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The next evening I led a Passover seder at a recovery center. Some of the folks came in from local homeless shelters. Many had experienced severe alcohol and drug addictions. It was an equally powerful evening, reminding me that slavery is not always physical. It can take the form of mental, spiritual and psychological entrapment.

Wherever and whoever we are, Passover can add meaning and a spiritual depth to our lives. A good friend of mine, Marguerite Silvera Redshaw, wrote China Illegally Detains Christian Did Jesus Have a Tattoo? Some follow the instructions that Jesus gave to his disciples at the time of his last meal before he was crucified, and share instead of roasted lamb, bread usually unleavened and wine. It should also be noted that Passover day is followed in the Scriptures by seven days of unleavened bread Exodus These days have a great dual significance to the observant Christian.

Just as leavening causes bread to be puffed up, so sin causes Christians to be "puffed up" with the sin of "malice and wickedness," and therefore must "purge out" that "old leaven" and replace it with "the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth" King James Version - 1Corinthians 5: Therefore, in the Christian Passover service Christ's body is represented [ original research?

Christ in the Passover: Presented by David Brickner

Since these Scriptures indicate that during the seven days of unleavened bread, leavening represents sin and unleavened bread represents righteousness, when Christians remove leavening during these days they are reminded to put sin out of their lives. In some traditions, the ceremony is combined with washing one another's feet, [4] as Jesus did for his disciples the night that he suffered John Other Christians celebrate the Passover as the Jews celebrate it. They roast and eat lamb, bitter herbs, and the unleavened Matza. Many Adventist, Sabbatarian Churches of God , Messianic Jews , Jehovah's Witnesses who call it the 'Memorial of Christ's Death' and other groups observe a Christian Passover — though all do not agree on the date s or the related practices.

On the evening before Good Friday the Pesaha bread is made at home.

A Brief Passover History

It is made with unleavened flour and they use a sweet drink made up of coconut milk and jaggery along with this bread can be compared to Charoset. On the Pesaha night the bread is baked or steamed in a new vessel, immediately after rice flour is mixed with water and they pierce it many times with handle of the spoon to let out the steam so that the bread will not rise this custom is called " juthante kannu kuthal" in the Malayalam language meaning piercing the bread according to the custom of Jews.

This bread is cut by the head of the family and shared among the family members after prayers. In some families, a creamy dip made up of jaggery and coconut milk is used along with the Peasha bread. If the family is in mourning following a death, Pesaha bread is not made at their home, but some of the Syrian Christian neighbours share their bread with them. This custom may have its origin in their probable Jewish ancestry since many other Jewish customs like separating the sexes at church, praying with veil in their heads women , naming conventions in line with the Jewish customs, kiss of peace kaikasthoori in their Holy Quorbono mass [???!!!

Unlike other Christians, in their weddings the bride stands on the right side of the groom resembling the Jewish custom and during the wedding a veil is given to the bride [6]. It was a question of defilement that gave rise to the words: A voluntary peace offering was made on Passover and another, a compulsory one, on the next day, Nisan 15, the first day of the Festival of Unfermented Cakes.

Should Christians celebrate Passover? - ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry

It was this second offering that the Jews were afraid they might not be able to eat if they contracted defilement in the judgment hall of Pilate. Apollinaris and Melito of Sardis were both 2nd century writers that wrote about the end of Christian celebration of the Jewish Passover.

Melito 's Peri Pascha "On the Passover" is perhaps the most famous early document concerning the Christian non-observation of Passover. For indeed the law issued in the gospel—the old in the new, both coming forth together from Zion and Jerusalem; and the commandment issued in grace, and the type in the finished product, and the lamb in the Son, and the sheep in a man, and the man in God For at one time the sacrifice to the sheep was valuable, but now it is without value because of the life of the Lord.

The death of the sheep once was valuable, but now it is without value because of the salvation of the Lord. The Passover meal is eaten while reclining on pillows around the table which signifies that those who eat it are no longer slaves but free people! On the seder table there is a plate with various foods.

What is Passover - Important History and Christian Traditions

Some are eaten and others are there to remind us of the many miracles God performed when He delivered Israelis out of Egypt. A lamb bone represents the Passover sacrifice, the bitter herbs remind us of the life of slavery in Egypt but can also remind us of the bitterness of sin. Charoset is a sweet paste the texture of which reminds us of the clay with which the bricks were made in Egypt, but its sweetness can also remind us of the presence of the Lord that brings sweetness into most difficult situations.

Dipping karpas parsley or celery into saltwater reminds us of the crossing the Red Sea.

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Israel went in as slaves and came out on the other side as a free people. It was almost like baptism, a symbolic representation of our death to sin and beginning of a new life with Yeshua.

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The egg is a later addition to the seder plate. Some say it represents the Jewish people who despite severe persecution survived as a nation for 4, years. The egg is the only food that gets harder the more you cook it, just like believers in Yeshua become stronger when they go through pressure and trials. If you are able to attend a Passover seder meal with a Jewish family it can be a very meaningful and enlightening event. Rejoicing With The Torah. Passover background with matzo, wine and old seder plate. Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!

Rabbinic Traditions with Messianic meaning Many of the rituals associated with the traditional Passover seder have not originated in the Bible but have been created by the Jewish Rabbis after the destruction of the temple.