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Forced into hiding, the mages of Lumineia have been forgotten. In their absence the world has become known by another name, Earth. The humans have flourished with time, unaware that The Last Oracle is destined to unite them. At her touch magic will be unbound, and known again as truth. But an ancient war harbors a deadly secret. Draeken, the Lord of Chaos, had a second apprentice, one who became trapped with the defeated fiends.

Fueled by revenge and dark magic he has mastered a power that Draeken himself could not, and the time is fast approaching for it to be unleashed. The Dark is waiting. Led by the mysterious Master, the Harbingers have infiltrated the highest levels of the mage government.

They mean to reveal the mages to the world—and then conquer it. To that end they have stolen the Sword of Elseerian, and intend to open the portal to Draeken's vast army. But the fiends are gone. In their place another entity lurks. Caged for eons, the Dark feeds on fear. If unleashed on Earth it will devour every spark of illumination, until mankind is left in darkness absolute.

Madness and terror will rob men of their minds. Each will become extensions of the Dark, flesh without a soul. The Oracle and her allies have a desperate plan, to retrieve the Sword of Elseerian before it can be used. If they fail the Dark will be released. And the day will have its last dawn. The Dark has been unleashed. Impervious to mage or man, its almighty power is only matched by its hunger.

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Unchecked it will devour the planet. Human and creature alike will become twisted, beasts slaved to the Dark's will. The leash is held by the Harbinger Master, who requires a simple offering to stay the impending slaughter. But the nations of Earth have proven their will to fight, and by revealing magic to them the Oracle has ensured they will.

Now she must reunite the mage and human worlds—before the Master retaliates. Facing supreme foes and the end of mankind, she needs allies. She needs an army. Empowered with the magic of luck, the Master has no equal. At her command the Dark has devoured half the globe.

Myrantia (Masters of the Storm Book 5) eBook: Amy Difar: Kindle Store

Entire nations have been erased, continents have vanished, and billions are dead. The desperate survivors have joined a worldwide evacuation to the Americas. Their hope died when the Oracle fell. Yet they do not yield. Inspired by the Oracle's defiance, mankind has chosen to fight.

For them to triumph they require a weapon, one which now walks the Dark, forgotten and lost.

GAVIN is the son of the praefectus of the village of Aranaeus, and men and women and children are disappearing from their homes as shadowy, bestial shapes prowl through the forest. Yet no one will heed Gavin's warnings of other creatures stirring in the darkness. Creatures that feast upon the souls of their victims Yet he alone sees the danger of the terrible Frostborn, the creatures that will sheathe the world in ice and quench all life.

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But none of the lords of the realm believe his warnings. And his enemies want him dead As old foes and new enemies close around him, Ridmark must fight for his life. Or else the Frostborn will return, bringing eternal ice and darkness with them. Feist, here is the sequel to the critically praised "Demonsouled. Yet peace remains elusive. Mazael's former overlord plans a war of pride.

A corrupt order of militant knights scheme for brutal and bloody conquest. The serpent people and their followers plot a terrible vengeance upon Mazael and his sister. And a foe more terrible than any he has yet faced awaits. For Mazael was not the only child of the Old Demon Outcast and exile, he seeks to stop the return of the terrible Frostborn to the realm of Andomhaim. At last he knows how the Frostborn shall return.

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A weapon of great magical power waits in a ruined dwarven city, a weapon with the power to stop the return of the Frostborn. Assuming the ruined city's guardians do not kill Ridmark first Howard, Robert Jordan, and Raymond E. Yet with no new enemies to conquer, his Demonsouled blood threatens to blaze out of control.

When a deadly new foe attacks, will Mazael rally the Grim Marches to victory? Or will he listen to the whispers in his blood and kill everyone who stands in his way? Driven from their homes by the Malrag hordes, the Tervingi must find a new homeland. Will Riothamus help lead the Tervingi to safety? Or will the Tervingi nation be destroyed to the last man, woman, and child? His purpose is now clear, and a great mission lies before him, a quest to rid the world of a terrible evil. The utter destruction of the Demonsouled. Yet the soulstone, the instrument of the return of the Frostborn, has been stolen by a ruthless cult and secured within the grim fortress of the Iron Tower.

And Ridmark must risk everything to retrieve it. MARA wishes only to live peacefully. Yet her father was a dark elven wizard of power, and his shadow-tainted blood flows through her veins, threatening to transform her into a monster. Yet that is not the greatest danger she faces. For the Iron Tower was once home to an ancient evil, an evil that desires to claim the power in her blood Soul of Serpents Jonathan Moeller A story ten years in the making, here at last is the triumphant third book of the "Demonsouled" series.

Mazael, now Lord of Castle Cravenlock, faces his darkest challenge yet. A horde of inhuman fiends has descended upon the Grim Marches, slaying and killing.

Masters of the Storm Series

The priests of the serpent god lurk in the shadows, scheming vengeance upon Mazael But both the fiends and the priests of the serpent god serve another master, one who plots to seize the throne of the heavens itself, a foe that even Mazael's skill and valor may not be able to defeat Yet a relic of the ancient world, a thing of black sorcery, has been unearthed, a weapon that threatens to turn the Grim Marches to a realm of corpses. Free from her past, she travels north to start a new life in the Grim Marches.

Haunted by visions of his mistakes, tormented by memories of his past, Lucan finds himself the prey of a spirit both mighty and corrupt. He will take up the sword of the Destroyer, and throw down the realms of men. And once he claims the ancient relic for himself, all the world shall be his… MOLLY has lost everything she holds dear, and has no reason left to live. There is only one cure for her loss, one vengeance she can take for her pain.

The death of Mazael Cravenlock. For years he has sought the secret of the Frostborn, and now the answer is at hand within the walls of the cursed citadel of Urd Morlemoch. For the Warden of Urd Morlemoch knows the secret. She seeks to stop the return of the Frostborn, but the secret of their defeat is trapped within her damaged memory.

The truth of her past awaits within the walls of Urd Morlemoch. For the Warden of Urd Morlemoch knows who she really is. But his final game is almost complete. And worlds beyond count shall tremble before his power… 4. At last he has come to the perilous ruins of Khald Azalar, where the answer to his quest awaits.

Assuming the master of Khald Azalar does not kill him first. Now the dark magic within Morigna threatens to devour her. Unless Morigna can tame the power, it will transform her into everything she has always hated. MARA's father was a dark elven noble of terrible power. She escaped his grim realm, but now she must confront him once more, or join countless generations of his slaves in death. Her answers await in the darkness of Khald Azalar. But the truth might be more than she can bear Now the gates of ruin have been thrown open, and the Frostborn and their armies threaten to overthrow the High Kingdom.

Only Ridmark stands in their way. Distrusted by his countrymen and broken by grief and loss, he will nonetheless show the Frostborn why the Gray Knight is the most feared warrior of the age. Or die trying… 4. Unfortunately for me, I have little enough of either. To make matters worse, my baby brother Russell is dying of a rare magical disease, and the only one who can cure him is the cruel Elven archmage Morvilind. And if that wasn't bad enough, Morvilind demands a steep price for his cures.

And the frost giants never forget a grudge… 4. Now the malignant wizard Shadowbearer is ready to summon the Frostborn once more. Unless Ridmark stops him, Shadowbearer shall cover the world in killing ice. No mere mortal shall stop him. But the Frostborn are winning, and without allies, the men of Andomhaim have no hope of victory.

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The power of the dwarves of Khald Tormen might turn the balance, but the dwarves face their own ancient enemy. And that ancient enemy has plans of his own for Ridmark But it is far too late. The host of the Frostborn marches to war, bringing terror and death in their wake, and a weakened Andomhaim is not strong enough to defeat them.

Only the sword of the Dragon Knight has the power to drive back the Frostborn, and it is calling to Ridmark Arban. But the sword devours anyone bold enough to wield it…. But even the mighty Frostborn themselves have been duped, for the shadow of Incariel has used them as its weapons. Unless Ridmark can defeat the Shadowbearer, the shadow of Incariel shall rise and devour the world for all time Ghost in the Mask Jonathan Moeller Caina Amalas is a nightfighter of the Ghosts, the spies and assassins of the Emperor of Nighmar, and through cunning and valor she has cast down both proud lords and mighty sorcerers.

But a power darker than any she has ever faced is awakening. When a mad assassin armed with a sorcerous blade rampages through the Emperor's capital, Caina must track the weapon to its origin, a ruined city blighted by the folly of sorcerers, a city that holds weapons far more potent than mere blades. Weapons that can resurrect an ancient empire of dark sorcery to enslave the world anew After a year of battle, the war has ground to a bloody stalemate. Unless Ridmark can find new allies, the Frostborn will win through slow attrition.

But the shadow of the Frostborn has fallen over all lands, and Ridmark might not live long enough to find new allies In this book, you'll learn how to: For if he does not find a way to stop them, the Frostborn shall entomb the world in ice forever. Yet darker things stir in the hills. A trap that might devour both her and the Gray Knight Yet old enemies plot his demise, and a cunning assassin lurks in the shadows, preparing a deadly trap.

When invaders from the sea conquer his land, Hugh must fight to save his home But with the stolen power of Mazael's Demonsouled son, Malaric has the strength to claim what is his Now nothing can stop him from fulfilling his righteous mission. As castle after castle falls to the runedead horde, Mazael must lead his armies to victory And Mazael must stop his father's dark plans.

Assassin's Blade: The White Mage Saga #0.5

No matter what the cost to himself. Soon he shall destroy the Demonsouled and free the world of their curse forever. No matter who he has to kill to do it. For he shall claim the power of the Demonsouled and become the new god of the serpent people. And then all men will bow before the serpent god. For centuries he has plotted and manipulated kings and lords. Now he shall seize the power of the Demonsouled for himself, and become the new god.

And all the world will be his to torment. Yet the realm of Andomhaim is riven with civil war. The false king Tarrabus has usurped the crown in the name of the shadow of Incariel, and the loyal lords must fight the ruthless rebels. Unless Ridmark can defeat Tarrabus and reunify Andomhaim, the Frostborn will prevail. But Tarrabus Carhaine, deadly and wicked, will not be defeated without terrible cost She has defeated powerful foes, but more dangerous enemies lie before her. A sorcerous catastrophe threatens to destroy Istarinmul, and the only the mysterious sorceress Annarah, last loremaster of lost Iramis, knows how to stop it.

To rescue Annarah and save Istarinmul, Caina must brave the Inferno, the hellish fortress of the sinister Immortals. But those who enter the Inferno never return She has defeated powerful sorcerers and corrupt lords, freed slaves and overthrown great evils.

But now someone has begun slaughtering the Ghosts of the Imperial capital, and the killer is wearing her face. And this time, saving the Empire might cost her everything… ARK is a man of many roles — father and husband, Ghost and veteran, blacksmith and Champion of Marsis. But when the circlemasters of the Ghosts order him to hunt down the renegade Caina Amalas, Ark must make a choice between his family and the woman who saved his life and children… THE MOROAICA is the ancient sorceress of legend and terror, and after two thousand years of toil, she is ready.

She shall destroy the world and remake it in a better image, ending suffering and pain forever. She will rip open a gate to the heavens, cast down the gods from their thrones, and make them pay for all the suffering of mankind. Or so she thinks…. If I don't follow Morvilind's bidding, my brother will die. But there are more dangers in the world than Morvilind.