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Informal, offensive rogue , criminal , sharper , fraud , cheat , devil , crook informal , villain , charlatan , rascal , profligate , scoundrel , con man informal , scally Northwest English dialect , fraudster , wretch slang , swindler , libertine , knave archaic , ne'er-do-well , reprobate , scumbag , miscreant , scamp , malefactor , blackguard , evildoer , grifter slang, chiefly U. African I don't trust the bastard.

Informal, offensive nuisance , pain , bore , drag informal , bother , headache informal , pest , irritation , gall , annoyance , aggravation , pain in the neck informal , pain in the arse taboo informal , vexation Life can be a real bastard at times.

Born to parents who are not married to each other: Afrocarpus Afrocarpus falcata alula alular amorpha Amorpha californica Amorpha fruticosa asshole Atlantic ridley baseborn basket Bastard ashlar bastard cut Bastard eigne bastard feverfew bastard file bastard indigo bastard lignum vitae bastard measles.

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References in classic literature? Whence he argued the legality of punishing the crime of the parent on the bastard. While there may not have been any more Bastard 's officially picked for England - a number of people with a striking resemblance to the Bastards have made the team since. George Lumden, the sergeant who is quartered in the Wares' house, falls in love with Daisy O'Brian, the Wares' cook, and decides to desert the British army. Philip, who wants Lumden's musket, encourages the sergeant to do so and even employes a local boy to assist him in taking the musket.

Bastard | Full Service Production | Los Angeles

However, the boy finds it more profitable to betray Philip and inform on Lumden to the commander of his unit, who is none other than Roger Amberly. Roger goes to the Wares' house in search of Lumden, but finds only Anne. When Philip arrives, Roger recognizes and attacks him, but Philip stabs his half-brother in the stomach with a bayonet. Thinking him dead, Philip flees the city with Lumden and goes to stay on Daisy's father's farm, near Concord, Massachusetts.

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Anne and Daisy join them at the farm some time later and they inform him that Roger had not died. He was taken to Philadelphia to be treated privately, and Alicia Parkhurst was with him. Anne gives Philip a letter that Alicia had written to him and he leaves Concord to see her in Philadelphia.

Trends of 'bastard'

Roger dies before Philip reached the city. Philip meets with Alicia, who tells him she wants to marry him. Philip is torn between Alicia and Anne.

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In a chance reunion with Benjamin Franklin, Franklin tells Philip that James Amberly is actually still alive and Philip realizes that Alicia only wants to marry him now because he is now the Duke's only heir. Philip confronts Alicia and informs her that he no longer loves her and has decided to give up any claim to his inheritance, believing that the immense wealth would corrupt him as it had corrupted the Kent family. On his return from Philadelphia to Concord to be reunited with Anne, he ran into Paul Revere again, this time with William Dawes and Samuel Prescott , on their famous " midnight ride " to warn the patriots that the British army is coming.

Philip tries to see Anne, but her father will not allow him to, telling him Anne was too distraught when he left her. Then, Philip returns to O'Brian's farm to get Lumden's musket. Once there, he tells Daisy to tell Anne that he loves her. Philip participates in the Battle of Concord and afterwards, he is finally reunited with Anne.


He tells her that he plans to marry her, and then he leaves to continue the fighting in the war against the British. The novel is seen on Walter White's bedside table in Season 5, Episode 2 of the AMC television show Breaking Bad , " Madrigal ," when Walter moves the bedside table in order to hide a vial of ricin in the electrical socket. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, removing any numbers.

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Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions. See instructions at Wiktionary: First declension Bare forms: Case Singular Plural Nominative bastard bastaird Vocative a bhastaird a bhastarda Genitive bastaird bastard Dative bastard bastaird Forms with the definite article: Case Singular Plural Nominative an bastard na bastaird Genitive an bhastaird na mbastard Dative leis an mbastard don bhastard leis na bastaird. Vos savez bien qe je sui de bas lin, [e]t sui bastars You know well that I am of low birth, and I am a bastard.

Number Case Masculine Feminine Neuter Singular Subject bastards bastarde bastard Oblique bastard bastarde bastard Plural Subject bastard bastardes bastard Oblique bastards bastardes bastard.