imo. Lower life form scum. He thinks he's funny but he's not. Nice how some people can claim the moral highground whilst also being dreadful human beings. I've never been closer to walking out of a gig and I closed my eyes at one point I was so bored. Probably one of the most unfunny "comedians" I've ever seen. Didn't even make me crack a smile.

If it wasnt for the polite laughter from half the room the half at which Stewart aimed all his remaining material once he identified them - literally - five minutes in and the 15 simpletons laughing their heads off in the first two rows it would have been a wake. How can he think it funny to impersonate his mother advising him to be more like Tom O'Connor over and over and over again? The jokes were stretched out endlessly - imagine a 30 minute long joke where you only probably laugh at the 24th minute once. It wasnt genuinely funny at all - it was like he was trying very very hard and ended up being stupid.

It was yawn-inducingly boring. He's the comedian people say they like, just to appear cool and above the rest of us proles. Actually, maybe he has and that's why none of it is funny. Just repeat what you've said, 98 times, each time more slowly with a longer gap between words. It'd send a chinchilla to sleep during the night hours. For a better deadpan comic, seek out Jack Dee. I repeat, not funny.

But then, we can't have a national newspaper presenting articles which challenge the views of its core readership can we? He's also a thoroughly unpleasant bloke he is in real life. Ever wondered why you're not on telly much anymore? It's because you were such an insufferable cunt to all the people you worked with you utter arse. My name's Rich, I'm 30, straight and a Leo. He's always way too PC and loves the sound of his own voice.

Stewart Lee comedian on BBC2 would be a lot funnier if he didn't repeat the same parts over and over again in the buildup to the punch line whilst telling his joke. Self-indulgent, dull, superannuated indie boy who takes himself way too seriously, which is not really a good quality for a comic.

He's the comedian people say they like, just to appear more intelligent than the rest of us, a bit like those student union bores I remember from the '80s who seemed to think all indie music was automatically more radical than pop when it was often more conservative.

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What I object to most is his obvious envy and resentment for comedians more successful and usually more funny than he is. Ahem, sorry for the rant - I just can't bear this 'credible' comedian reputation he's been uncritically allowed to cultivate! Is it his lack of comic timing, monotonous delivery, predictable topics or something else? Apart from Paul Merton and Julian Clary I admit to disliking contemporary comedians as I see no reason for swearing and tasteless patter on stage, I much prefer comedians who make audiences laugh because they are funny men or women!

I would have enjoyed watching audience response to many of todays 'comedy kings' should they have played some of the northern cabaret clubs of the 60's and early seventies Tasteless 'comedy' a la Stewart Lee style leaves him in the gutter alongside the likes of Jonathan Ross and and the long-haired scruffy one he got into trouble with! Claims on his website to be "officially the 41st funniest comedian".

No you pile of shit Unfunny cunt for unfunny cunts. He's not even as good as Janet Brown. Physically, middle-age doesn't suit him the way it suits some people. Sorry I did not see what was so intelligent about his act. Sneering about other people being stupid is not in itself clever. The basic problem is that there are not enough gags. He gets an idea, and instead of building on it and developing it into a proper routine, he just hammers home the same point until any possible humour has been drained out of it" - Timbo, comedy.

He is the most laziest comedian out there. Death by a thousand cunts. A series of cheap shots by someone I've never heard where both his and the audiences hearts aren't in it. He's found a massive mine of rhetorical middleclass self-loathing but is only taking the topsoil. Really, listen to the audience. Not exactly falling about are they?

PC has gone wild, its time to stop this leftist madness. Lee's not satarizing anything here but trying to re-live old battles from the s in a tired routine. They're both self-satisfiyd arseholes but moyles is mor likly 2 raze a smile.? This is not funny, you can delete my comments, but you can't delete the truth. Besides he looks like hes taken something.

Throwing together buzzwords doesn't make an argument you fucking idiot. Political correctness is genocide against white nations perpetrated by Jews. This is your argument, I distilled it so people could see just how moronic you are. Worst of all he's not fucking funny. Prefarrably one made out of lead The only shred of comic value I got out of this was laughing at a grown man making an idiot out of himself on stage.

And what's with the drawn out silences he does? Normally a long silence usually means a drum roll and you get a reward at the end, in the way of a big laugh, or a triple somersault or the magician going abracadabra, not Stewart Lee though, he pushes the humour envelope to 11 with his long silences, and then says 'Cheese And Onion' at the end.

To embarrassed laughter I might add.

He can fuck off with that kind of bullshit and his Phil Collins short-armed jackets. He looks like someone has stuffed a bad suit full of sweaty sausage meat then squeezed it until a head has popped out of the top with a glutinous schlop sound. He wasn't though was he. I know that it was supposed to be funny surrealist comedy. It wasn't though was it. Lee's comedy is based on slating other people, most notably sardonic talents like Chris Moyles and Jeremy Clarkson, both of whom, incidentally, are immeasurably funnier than Lee. Lee elevates his sense of self with his own callous brand of intellectual elitism," - Sally McIlhone, channelhopping.

Lying on the floor ranting about Del Boy just made him look mentally ill frankly. He comes across as arrogant and condescending. A final point - Lee should get a suit that actually fits. He looks like rather like an over-stuffed armchair. He needs to either undo his jacket, get the next size up, or lose some of the belly! He should get a bigger one. That jacket's not doing him any favours either, it looks like it's gonna burst open at any point What a massive fat cunt he's turned into..

He's a sign of where we're all heading. Well most of us anyway. Sorry, were you expecting a punch line? Jokes don't need them. Stewart Lee looks like he's switching between Barry Bethell before and after. Lang has let himself go. Widow, read, with eyes that burn, That ring upon thy hand; Ah! Wife, sew on, pray on, hope on; Thy life shall not be all forlorn The foe had better ne'er been born That gets in "Stonewall's way.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I wrote the ballad of 'Stonewall Jackson's Way' with the roar of those guns in my ears. Great Train Raid of Romney Expedition. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 22 February , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It also legitimates and makes funnier the type of nonsense behaviour that can seem — dare I say — pointless in the hands of other comics.

Because we know that it's fundamental to his entire worldview, watching Jackson straining to rhyme the words "spider" and "box" distils absurdism to an intoxicating potency. Adamsdale's jargon is likewise sublime — and there are droll new coinages tonight. There are lulls, when you wonder whether the conceit will sustain after its giddy novelty wears off.

It does, partly because the ebbs and uncertainties are incorporated into an overarching narrative, as clues emerge to Jackson's true identity. I admire Adamsdale's restraint: I don't know why, but I am! The tragedy and comedy is better balanced tonight than in the show's previous incarnations.