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  1. Mom, I'm a Lucky Duck
  2. Mom, I'm a Lucky Duck by Bob Elsdale on Apple Books
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Though she may be rushing them between hockey games and dental appointments, she takes time to notice the pleasure of a moment. Snuggled together after storytime, you start it off. So lucky that we have this pretty house. So lucky that we fed those funny ducks today. What makes you feel lucky?

Mom, I'm a Lucky Duck

Thinking every night how fortunate they are is a lovely way to send children to sleep. As kids get a little bigger, start keeping a gratitude journal together.

You can even do the writing while your child talks. The entries should be short and simple—no essays necessary. Rausu which I summited in the heat of summer — with a messed-up knee no less!

Mom, I'm a Lucky Duck by Bob Elsdale on Apple Books

And finally I went up to the beautiful Rebun Island which no one I know has ever done before, for 4 memorable days of hiking in wild flower paradise! I returned home to Fukui exhausted but happy as a clam. There is nothing quite like good friends, good food and summer music festivals in my opinion.

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The pounding taiko drums at the Kodo music festival made my blood pound along in harmony and my soul soar as traditional Japanese music echoed across the field under a starry summer sky. I felt in that moment ready to take on the world. My favorite season Autumn was lovely and relaxing with plenty of hikes, include a hike up the famous Mt. Watching sunrise dawn at the summit of this mountain with a best friend on each arm, I knew that right then and there was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Mom, I'm a Lucky Duck

Choosing to stay a 3rd and final year in Japan had been the right choice! In November, I was spoiled absolutely rotten when my friends Robin, Denea and Kim came all the way from Canada to visit me! Especially the maiko dress-up experience, none of us are going to forget that any time soon! As Christmas drew near I was blessed with the ability to pop down to Kobe to see the Kobe Luminarie, an extraordinary Christmas light display which filled me with Christmas cheer… …before jetting off to be reunited with my amazing family and spend our first Christmas together in 2 years!

I was glowing with happiness, and radiated perpetual joy every single day I was able to bask in their love and the tropical Hawaiian sun!

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Finally, let me end this post by saying that I am grateful for the opportunity in to have been living my dream. I am still stunned sometimes when I remember the fact that I am living in Japan. Thank you to all the amazing people in my life, you mean the world to me, which is funny because quite incidentally you do happen to live all around the world! You are commenting using your WordPress.

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