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Dispelling many myths and tackling critical schooling options and controversies, You, Your Child, and School is a key book for parents to learn about the kind of education their children really need and what they can do to make sure they get it. Inspired by Your Browsing History. From Iguala to Chicago. Crea el espacio para el amor: Aura Medina De Wit. El libro esencial de recetas mexicanas para Instant Pot. Weiss and Brian Weiss.

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Education of children of migrants. Hangman Hangman Fancy a game? Or learning new words is more your thing? Why not have a go at them together! In the event that the process of cultural immersion has failed or is being produced more slowly than originally foreseen, there could be granted an extension of the stay the liaison classroom.

If, in spite of this possible but exceptional extension, the student should have used up the time provided for his stay in the liaison classroom without having managed to reach the established goals, he would then be considered a special-needs student, and would therefore receive specific attention from the Educational Orientation and Psychopedagogical Team if he is enrolled in primary education or the from the Guidance Team if enrolled in high school , following in all cases the established protocol for attention to diversity in the Spanish educational system.

Principios de la Educación Consciente

As stated here, the importance of the initial training received in this type of classroom has been sufficiently demonstrated. On the effectiveness of his management and on the evaluation of his performance will depend whether the immigrant student is enrolled in regular classrooms as one more student of the education system, and can continue his schooling successfully, or whether he will be considered, based on the way he has started out in this educational system, as an individual excluded from mainstream education and as a recipient of special educational measures, compensatory education, special education, etc.

Objectives of initial training in the welcoming classroom. The Ministry of Education identifies the guidelines or objectives to be pursued in the initial training offered in the liaison classrooms so as to integrate the immigrant student into the education system. More precisely, in the classroom programming of these welcoming schools these objectives have been specified as follows:.

The specific objectives are basically two. One is purely conceptual: The other is attitudinal, i. The teaching of Spanish as the vehicular language in the liaison classroom will have as an objective the development in the immigrant students of the following capabilities:. Peer interaction in the liaison classroom will have as its objective to develop in the immigrant students the following capabilities:. These objectives, attitudes and skills require a array of contents from which an educational structure can be created and take shape. Content of initial training in the liaison classrooms.

The contents are embraced within concepts, procedures and attitudes.

This knowledge is developed in the training areas described in Table I. Training areas and time devoted.

"Educación de niños" in English

In each of these areas there is developed a series of specific training strategies and teaching skills such as the following: In this area, work is done on two different levels. The first is targeted toward students with no knowledge of Spanish. These pupils will work on personal identification, greetings; school, family, friends, city and district; games, sports, clothes and shopping; the body and its care, etc. The second level is aimed at Spanish-speaking students with a curricular lag of two or more years as related to the contents studied in Spain by students of the same chronological age.

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For these students, listening and reading activities concerning topics close to their centers of interest will be selected, and it is proposed that learners write essays on aspects they have studied in the classroom in order to facilitate their ability to remember what they have studied. This is an authentic class of meaningful learning and of personalized learning pace, where a homogeneous, ordinary class would make no sense.

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  8. In environmental and social studies , five hours per week, usually given at the end of the school day, students enrolled in liaison classrooms receive training in the specific vocabulary of each of the study areas. In natural sciences they study the skeleton and muscular system, nutrition, the senses and the nervous system, human reproduction, animals and their classification, plants and so on.

    In civics, in the unit on purchases, they learn to distinguish between shopping center, supermarket, market, sales gallery, flea market, store, stand, stall, and garage sale.

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    In all this it is always stressed that knowing the customs of the host country's society does not mean giving up the manifestations of their own culture, but rather, learning about other cultures and other customs allows them to value and develop more, if they wish, their own culture and customs. In tutoring sessions four hours per week an effort is made to strike a balance with the rest of the school program, and to know the emotional state of each student who, because he is an immigrant in a strange land, brings together the griefs resulting from his status as a pre-teen or teenager.

    This time of life, as Prof. For these boys and girls, says the author, the grief resulting from the loss of key references is harder, if possible, because the decision to emigrate from their countries of origin was not made by themselves; rather, they have had to accept the decision of their parents, who, moved by the need to find a better quality of life, have had to seek an opportunity for advancement.

    Their immigrant families have in many cases been marked by the suffering caused by their illegal status. Moreover, their unemployment plight tends to subject them to harsh living conditions and economic deprivation. It affects the way they are, at school and in life in general Quicios, These sessions present only one problem: In these cases the teacher turns to students of the same nationality, if there are any in the classroom; these classmates help to translate for those who cannot follow the development of the class because they do not understand the language.