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All the Twins in the Bible

Surely now my husband will love me. She was consumed with her plight, and all her prayers were focused on trying to get God to end her pain. But then something very powerful happens. Then she stopped having children. Sacrificial praise in the midst of agony is spiritual dynamite. Shift forward a couple of thousand years, and observe Paul and Silas in jail.

They have been beaten, their backs are bleeding and in shreds. They had no medical attention and were slammed in a stony jail with many others and no comfort. What do they do? They sing praises to God, so that the whole jail can hear them. Prisoners come to faith, doors swing open, and even the jailer repents and brings his whole family to accept Yeshua as Lord. See what I mean? It expresses such love and trust to God, such honor.

Seeking God About the Boycott of Israel. For others it might be that perfect relationship with the opposite sex, because we think that person will be able to fill our deep longings, so we expect God to bring along the perfect mate. And when He does, and the marriage is not perfect like we had planned, What do we do? What do you do? When you pray for something and you don't get it, who do you blame?

Do you blame God? When we lived in Germany we had plenty of money, job security. We were pillars of the church: I was chairman of Deacons, an adult SS teacher.

All the Twins in the Bible:

My wife was the Nursery coordinator. We had great friends who like us had also been separated from family and friends in the U. We thought we trusted God, but we weren't sure, because we didn't need to. We had too many resources that we could depend on. But God decided to take away those resources and cause a little dryness in our lives:. What was my response to all this? Even in the midst of studying about God and filling my head with knowledge about God, when the problems and trials came, and there were a number of them, I found myself thinking and saying things like When I didn't get the job I thought I should have and the money was not coming in like I thought it should have, I felt like God was letting us down.

I couldn't understand why he let me get the hernia last summer which kept me from getting any jobs that required physical work. I had grown up hearing stories from Mom and Dad and my missionary aunts and uncles of how God provided the things that they really needed miraculously. They got checks in the mail for the exact amount of their rent or whatever. I guess I was expecting that. And I was actually blaming God for the problems and feeling like He wasn't coming through for us. At times I even thought it was unfair that I would give up a good Air Force career to serve God full time as though He owed it to me.

Some guys I know are able to go to seminary without working at all because they are supported by some big church, or Campus Crusade or they are financially independent. God decided not to send us through seminary like that and I guess I thought He should have, after all, look what I was doing for Him I had redefined God. I was too proud to recognize that we live in a fallen world and people get hernias, babies have ear infections, cars break down, people have to work for a living and jobs are hard to find.

But the basis for God's good is not our good works, because we could never earn God's favor. Our best efforts could only earn us a place in hell. It is purely God's grace that anything good ever happens to us. The bad things in life happen because we live in a fallen world and that is man's fault. Somehow we get the idea that our trouble obligates God. We deserve all the bad things that come our way. We live in an evil world which is the result of man's sinfulness.

God is completely justified in destroying all of us. It is only because of His grace that He doesn't. So don't get overwhelmed by the trouble and the evil in the world and wonder why God isn't fixing things. Instead be amazed and overwhelmed that God doesn't send us all to hell. It is a wonder that God sent his son to save us. The unashamed look of the prostitute doesn't recognize that. The unashamed prostitute says, God ought to come through and change my husband, or get my kid off of drugs.

He owes this to me. When God doesn't do everything we want, we feel we are justified in resolving our problems by our own method and we redefine God to make our actions ok. Instead we need to be ashamed at our actions, our unbelief and our lack of trust. Recognize that if we don't, our actions and our dependence on circumstances are going to lead us to a life of spiritual dryness, because we do not have the living water refreshing us. Basically our problem is putting ourselves first. Like Jeroboam, Jehu and Gomer we seek after our own interests and ignore or distort God in the process.

What is God's reaction to Israel forgetting Him in vs 13? After describing their sin and bringing them to the wilderness, vss show that God is also merciful and now he is enticing them back to Him. God uses these wilderness experiences to bring us closer to Himself. In their book The Language of Love, Gary Smalley and John Trent say that one of the pillars of a good relationship is security - knowing that you are loved. And certainly God's perfect love is demonstrated by the fact that He still loves us when we keep running away and by the fact that He sent His son to die for us.

He entices us with what we deeply want. He knows we thirst and He offers living water. He knows we feel ugly and want to be enjoyed and He offers perfect love. He knows we want to be perfectly accepted, and He perfectly accepts us. What we deeply long for can only be met in God. I think most of you are familiar with Larry Crabb. So you may be familiar with what he describes as the three areas of needs:. We prefer that it not rain on our picnics and fishing trips. We don't want the car to break down.

We want to see relatives come to know Christ. We want to see sick relatives regain their health. We want to have a great marriage What satisfies our casual and critical longings could never satisfy our crucial longings. Only Christ can fulfill this. Although the story of the woman at the well in John 4: Christ told the woman at the well that whoever drinks of the well water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of Christ's water will never thirst.

The only thing that will ever satisfy these crucial longings is a relationship with God. Only God can meet those crucial longings, but we spend all our energy trying to fill the first two categories not realizing that if we work on the relationship with God, He will take care of the rest. Notice in Hosea 2: He must first lead us to the place where we are dried up in our own resources. Then we will be more likely to turn to God. It also occurred to me that when the children of Israel were in the desert, what did they do for food?

God gave them manna. How much did he give them? Just enough to get by. The shoes on their feet didn't wear out, etc. God didn't give them a surplus, but He provided for their needs. I think there is a parallel between what they went through and what we sometimes go through. When God leads us into the desert, we need to understand He isn't taking good things away from us. He is taking away things that we thought were good for us, so that all we will have left is what really is good for us, and so we will depend on Him.

I think being in the desert makes us more receptive to God's kind words. The valley of Achor was not a good memory for Israel.

The Mysterious Choice of Judah - ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry

That was where Achan committed his sin and God caused the Israelites to be defeated by Ai. But God can turn our times of defeat into a time of hope. He did so at Achor. After the Israelites stoned Achan and got right with God, they were able to defeat Ai. Look back to Ex This is the song she sang in her youth. It is totally about God. Too often the testimonies we hear today are about how I am no longer doing drugs or how I can now behave as a Christian should.

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The song they will sing and the song we need to sing is one that is so focused on God that it leads to forgetting self. I think that speaks for itself. It is an excellent word picture to describe a new and better relationship with God. The necessary ingredient for us to change from our independence - the solution to our problem of pride - is having a relationship with God. We can know that God loves us perfectly, that He accepts us the way we are. We can be secure in Him and depend on Him. The solution is having a relationship with Him.

God breaks Hosea's heart to prepare him for ministry. He learns that his wife is going to be a prostitute. Certainly this broke his heart. And he learns that God's attitude toward His people is heartbreak. He learns how to have God's heart. How Israel will sin, how God will respond and how Israel will finally return to God and have the relationship with Him that they were supposed all along.

So He tells Hosea to buy Gomer back and to live with her without any physical encounters whatsoever. Because this passage shows us the process for restoration to God. There are two simple steps in the process. They are simple to say, but not simple to do. What was Gomer's way of earning a living?

It was her body. It was the way she had always earned the love and acceptance of others - or so she thought. Notice now, Hosea is telling her she is going to live with him without using the one thing she thought she had that could earn his love. He is showing her that his love for her is not dependent on what she can do. His love is dependent on his character.

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All that she had going for her, he stripped from her. Their king, their idolatry, their national sovereignty, etc. There was going to be a time when God would strip away all the illusions. Just like Gomer was forced to live with Hosea without depending on her own resources for coping with life and manipulating those around her, we also need to learn to stop depending on our own resources. After a period of time After living without what they thought they needed for life That is the proper response. Not to come proud We don't want to depend completely on God because we fear that He won't come through.

We really don't believe He is in control.

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  • We really don't believe He knows what is best for us. So we decide what is best for us and we try to control our life with whatever resources we think we have. What is the most common command given to us in the NT? Prayer shows dependence on God. Prayer is the communication that builds a relationship with God.

    Most of you have spent enough time in a Bible teaching church that you know the facts, but what might be missing in your lives and what is often missing in my life is that quiet time when we just pray. I know I am often too busy to make time for that, and I think that is what makes us spiritual. It is not how much we know. It is how much time we spend in prayer and communication with God. Prayer is where we encounter God. We've just seen how Hosea's marriage was a living illustration of God's relationship with Israel.

    Now we are given several messages that describe Israel's adultery and sinfulness, their judgment and the promise of their ultimate restoration to God. It is difficult to outline this section because it is cyclical in nature. Perhaps this is Hosea's recording of many sermons given over several years. One of the favorite literary methods for a prophet to proclaim his message was in the format of a legal trial or lawsuit. That is what Hosea does here. There are three things he deals with. There is no faithfulness.

    Throughout chapters Hosea list numerous examples of how these things are lacking in the nation of Israel. I've even heard it quoted by health food nuts to support their agenda. Lack of what knowledge? Look at the context - 4: The word also means to acknowledge. I think both definitions are appropriate:. Israel was more degenerate than Judah and Hosea is warning Judah to stay away from Israel and not to follow in her footsteps. God is exasperated with Israel because there is no loyalty. It is knowledge of God - relationship with God - that matters, not external ritual.

    They depended on foreign alliances their own resources rather than God. Even go to their enemies for help. Does this remind you of you and me turning from one thing to another, searching for something to make us happy, something to provide our needs? Come through for me.

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    • It is important to understand the thought and practice that went with Baal worship. Baal was the Canaanite god of fertility. The earth was viewed as female and Baal was the male that fertilized her and was supposedly responsible for the rain and plentiful crops. So temple prostitutes were plentiful. You can see how conveniently this practice pandered to the lusts of the flesh with the result that it destroyed marriage and family life.

      It also was sinister in that the people thought they could manipulate God. But nothing could be further from the truth. God was in control and He was going to show them by drying up the land and having the very nations they depended on for security destroy them.


      No one illustrates this better than Jacob. Hosea thinks so too. He mentions Jacob in If we turn to Hosea This is the same attitude of trembling that Hosea mentions in 3: More than that, she showed the trait that is the hallmark of Israel: She did not HAVE to save the two spies - she could quite easily have handed them over to the authorities.

      There was a great TIKKUN repair in her letting the spies out through her window in the city wall and later using the sign of the scarlet thread: According to the rabbis, Rahav prayed that the three elements of the wall, the window and the thread should atone for her neglect of the 3 commandments incumbent upon an Israelite woman: The rabbis said that no less than eight prophets and priests were descended from Rahav, including Jeremiah and Hilkiah and the prophetess Hulda. In their later history, Israel were frequently compared to a whore.