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My Name is Jake

Although he lacks the zeal for fighting that Finn possesses, Jake is a capable fighter. What he lacks in Finn's talent for swordsmanship, he makes up for in toughness and magical brawn. He is a capable hand-to-hand fighter, and can transform his limbs into weapons. He can also stretch to entangle enemies, or grow to gain a height and weight advantage. His shapeshifting can grant him supernatural strength, allowing him to simply overpower his enemies. However, Pendleton Ward has said in an interview that Jake uses his powers lazily and does not know their full extent, often hindering Jake's effectiveness in combat.

Despite stating outright that he's multiple times stronger than Finn, Jake often leaves the brawling to his adoptive brother. As shown in " Mystery Train "' Jake is also able to stretch himself to "create" an entirely new person, as long as they remain connected to him. In " You Made Me ", he is shown to be able to move objects through his body freely when he lets Princess Bubblegum jump into his mouth and then pushes her up through his back.

Jake can be stretched by force as seen in " Ocean of Fear ", when Finn stretched Jake's ears to avoid making contact with the ocean and in " Beautopia " when forced into a paddle. Jake's powers are sometimes used against his will, as in " Power Animal " where Jake's stomach took the shape of a fist and punched him so that he would wake up and eat. Jake's stretching ability is subject to the principle of conservation of mass as seen in " The Limit ". However, the ratio at which he retains mass is different than what applies to other masses in Ooo.

It is revealed that while Jake can stretch his body to incredible lengths, his body could be pulled so long that it becomes dangerously thin.

My Name is Jake Blog – Angela Graham Steele

Once his mass is distributed along a certain length of his body, it becomes difficult for him to support himself; at one point, Jake was forced to walk along the ground. If he were to stretch beyond his absolute limit, it is presumed that he would completely thin out and die.

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Without his magical powers, Jake is rather weak and can barely even run, as seen in the episode " The Witch's Garden ". In the same episode, Jake claims to have obtained his powers by rolling around in a magical mud puddle as a puppy, but in an interview Pendleton Ward stated that this is not how Jake got his powers, he just could not remember. It is likely that Jake's amorphous powers come from the same creature that bit his father's head in "Joshua and Margaret Investigations", though this is unconfirmed. Being a magical dog, Jake has an acute sense of smell, as he can apparently smell the precise location of an object miles away.

In " The Chamber of Frozen Blades " he stated that his sense of smell is "1, times better" than Finn's, although compared to normal dogs this is a low estimate, suggesting that he was either just guessing, or his sense of smell is similar to that of an average dog. He also claimed in "The Enchiridion" that he could not only smell the book, but also that it was in a room inside of a castle. He also owns a sword , a shield and an axe but seldom uses them in combat. In "Mystery Train", when disguised as the Conductor, he briefly uses a sword to fight Finn, who defeats him effortlessly.

During the same time, he also displays a prowess for skateboarding, as he performs jumps, ollies, and grinds, several atop a moving train.

Adventure Time - My Name Is Jake (Remix)

Jake also has a supernaturally powerful imagination on the verge of having psychic powers as seen in " Rainy Day Daydream ". Anything he imagines becomes reality; however, only he can see his own creations. Jake is generally laid-back and tends not to worry about things. He's intelligent, funny, serious, loyal, supportive, caring, friendly, cute, good-hearted, sweet, easygoing, selfless, and plays as a loving big brother type for Finn.

He relies heavily on his powers or Finn to get him out of any dangerous predicament. While he often cracks jokes at serious times, Jake always has a lecture or a song to cheers Finn up if he is feeling disheartened. Acting as Finn's world-wise mentor, Jake is always willing to give input and advice about a situational, but his suggestions are usually inconsistent, ranging from encouraging and helpful suggestions to ridiculous nonsense.

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He can be somewhat irresponsible at times, frequently leaving Finn to fight most of a battle on his own, but he always pulls through when he is needed most. Jake may have dyslexia , as evidenced by the fact that he writes backward, as shown on his note to Finn in " Storytelling. However, as shown in season 5 episode 20 " Shh! Jake is easily persuaded into doing dangerous and irresponsible things, as in " The Limit " where he states that he will do anything if someone says his name three times.

My Name Is Jake

Jake loves to eat. He likes junk food, especially pie , burgers , and ice cream , but he has stated in " Slumber Party Panic " that eating chocolate or fudge would probably kill him, much like a normal dog. This has been contradicted in several episodes after "Slumber Party Panic", as Jake is sometimes shown eating chocolate.

He is not afraid to try new foods as seen in " Her Parents " and invents many of his own foods. There is evidence of his ability to cook; he makes Korean food for Finn at the beginning of Apple Thief, and he cooked all the food that he used to make the Everything Burrito. Jake also possesses symptoms of ADHD. He can literally forget about a conversation in a moment and start doing something completely unrelated, such as putting an ice cream cone in a toaster.

This is shown in Power Animal when he gets continually distracted by his surroundings while looking for Finn. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Emily Mortimer shares her take on the title character in her film Mary Poppins Returns. Disappointed after missing his opportunity to impress Macy, Jake discovers that sometimes life has other plans that turn out for the better.

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Jake the Dog

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