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Even though I was on the shortlist, it was still a nerve-wracking process waiting through the ballot and having that envelope opened on stage in front of my eyes. Then there was that long moment: Thank you to my wonderful readers for nominating me. And thank you to everyone who has supported my writing — by beta reading, believing in me, critiquing my work and brainstorming plot fixes. My critique groups deserve a proper mention.

Everyone needs a tribe, so thanks for being mine. Thirteen years ago today, my son died. He was half of fraternal twins — the healthy half. His twin sister had been chronically ill for two years, and I had been housebound caring for her. Tough times for an extrovert. Plunged into an abyss, I had to keep mothering, keep going for my kids. My husband and I clung to each other in an ocean of grief. Our family was our life raft. The community rallied around us, keeping us afloat. It was fourteen months before I laughed again.

Two years before I felt anywhere near normal. Our family would never be the same again. My story, Call of the Sea , in the At the Edge anthology, explores how easily people lose their sense of identity when they lose a child. In order to survive, we need to be nurtured. As her life disintegrates, she journeys to the edge of insanity. Or is she sane? The ropes on the massive climbing frame jerk. Grey waves thrash the shore, flinging spray over the naked sand. My hands itch for a brush and canvas.

Breathing deeply, I shove the swing harder than I need to. The gale is against us. From the brink of civilisation, the fringe of reason, and the border of reality, come 22 stories infused with the bloody-minded spirit of the Antipodes, tales told by the children of warriors and whalers, convicts and miners: Well, we finally got here.

This has been a hectic year, and the holiday season has been no exception! Dragon, dragons and more dragons… modern dragons, medieval dragons and dragons in unexpected places! The full Dragon Tales blurb is here. I wish you a happy start to the New Year and a great May many great books come your way! The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales is about to hit the shelves and is already a rip-roaring success.

Many happy readers have pre-ordered books, cards and e-books using the Pledge Me Twisty Christmas page. If you want to have a peek, there is only an hour to go before Pledge Me closes. Address is on the invitation. To join our Facebook event — for both the print and e-book launches, sign in here. The e-book is available on Amazon on pre-order. For those who love e-books, this is great for us, as pre-orders boost our Amazon rankings immensely! Thanks again for your support! See you at the launch — with Twisty Christmas music, nibbles, drinks, art and books galore!

A great start to the festive season! Both Tim Jones and I had fun in the glaring sun with the fresh Wellington wind creating new hairstyles and making our eyes water! The Cook Strait News also ran an article last Monday. Behind Lost In The Museum is a great team who has put in long hours, selecting stories, editing them, formatting, proof-reading and typesetting.

Our cover artist, Geoff Popham, did a brilliant cover. Everyone comments on it! We look forward to working with such a talented young artist again. William Carden-Horton added richness to the anthology with his offbeat illustrations. Check out the articles! Pop over and see it! Lost In The Museum is available from all good bookstores. Join in the fun and read some great work from Wellington authors, new and famous!

Enjoy these mad capers, zipping around Te Papa! Who is altering the time space continuum? Where or when has James gone? And what secrets is Tui Merriweather hiding? Dive into mayhem at a well-known Wellington waterfront destination. Going to the museum will never be the same again. Feel free to visit the links at the bottom of this page and enjoy stories from many other authors.

Mom rapped on the door. I turned so fast, a mini tsunami sloshed onto the floor. I lifted my right knee above the water and scrubbed it with the washcloth. Before my eyes, a long claw slid between the toilet seat and lid.

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My heart thudded, like I was running for goal. When he grows up, Liam wants to be the Easter Bunny. But can a pig become the Easter Bunny? Can't you just hear your children answering: But don't tell Liam that. Liam knows he has to work hard to make his dreams come true. He practices hopping, eating salad and delivering eggs, with They meet on the high seas, and the competition begins. Each demands, and refuses, to give way to the other Whoopee cushions are the types of things that bring elated smiles to every little boy and girl.

What eight year old would not roll over in uncontrollable laughter when their parent innocently sits down on a couch and an explosive sound originates from what appears to be their backside? Press Here is the ultimate book for engaging very young children and holding their attention. It is so clever and simple; you'll wish you had thought of it yourself! The book begins with a simple yellow dot in t Alan Gratz presents an utterly riveting story of survival and perseverance captured through the eyes and voice of a boy forced to grow up before his time during World War II in Poland. Based on the true story of Jack Gruener, Prisoner B lays bare the torture one boy endured for six long yea Sixteen-year-old twins Lia and Alice Milthorpe are horrorstruck to find their father dead by unknown causes in their house's Dark Room, the room in which their deceased mother used to live.

But his death pales in comparison to the dark events that follow Lia the next few days: Kenny Wright lives in a bad area of Washington, D. His middle school, Anacostia, is a wreck. Luckily, he is being raised by his grandmother, who taught elementary school for 62 years and keeps a close eye on him. But, poor Kenny is also confronted with a group of bullies in his school, and his cl Nicknamed "Qwerty" after the six letters on the top left side of a keyboard, year-old Robert Edward Stevens, a computer-loving boy, digs up a mysterious box labeled "Thomas A.

Edison" in his West Orange, New Jersey back yard. Inside is an unusual machine which appears to have been buried for Twelve-year-old Randi Rhodes has a big secret: Intriguingly, the cover of the book he finds appears to be the same as the actual book,Redwoods, with the selfsame boy on the cover. In a new series, Eoin Colfer Artemis Fowl introduces two gutsy new heroes in an action-adventure blend of sci-fi, steampunk, horror, and humor that will leave readers gasping for more.

In the same city, in the same house, unbeknownst to each other, two teens are being tested — one is Fifth and sixth graders who think they like scary books are going to clamor for this one, the first in a series of five, once they see the dark and foreboding moonlit cover, but let me warn you—it's really scary. Ling's father, a respected sur The little mongoose is first rescued from a roadside flood by Teddy's In a wordless graphic novel, a gray dog assembles, from a mail-order Tin Robot Kit, a new robot companion.

Together, the dog and robot check books out at the library, cook popcorn, watch TV, and take a Greyhound bus to the beach where they cavort in the water and fall asleep on beach towels in t Iliona is starting a new diary on the advent of her family's journey from their home on the Greek island of Mytilini, and across the Aegean Sea to Alexandria, Egypt.

It is Year 3 of the st Olympiad or what we would call AD , and while she is excited to be setting off on an adventure with Roxie and the Hooligans ReadKiddoRead. She has virtually memorized the text of that famous book, Lord Thistlebottom's Book of Pi At thirteen, twins Florida and Dallas are the oldest kids in the ramshackle Boxton Creek Home for Children, a place where rules are king.

The two siblings—daydreamy Dallas and his spitfire of a sister, Florida—have broken all those rules many times, spending untold hours in the damp, In , with more of the children falling ill in their isolated little village of Clifton, Indiana, Jessie's ma takes her into the woods to look for herbs. Ma has been acting secretive and strange, but what she now tells Jessie is incomprehensible. It seems that Clifton isn't an ordinary villag Fut a whunny bew nook! There are tworty-foo feally runny pyming rhoems about Runny Babbit and pots of his lals in this bazy crook.

Didn't understand those last sentences? They are filled with Spoonerisms, where consonants are switched for pairs of words. Or, as the introductory poem says, "If yo In a book that looks more like an old and treasured leather souvenir box than it does a traditional book, travelers will find the vivid experience of a safari. The photicular image of a cheetah races to life as the cat runs across the grasslands when you lift open the cover.

You eagerly turn t Samantha on a Roll ReadKiddoRead. Sammy cannot wait to try her new skates, but Mama tells her, "No Samantha. Shari, Michael, Bird and Greg have nothing to do in the boring, remote town of Pitts Landing, and decide to explore the creepy ramshackle Coffman house down their street. After pillaging the basement, they find old treasures: Greg takes a pho This isn't a playground. And, "You have to ask before you use glitter. On the American Library Association's list of the most-challenged books of the 's, Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is number one with a bullet.

The first volume in Schwartz's three-part Scary Stories series is, in film terms, the Citizen Kane of books that parents have Nick's biology teacher, Mrs. Bunny Starch, nearly six feet tall, with died blonde hair, bright violet eye shadow, and polyester pantsuits, is the most feared teacher at the Truman School in Naples, Florida. Nick's friend, Marta, still has nightmares since she threw up in class and Mrs. Adventures at the Harvey N. Scooter in the Outside ReadKiddoRead. It makes Scooter so happy he wags his tail: Scooter is a plump, sunny yellow dog.

He lives in the suburbs with Lucy and the highlight of his day is their walk. After eight dangerous and daring missions, the teen spy has come to his last. But this mission is like no other. The danger is greater, the stakes higher, the villains deadlie Once finished, her mother asks: Seraphina is a first novel by a comic book creator and it is astonishingly good; intelligent, original, heartbreaking, and I say this even though I am not a big fan of dragon fantasies, which this is at least in part.

As he laments his life underwater he wishes for more colorful friends while swimming past beautiful coral and tropical fish , endless possibilities while in the midst Filled with intriguing details and written with dramatic intensity, this riveting account of the ill-fated Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition reads like a gripping adventure novel. In , Sir Ernest Shackleton attempted to be the first explorer to cross Antarctica by foot "from sea to sea. Nolan is half Bubba's s Captain Amazing decides he needs a sidekick when, while trying to collar four supervillains, he falls and crashes into a peanut vendor, trigge There are strange things afoot on the thirtieth story of Wayside School.

Gorf, turned all her children into apples, but had to be replaced when they reversed her spell, turned her into an apple, and she accidentally was eaten by Louis, the sch Younger children with a bat phobia learn to get over it and love the flying mice when they read Janell Cannon's classic picture book, Stellaluna. Older readers are enthralled when they meet Shade, the rebellious and nonconformist bat in Kenneth Oppel's trilogy, starting with Silverwing. On the first heavystock page is an illustration of what appears to be Bea is fresh out of rehab, fending off her former drug dealer and struggling to stay straight.

Their vigilance, suspicions and over-protectiveness are unnerving. In , there were 42, cases reported in the United States. One of those was a twelve-year-old girl in Austin, Minnesota: On her walk to school, fifth grader Amy Prochenko encounters a medium-sized, long-furred brown, white, and black dog with floppy ears. Could you please help me? The dog's name is F Snake and Lizard ReadKiddoRead. Through 15 delightful short stories, rich with dialogue and illustrated with diminutive pen Kindergarten is closed, the school bus is stuck, and Daddy's flight has been canceled.

Mama doesn't want her little one to catch cold, but the bunny sneaks outs His new teacher, Mrs. Halley, has put him in the slow group with two strange new kids. The new girl just ate ha Clear the webs from my room with the bristliest broom. Now he is not-Patrick. Justice, redemption and salvation all come into play in this gripping mix of gothic horror and historical fantasy.

In a Dickensian London made eerie by evil and magic, two orphans, Lizzie Rose and Parsefall, live with the puppeteer Grisini. Their lives are grim enough when they make a sinist When the doorbell rings during his first dinner with the very talkative, incredibly loud, Blythe family, Prez goes to answer it even though the recent Because he's just flunked sixth-grade English, Stanford Wong, who thinks of himself as "the only stupid Chinese kid in America," won't be able to go to basketball camp this summer.

Instead, he'll be taking a summer school English class with Mr. If he fails it, he'll Straight to the Pole ReadKiddoRead. Pressing on through the snow. Wearing a stocking cap and a scarf tied around his or her-the gender is never specified Don't let bullies kick sand in your face! Did you know he was a real guy? An inspiration for all us flab-filled folks, this peppy Much to Tom's horror, Ketchvar crawls o Ethan Feld hates baseball. The whole league calls him "Dog Boy," because he's always wanting a walk-he's the worst player in the history of baseball. The day the Roosters face the Angels, the only people holding Ethan back from quitting for good are his father and the team's star, Jennifer T.

Readers will find it as compelling, eye-opening and exciting as its feline counterpart. Lucky, a sheltie-retriever mix, wakes from a dream of his mother telling him the stor Sixth grader Griffin Bing is known as the Man with the Plan. But out of the 29 kids he invited to his secret sleepover at the old Rockford house the night before it is to be torn down, only Griffin and his best friend Ben Slovak show up.

Just because it's dusty and dark and supposedly haunted is This rhyming, interactive, lift-the-flap, elongated board book introduces the Goodnight, Moon and Dear Zoo set to dozens of smiling animal parents and their little ones, all proudly displaying their singular tails. Tired of living in suburbia or wherever you are?

Why not try an alternate reality with the bizarre stories, poems, and musings, accompanied by even more surreal drawings, doodlings, and full-color paintings from the strange brain of Shaun Tan. Tan is the innovative Australian artist who brought Peter Hatcher has an almost-three-year-old brother named Fudge, who not only receives all their parents' attention, but gets away with everything.

The only time Peter likes him is when Fudge is sleeping, sucking his thumb and making a slurping sound. Peter walks home to his family's apartment on When reading nonfiction, it's grand to discover something new. Tell me something I don't know! Or tell me something I do know, but present it in such a way as to make it feel brand new.

In , we celebrated the fortieth anniversary of a most memorable summer. Here on Earth, the New York Thruwa This has been Timmy Bear's playground throughout t And another who was born on the very next day.


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And both of those babies, as everyone knows, had ten little fingers and ten little toes. Pearl keeps a chart about just how unfair it is: The aliens opening move is to You saw it here first! This amazing comic book actuallybreaks down the events of and events leading up to the unforgettable attacks of September 11th He lays out his limitations straight off: Desperate to find a nanny for his three children—eleven-year-old Derrick, nine-year-old Samantha, and seven-year-old Michael—Mr.

Green, a parsimonious and dreadfully boring lawyer, pounds a sign for a nanny on his front lawn. After three weeks with no response, he is only too willing Harry Potter fans, rejoice. Here's the first of The Bartimaeus Trilogy, a crackling and original English fantasy that takes place in an alternate London. The viewpoint alternates between the overblown, self-possessed, wisecracking and sometimes put-upon narrative of a 5,year-old djinni, Bart Many kids daydream about having wings and being able to soar across the sky.

Be careful what you wish for. When you first pick up this very brown and battered-looking wordless picture book graphic novel with the sepia-toned photograph on the cover, of a man in a suit and s-style fedora, carrying an old suitcase, it looks like an old photo album you found up in your grandparents' attic. Leigh Chen Sanders knows her mother is a bird. Then one night, the bird delivers a box full of artifacts from her Brace yourselves to meet Awesome Man. This young superhero is totally dedicated to vanquishing crime. His nonstop, fantastic fantasy adven It stars characters such as "a mixed up cow which flaps its wings and says meow" and "Noel -- the hole-dwelling, coal-eating, Now you don't have to wait until you're older to appreciate the dark, hip, wiseguy first person detective style of Dashiell Hammett in The Maltese Falcon and Raymond Chandler in The Big Sleep.

Maybe you had to read too many serious anth I got a present! It's a box as big as he is, wrapped in polka dotted paper and ribbon. A big brown box! He names the littl There's no place he can hide in the The Bloomswell Diaries is a steampunk adventure story, centered on eight-year-old Benjamin Bloomswell. Think Jules Verne, steam-powered machines, airships, and Victorian aspects. While Benjamin is no hero, the How can humans be so beautiful and glorious…and so ugly and destructive?

For teens who are ready to explore this question with author Markus Zusak, The Book Thief will be an unforgettable journey and quite a read. First, before you dig in to this handsome picture book biography about inventor, Philo pronounced Phil-o Farnsworth, the author includes a one-page essay about life on a farm in the American West in , where Philo was born in a log cabin in Utah. Back then, there were no refrigerators, cars Friendships, secrets, classroom drama, and the start of figuring out who you are.

On top of that, Mrs. Meet Yorkshire terrier detective Samuel Blackthorne as seen through the eyes of his chronicler, friend, and fellow canine, Edward R. Smithfield, a retired veterinarian. In their first thrilling case together, they come to the assistance of elegant greyhound, Molly Kirkpatrick, who seeks their he Fifth grader Drake Doyle, scientific genius, and his nature-loving lab partner, Nell Fossey, take on four tough cases.

Eggs, bacon, toothpaste and dirt. King, dog detective, will have to sniff it out. But he's working alone these days, without his human partner Kayla, since she and Mom and Dad disappeared and King If I'm on my way to the store to buy a magazine, even, and somebody asks me where I'm going, I'm liable to say I'm going to the opera.

It looks so yellow, so mellow, and so tasty. Defying the posted rules and regulations, which state, "The cheese stands alone," the rat grabs a napkin and In fact, he only had one fault, but it was a big one. He was candy mad. He devoured it every day, never shared it, and spent all of his money to buy more.

Ancient Aliens the Forbidden Origins of Australian Aboriginals 2018

In this modern-day cautionary tale, whic In the City of Ember in year , the sky is always dark. There is no moon, or even sun in Ember. The electric lights come on every morning at six, and go out every night at nine. The city is old, and everything, including the power lines, needs repair. Whenever the lights go out, the city is pl If your kiddo has ever felt the pressure of overwhelming responsibility, a sense of being alone in an endeavor, or even just the strain of trying to make a few bucks, he or she will easily relate to the characters in this book.

Add a touch of romance not too much , a lot of adventure and a bit Since Anand's father left his family in India to go work in Dubai, he's stopped sending home checks, leaving year- old Anand, his ill younger sister, Meera, and their mother destitute. Anand now works in the Bowbajar Market as a dishwasher at a tea stall, scrubbing the pots and glasses till h The Dark Unwinding will wind readers up in deliciously complicated knots.

Nothing is quite as it seems … until all is explained at the end with total satisfaction. While the cover looks like a large picture book fantasy story about dinosaurs, you'll quickly realize that this is the astonishing true account of Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, who in put together the first ever life-sized cement-cast models of dinosaurs, including an iguanadon and a forty-f The story begins at the end, with a letter addressed to the headmaster and Board of Directors at Alabaster Preparatory Academy, one of the country's most elite private boarding schools.

The sky is sky blue; the day is sunny. Cow kicks the red ball, but it goes over the outstretched arms of Mouse, Duck, and Pig. Although a stark lesson in human-failing, this story, based on an a Katlin Graham, better known as Kat, loves gold. So much so that she named her childhood pony Goldie.

So much so that when she was four and broke a front tooth she insisted on having it capped in gold. So much so that when she sees an ad on the interstate for tours of the Mollie Kathleen Gold Min It's , and in London, it seems as if war with Hitler is imminent.

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James Hamilton, a dedicated, low-paid London doctor and a widower, is reluctantly sending away his only child, eleven-year-old Tally, on scholarship to Delderton, a boarding school in the south of England, to escape the expect And we will all be together again. How long could you keep a secret?

This is a true story about a nine-year-old girl named Frances Griffiths who saw fairies - tiny men, dressed all in green - by the waterfall behind her house in England. Years ago, a rebellious prince named Jaron was sent away in exile from the castle; only his ship was attacked by pirates, and all aboard were presumed dead. Now the country of Carthya is on the brink of civil war.

The royal family has been murdered and political tensions run high as the nobles p Poet Alice Low has always loved sports and writing poetry, so it's only natural that she should have written a collection of twenty winning poems explaining how each of 19 sports came to be. An introductory paragraph before each poem lays out factual information, but the poems themselves are ful Hazel Lancaster dropped out of school at 13 to concentrate on getting well.

There, on the cover, is a smiling lady with a bright yellow face and pink big hair, dancing beside a blue-faced guy with six ropes of black hair In the first book of the Spiderwick Chronicles, nine-year-old Jared, his twin, Simon, and their thirteen-year-old sister, Mallory, move with their mother to Great-aunt Lucinda's broken down Victorian mansion. Ever since their dad left, everything has gone wrong for Jared, and he has been getting Oona has a gift for telling whoppers, but her story about Zook is as real as they come and illustrates that it is possible to endure loss and still feel hope and love.

Oona has a world of worry on her mind. The family cat, Zook short for Zucchini is in an animal hospital, and Oona wants to A devastating car accident left three teens at the brink of death; one, the daughter of a biomedical pioneer named Matthew Fox, was saved; the other two languished for years before technology caught up with their medical injuries.

All that time, Locke and Kara, were not actually lying in The best mysteries give a reader all the clues needed to solve the crime.

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The best mysteries are full of surprises that keep a reader guessing and wondering and turning pages as fast as possible. The best mysteries end with a solution that ties up loose ends and makes satisfying sense. Lonely twelve-year-old September is well-versed in fairytales and ready for an adventure, so nothing seems more fitting than when a green man riding a flying leopard comes to whisk her away from a sink full of dirty dishes to Fairyland. September is not a cold-hearted child, but like popular her Twelve-year-old orphan Lyra Belacqua lives at Oxford University's Jordan College, where she has managed to avoid being educated by the scholars who look after her and runs wild.

In this parallel world to ours, everyone has a daemon attached to them always-a sort of alter ego in animal form. Eleven-year-old Dini adores Bollywood movies, those entertaining Hindi musicals set in India and filled with grand production numbers, adventure, and romance. The man Jack sets out to kill the whole family, especially the baby, barely a toddler, but the child wanders away in the night, ending up in the nearby graveyard. Mistress Owens and her husband, ghosts, both of them, dead years now, discover the newly orphaned boy and they become his adoptiv The best of them are so exciting that pages practically turn by themselves.

As the reader may predict, the girl is probably as unusual as her name. That prediction would be correct. Figgrotten is very intelligent, introverted, loved by her parents and plagued by Comfortably old-fashioned illustrations help to tell the simple story of the brown-and-white puppy who lives on a farm and wants, more than anything, to help out. After all, the other animals have jobs to do!

This puppy will try anything, and in page after page he does. Maybe he can cr There's long-haired, rebellious, cool guy Sam Dawkins; fun-loving, unacademic, pink-haired Kelsey Donnelly, African American grind Judy Douglas, and friendless genius When he was eight, Victor read about Houdini's escape from an iron milk can in under twenty seconds.

Locking himself inside his grandmother's trunk, Victor w After her father and his girlfriend are murdered, under-developed but life-hardened Roo is sent to live with a rich uncle she never knew she had. Uncle Emmett lives on Cough Island in a partly renovated tuberculosis sanitarium for children. Almost as soon as Roo arrives, he departs, leaving Katniss Everdeen, sixteen, lives with her mother and twelve-year-old sister Prim.

Strange Horizons Store: Books

The story is set in the future, in a land called Parem, a nation of twelve districts that rose from the ashes of an ancient area called North America long ago. It used to house thirteen districts, but a rebellion a Brian Selznick, who won a Caldecott Honor for his spectacular illustrations in Barbara Kerley's extraordinary biography, The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins, has written and illustrated a wholly original, innovative and breathtaking masterpiece that bends all the rules of novel writing and illus When he rescues a baby bird that has fallen from Have them travel back in time with the "Time Warp Trio" series.

Sure, it's been a hit on the Discovery Kids Channel on TV, but the wacky books came first, and they're sti Lindy, Thomas, and Benjamin, three ordinary siblings, ages 7 to 13, are at the zoo when they first encounter Professor Savant. You'll excuse me for butting in," he says to them. In his Foreword, he smokes out all of these icons as racist, thieving, shiftless cowards, chronic alcoholics, and outright thugs.

In their place he of Evan Treski has been feeling angry and humiliated ever since he found out that his little sister Jessie will be skipping third grade. Evan has always been her friend and protector, and Jessie c If you're reading this because you think you might be one, my advice is: Believe whatever lie your mom or dad told you about your birth, and try to lead a normal life.

Being a half-blood is danger Instead, it is a meaty medley of stories, anecdotes, photographs and black and white What's he looking at? Turn to the back cover, and you'll see: There's no title o One rainy, dull day, while playing hide and seek in the house, Lucy falls through the back of the wardrobe in which she chose to hide, and into a snowy When Ted and his older sister, Kat, get a free ticket from a stranger to ride the London Eye, the huge observation wheel, they give it to their visiting thirteen-year-old cousin, Salim. They track his capsule as the wheel makes it orbit, but when it lands and the passengers disembark, Salim is n Three teens — Jason, h If only there were more characters like Tug Buttons!

It is the summer of , a summer of change for twelve- year-old Tugs. Nevery's apprentice, and indeed, he seems to have a talent for remembering spells, even though he can't read. Conn is brash, outspoken, truthful, ever curious, loyal, and has a natural affinity for magic. You might think of this as Harry Potter lite, but it's far more than that.

In the city of Baltese, Peter Augustus Duchene, a ten-year-old orphan, is sent to the open air market for fish and bread. Instead, he spends his only florin to ask a question of a fortuneteller. She tells him this: That is your question? You must follow t They were each a quarter of a mile high; one thousand three hundred and forty feet. The tallest buildings in New York City. Blood on the River: James Town This captivating and gritty novel, narrated by Samuel Collier, one of the boys who came to Jamestown, will not just turn kids on to reading, but American history as well. Airborn Aboard the gargantuan airship, Aurora, riding high above the Pacificus, heading from Sydney to Lionsgate City, year-old cabin boy, Matt Cruse, helps to rescue an unconscious man in a hot air balloon that is listing in the night sky.

A Child's First Counting Book Though I work in a bookstore, I discovered 1 2 3 when my brother gave it to my one-year-old daughter with the intention of helping her learn to count. A Week in the Woods You remember Frindle, of course, and fifth grader Nick Allen who invents a new word for the word "pen"?

Al Capone Does My Shirts In , when Moose Flanagan's father gets a job as electrician and guard at Alcatraz prison, the family moves to the twelve-acre rock island in the middle of San Francisco Bay, joining the other families and kids who live there, not to mention the prisoners, including gangster Al Capone. Alice-Miranda Takes the Stage Alice-Miranda is a petite seven-year-old girl from a very wealthy family. All Shook Up "Looking back, I would say everything in my life changed the summer I turned thirteen and my dad turned into Elvis. And Other Amazing Types Alphabeasties: Angel in My Pocket Writing with a genuine understanding of how kids feel, think and behave, and out of a belief that there are powers beyond our own that help us through difficult times, Ilene Cooper presents the story of four middle-school kids who are facing tough times.

Antsy Does Time Ninth grader, Anthony "Antsy" Bonano, whom you may already know from his first venture, The Schwa Was Here, provides a teaser on the front flap about his latest escapade: Ashfall Alex is celebrating his first weekend home alone. Zero Gravity Hakata Soy leaves his past as the leader of a superhero team to attend Astronaut Academy, a school on a space station orbiting Earth. A Prehistoric Animal's Journey into the 21st Century All those scientific investigation methods that we love seeing each week on CSI television programs are real.

Babymouse series Babymouse 1: Battle Bunny In this hilarious send-up of over-sweetened, "fuzzy wuzzy" children's books, mayhem and side-splitting chaos rule the day. Behind the Gates Tomorrow Girls series This first book in the Tomorrow Girls series is the perfect book for a summer camping trip! Being a True Account of the Good Gentleman's Life What the author describes as a scrapbook is a handsome and mesmerizing collection of biographical and often humorous anecdotes, "bits and pieces" arranged within a broader subject, starting with "Boyhood Memories," and covering all aspects of Franklin's life and career, from scientist to statesm Best Shot in the West: The Adventures of Nat Love In this graphic novel, the mild-mannered train porter who wrangles a stampeding horse before it stomps on a child is none other than Nat Love, aka Deadwood Dick.

Everything You Need to Know to Be a Paleontologist Peter Lawson, the paleontologist who found and dug up Sue, the biggest Tyrannosaurus rex ever, reveals his down-in-the-dirt trade secrets about finding, excavating, preparing, and studying dinosaur fossils. The Creators of Superman Boys of Steel: Bud, Not Buddy Ten-year-old Bud Caldwell awakens, that first night in his new foster home, feeling like something is stuck in his nose.

A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery The book begins with a letter signed by Harold X, a very articulate dog who wishes the story of his family to be heard. Can I See Your I. True Stories of False Identities Who hasn't imagined being someone else? Canned Fergal Banfield's reputation for being clever weighs heavily on him. Capture the Flag Three kids, strangers to each other, are stranded in the Washington, D. Casey at the Bat: A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the Year In Christopher Bing's brilliant, Caldecott Honor-winning interpretation of Thayer's classic narrative poem, we are astonished, amazed, and awestruck at his multilayered, wondrous scrapbook, set up like an old newspaper.

Cat the Cat, Who Is That? Cat the Cat series With his new "Cat the Cat" emergent reader series, the versatile Mo Willems tackles the easiest of the easies. Charlotte's Web "Where's Papa going with that ax? Face Book This is an inspiring, interactive profile of the artist -- playful and jam-packed with information in text and images with an added perk: City of Dogs On Sam's birthday, the one he thinks will be the worst ever, his Aunty Dot brings to the house a small white dog she has just hit with her car.

Clip-Clop "Who wants a ride," asks Mr. A Virals Novel Code is a suspenseful page-turner, a mystery, an insight into relationships, a series of intellectually challenging puzzles based on science, and random thumbnail explanations of things like how to balance a chemical equation. Confessions of a Murder Suspect When sirens blare outside of her upscale New York City high rise, fifteen-year-old Tandy Angel believes it is just the sounds of the city … That is, until two police detectives show up at her door, demanding entry into the apartment she shares with her family.

Coraline Coraline has just moved with her parents to a flat in a big old house where the other tenants are eccentric and odd. Daughter of Smoke and Bone Seraphim and chimera, love and war, humans and beasts come together in this brilliantly-written fantasy intricately woven by Laini Taylor.

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D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths Peer into just one chapter of this oversized collection of Greek myth character stories and you'll see why it's been such a favorite classic for fifty years. Dave at Night After his adored father dies falling off a roof in and no one else in the family is able or willing to take him in, eleven-year-old troublemaker Dave is sent to the Hebrew Home for Boys in Harlem, New York. Poems about Everyday Stuff The things that we don't normally celebrate — in fact, the things we hardly even notice — are center stage in this book of poems that takes us through the day, following a bunch of active, thoughtful, welcoming kids.

A Lift-the-Flap Book You'll have a basket of fun with this interactive lift-the-flap board book which will get your babies and toddlers joining right in. Death Cloud Young Sherlock Holmes series Death Cloud Young Sherlock Holmes series For youthful readers with a taste for that grand master of sleuthing Sherlock Holmes, here is a treat a clever imagining of what life might have been like for the young fictional sleuth.

The Art and Life of Wayne Thiebaud This innovative and enticing biography introduces 20th century painter Wayne Thiebaud, famed for painting ordinary objects like cakes, slices of pie, ice cream cones, rows of shoes, and pinball machines. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wimpy Kid series The surprise hit of the year, this easy-to-read first person expose of middle school life told by sixth grader Greg Heffley through cartoons and hand-written journal entries has sold more than a million copies. Dogku My own synopsis of the whole story, in haiku? Aileen Lucia Fisher September 9, — December 2, was an American writer of more than a hundred children's books , including poetry, picture books in verse, prose about nature and America, biographies, Bible themed books, plays, and articles for magazines and journals.

Her poems have been anthologized many times and are frequently used in textbooks. Her father was a homesteader who established several businesses in the area. She and her brother, Leslie Paul, spent much of their time playing in the nearby river, walking country roads, and taking care of their farm animals. On Aileen's eighth birthday her baby sister, Lucia, arrived; considering her a birthday present, Aileen soon began taking care of her.

Another sister, Beth, was born six years later. Fisher attended the University of Chicago for two years, then transferred to the University of Missouri in order to obtain a BA in journalism in In , wanting to live someplace that had beautiful scenery, a good library and an "invigorating climate", [6] she moved with attorney and fellow writer Olive Rabe to Boulder, Colorado. Five years later they bought a acre ranch in Sunshine Canyon, at the foot of Flagstaff Mountain.

They lived there, totally off the grid, for thirty years. An active woman who loved the outdoors, she and Olive designed and built the cabin on their ranch. Aileen Fisher died at the age of 96 at her home in Boulder, Colorado. According to Fisher, "Poetry is a rhythmical piece of writing that leaves the reader feeling that life is a little richer than before, a little more full of wonder, beauty, or just plain delight.

Fisher continued to sell to poetry magazines after the publication of her first volume, The Coffee-Pot Face , in A collection of poems about everyday things like lady bugs, tummy aches and icicles, it was illustrated by her own silhouette drawings, and became a Junior Literary Guild Selection. More than twenty poetry collections followed, including Up the Windy Hill: