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You want to conserve bullets and arrows for later round so focus purely on your sword for getting kills early on. You also want to conserve all your mana until you get Bend Time.

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First three rounds, just run around and get the kills sometimes you will get screwed with two opposing factions that spawn on the opposite side of the map from you, just restart if one kills the other before you get there. Devouring Swarm will drop after Round 2 and can be useful, but later stages it becomes a waste. I would recommend not using it at all in order to save your mana for Bend Time later. At Round 4, you start encountering 4 enemies, which means if there are opposing factions, this is where it begins to get tough.

I would recommend running with your crossbow out. You can sprint to a target, fire a round in to him to stagger him and then instantly kill him. You will want to retrieve your arrow later so remember where the body is. Bend Time drops after Round 5.

Die by My Hand Lyrics

From here on out, I used it once all the enemies spawned note, this is NOT when the first enemy spawns, since they do not spawn all at the same time. Run with your crossbow and head shot available targets and knife the rest.

I completely ignored Whirlwind and Bloodthirsty since they were never that effective. Limit it to one use per wave until you hit the tall boy section. At Round 7, you start having Assassins get into the fight. They will spawn on the rooftops and snipe or jump down and get into the fight.

Hand in Hand Ministries – Lend a hand, change a life

These guys are dangerous since their sniping can kill weaker enemies incredibly fast. However, my strategy would be to Bend Time, kill all other enemies on the ground. Retreat to a safe distance and snipe with my crossbow. At Round 9, you start getting 5 enemies, follow the same strategy.

Why Does My Hand Hurt?

At Round 10, you get your first Tall Boy and the pain begins! Tall Boys are most annoying since they can immediately one-shot weaker enemies if they spawn nearby. Tall Boys have two spawn locations.

by (one's) own hand

One is next to your initial spawn area and the other is on the opposite side.