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The Black Stallion Returns

View All Photos 2. In the first film, young Reno rescued his beloved stallion from its cruel Arab owner. This time around, the stallion is abducted by Moroccan henchmen and bundled back to Africa. This paves the way for a repeat of all the salient action from the first Black Stallion. Kelly Reno as Alec. Vincent Spano as Raj.

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Teri Garr as Alec's Mother. Allen Garfield as Kurr. Woody Strode as Meslar. Jodi Thelen as Tabari.

Doghmi Larbi as The Little Man. As a reward for the safe return of the horse, Alec is allowed to ride him in the race. On the day of the race, Alec reunites with Raj, who is also competing, and they begin their run across the desert along with the other riders.

The Black Stallion Returns Movie Review

The Uruk's rider tries to kill Alec, but he and the Black escape. Alec discovers that the Uruk's rider pushed Raj off his horse, and he brings Raj's mount back to him. They race against the Uruk rider until Meslar appears and spooks the rider's horse, unseating him. Suddenly, Kurr shows up in his truck and chases Raj and Alec, shooting at them.

However, he takes a wrong turn and the truck crashes into a ditch. Alec wins the race, then pleads with Ishak to allow Raj to keep the horse that he rode, despite the condition that the winning rider's sheik is allowed to keep any horses that he wants. Ishak grants the reprieve, which allows Alec to repay Raj for his kindness. Meslar returns with Kurr, his riding companion, and the Uruk rider as his prisoners, and they are taken to face judgement.

Although Ishak gives the Black back to Alec, he decides to leave him in Morocco, where he feels he is more at home. Vincent Canby from the New York Times said it was " funny, unpretentious and fast-paced. It has a kind of comicbook appreciation for direct action and no time whatsoever for mysticism or for scenery for its own sake, though most of it was shot in Morocco and is fun to look at ". The Boston Globe called it a " slow-paced, incompetently directed film with both eyes focused on the box office ".

Variety magazine said, " The Black Stallion Returns is little more than a contrived, cornball story that most audiences will find to be an interminable bore ".

Roger Ebert complained about the film's stereotypical portrayal of Arab characters in his review, while noting that Allen Garfield was miscast. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Black Stallion Returns Theatrical release poster. Inspired by Your Browsing History. The Letter For The King.

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