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  1. The consumer decision journey | McKinsey
  2. Identifying the micro-moments within the customer journey
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The consumer decision journey | McKinsey

These are great benefits of embracing a simple, minimalist life. Also, we treat ourselves well, which important since we each spend a whole lot of time each day with ourselves.

The Simplest Moment making the Biggest Difference

When we take care of ourselves, we are much more available and able to help others. Thank you for this wonderful post! I appreciate the time you take to create these thoughtful posts.

I enjoyed this read! I see it in my life — I live more simple and less stressful but it took years.

Identifying the micro-moments within the customer journey

Every change sie possible. Carry your diary in your pocket Sync journal across multiple platforms.

Get your five keys that will help you Create pleasant Moments in your Life.

Write on-the-go on your smartphone, or settle down comfortably at home and type on Chromebook and desktop. Grow your journaling habit The simple and beautiful diary encourages you to write more. Effortless journaling Add photos, audio, video and pen your thoughts.

Moments Quotes

Journey does the rest by adding weather and places to journal entry. Relive moments in a diary View your journal in timeline, revisit places shown in map, travel back to the past with calendar and review what you did last year with Throwback. Mood tracker Add your daily mood and track it in a chart. Private diary Keep secret diary with password and fingerprint locking.

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Share moments with friends and family Update your loved ones by posting journal entry to social media. You can also export diary to Word docx and print to PDF. Penzu import coming soon. To learn about Journey, please visit this page: Export and share journal entry.