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In this wacky episode we discuss the story of a police officer in PA who was confronted by a monster with a glowing head and a single mom who drove by a Giant Bat Humaoid that hypnotized her! Produced and Hosted by President Zen Recorded Live at the Beach! Today we discuss a Los Angeles man who was allegedly harassed by reptilian shapeshifters.

Today we discuss who exactly is the worlds debt owed to and are they even human?

Today we discuss Trump's warning to North Korea, Google censoring the alternative media, a spyplane circling Seattle for weeks, and a special report on the man who lived with aliens for ten days. All that and and much, much, more! All articles discussed can be found on www. Today we discuss the Stan Romanek story, dead Bigfoot carcass found, how you can stop climate change, the Archons, and 10 secrets about America that will make you wonder where all the freedom went.

President Zen-1 Story 1: Today we discuss a 16 mile by 8 mile ice berg about to break off Antartica, a cattle mutilations, all that and much more! Hosted by President Zen1. On today's episode we discuss a patent for an Amazon drone-hive, a superstitious woman who threw pocket change in the engine of a plane to wish it a safe flight, a NASA asteroid defense project, resurecting the Wooley Mammouth and much more! The intro mentions a special report that was ultimately e Today we discuss three-fingered mummies coated in a white substance found in Nazca, Peru. Today we discuss a Star Wars themed hotel in the works, how being single is a disability, vampire bats in Brazil, and much more!

We also have a special report on a shapeshifting humanoid captured in Ghana, Africa! Today we discuss the strange case of a young man who disappeared after transforming his room into an occult shrine. Also, we discuss the Alex Jones civil suit. Today we discuss a Mermaid attack in Zimbabwe that claims the lives of two young boys, we also have a report on a UFO sighting in the hood, and we also have a special report on the evolution of policing.

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Today we discuss quite a bit of news, such as More Vault 7 Revelations, Lithium being sprayed in the sky, and so much more. Plus a special report on the 6 scariest findings from the latest WikiLeaks data dump, Vault 7.

Living My Life Like It’s Golden

Special guest co-host Megan A. All that and more!

Jill Scott living my life like it's golden

Today Minister Zen delivers a quasi-religious sermon to the degenerates on loving thy neighbor. Today President Zen-1 runs through what's making headlines and also has a special report on former President Obama and his possible ties to Saudi Arabia. NASA 'cuts live feed from international space station' after mysterious object appears on camera. Today we run through the news and have a special report about: Today we are joined by psychic medium named Maria Christina who shares her experience of alien abduction by the Greys.

Andy Highroller returns to the show to talk about censorship and the arts. Recorded at the Ice and the Face studio.

# Living My Life Like It's Golden WBHN-NJ podcast

On today's episode we run through what's making headlines from killer clowns to resurrected mummies. In today's episode we give a channel update, run through a ton of news, and on top of that, we have a special report on a real life case of lycanthropy Werewolf-ism in Georgia. Today we get a podcast channel update, then we run through some headlines, and we also have a special report on the curse of the chain strangler. Today we have a special report on the 4 alien species that are intent on harming humanity! Today we discuss the strange case of Gef, The Talking Mongoose! PresidentZen1 And if you would like to purchase any of my music, I have my last four albums for sale Pay what you like at: Today we discuss the Sasquatch and their message for humanity.

The Young Turks, and we have a special report on the psychological burden of knowing things our culture doesn't want us to know. What this means is you literally become what you think about; what you deliberately focus your thoughts on. Now really, you have to think about something, right? I mean the mind is always working. Why not use the opportunity to your advantage? Train your mind to focus on or create what you desire instead of feeding on the negatives that you see!

Take a hint from Jill Scott.

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Golden (Jill Scott song)

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