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Trust Your Heart

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But, was it a mistake? Who can truly say that you made a mistake, though certainly your heart was broken?

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You took a chance in love and were hurt. Many of our readers will relate to your hurt. Forgive yourself, again and again. You are obviously a passionate, sensitive woman. You listened to your heart and risked it all for love. Now you must learn from your experience.

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Is there a lesson or two in the experience you can take with you into your future dating? Can you go a bit slower and ask a few more questions? Did you allow hormones to dictate the speed of the relationship, rather than enjoying those heart palpitations while still taking time to really learn about this potential mate? Is there mutuality and equality in the relationship?

Do you know how to notice danger signals when they arise? When there are danger signals, do you heed them? There is a balance each of us needs to find when it comes to matters of the heart: To listen to the stirrings of our heart, and to be open to what moves us emotionally, on the one hand, and yet to be grounded in practicalities and the realities of any given situation, on the other. We must allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open to possibilities, whether in love or other heart issues, but also use our heads.

In all matters we are encouraged to use wisdom in our decisions—the practical application of knowledge.

Trust Your Heart — Not Your Mind

So, can our hearts be trusted? There is always something to be learned from the language of your heart. Should our heart always be considered? Yes, definitely, though tempered with Godly wisdom. Will there always be matters of the heart that are mysterious? Who can find a virtuous and capable wife?

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She is more precious than rubies. Skip to main content. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN is a global ministry committed to preparing the nations of the world for the coming of Jesus Christ through mass media. Can You Trust Your Heart? Always the dreamer, my wife made the decision: Does this mean we can always trust our hearts? Are our hearts infallible? Listen to this story from a woman who wrote to me recently. What happened in your relationship? It is our inner guru — the you within you, the divine within … our celestial soul.

But there are other senses — secret senses, sixth senses, if you will — equally vital, but unrecognized, and unlauded. Our breath is the single most effective way of connecting with our bodies — and therefore, our truth.

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Joining the space between our bodies and souls opens up a communication channel from which we can learn ideas, inspiration and truths behind choice. Our friends and families want the best for us. Our friends might think they know the answers based on their unique experiences, and our families might advise us based on their need to protect us. Both are wonderful sources of support, but neither have the answers you need to make that decision.

Trust Your Heart — Not Your Mind – Linda Luke – Medium

Look for the signs. Often we overlook subtle synchronicities which are there to guide us down the best path. I believe that such signs are actually our subconscious trying to communicate with our conscious self. We should pay attention to coincidences and make note of subtle symbols which might lead us to discover a more authentic life choice which is truly best for us. Smile and let go.

Trust Your Heart

The choices we make are never wrong — they simply contain the lessons we need to grow as people and be the best we can be. Know that whatever happens, as a consequence of our actions, will always be the best for us, at that time. Smile, trust, surrender and enjoy the ride. Know that the Universe wants the best for you. Sometimes we have to let go and surrender to the flow of life. We like to be in control of the little fleshy spaceship we call our bodies, but our bodies will operate with or without our instruction. We will keep on breathing, our heart will keep on beating.

When water stands still, it becomes stagnant. Similarly, our lives become stale if we become physically stuck. When faced with a big decision, the worst thing we can do is let it paralyze us; we must keep moving. Those energies shifting inside, when we release our bodies from the shackles of stillness, may just release the answers we are looking for. Sometimes my biggest revelations have come about whilst writing.

I let my fingers hit the keyboard, and as I start to type, it quickly becomes a stream of consciousness which can often reveal the answers I was pondering. Creativity is a direct line of communication between your heart and the world. If you paint, write or build, get lost in creating and your heart might just speak her truth via the medium of your art.