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Mike has been interested in cartooning, and particularly political cartooning, since childhood. In , he was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts from Washington University and immediately began his career on the art staff of the Chicago Daily News. The following year, he began two years of service with the U. That was the beginning.

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In , his editorial cartoons became syndicated nationally. Mike's humor appeals to all age groups and all nationalities.

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  7. His work is syndicated in newspapers worldwide and frequently appears in national publications and on national television. He also was awarded first place for editorial cartoons in the National Headliner Awards. Mike's political cartoons, syndicated by King Features Syndicate, appear in more than newspapers worldwide. His political work is featured frequently in such publications as Newsweek , Time , U.

    News and World Report and The New Republic, several of which have also featured him in articles about political cartoonists.

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    It was the first time animated editorial cartoons appeared regularly on a prime-time network news program. Licensees distribute Grimmy products all over the world, and the Grimmy TV show continues to air in several countries. Grimmy is also on the World Wide Web at www. When time allows, Mike's passion for storyboarding animation blossoms imaginative creations, such as Night of the Living Fred for Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks team.

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    He is a member of the Defense Orientation Conference Association, a civilian group formed by the Defense Department which is dedicated to the understanding and studying of national security on an unclassified basis at all levels. Grimmy is everyone's dog, a canine character recognizable to dog owners around the world. He is a dog who believes that garbage cans are a personal invitation to a nine-course banquet, that the primary function of a car is to be chased, and that toilets are simply large, conveniently located porcelain water bowls.

    Grimmy is a bundle of energy barreling through life at 90 mph, no recharge necessary! He is an unstoppable, uncontrollable and irresistible prankster. He has a perpetual lust for life and enjoys virtually every indulgence that life has to offer: Mother Goose is a former Marine sergeant and a freelance writer, a combination of your mother and Clint Eastwood.

    She loves her soap operas, buys lottery tickets, bets on horses and plays pool like a shark. She is a thoroughly modern and lovable goose. Mother Goose reminds us of the beloved, legendary storyteller of the same name I found the characters appealing, and the plot intriguing. A plus, I loved the ending.


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    Given all that, I could almost wish for a sequel. Jan 02, Tom rated it did not like it Shelves: Abandoned after 90 pages. The writing was decent a little stilted with the dialogue and the author had a few interesting ideas.

    However, I disliked the main protagonist too much to continue. The author also seemingly failed to research the fields of virology and immunology. She made several errors that made the plot and subsequently the story implausible. Apr 06, Joelle Haskell rated it it was ok. Not terrible, but not good. Plot twists were thrown out rapid-fire at the beginning, then the pace slowed the longer the book went on. The otherwise realistic sci-fi setting threw in mystical psychic powers halfway through with neither reason nor explanation.

    Mother Grimm by Catherine Wells

    Named characters came and went without purpose, and personalities were indistinct. Even the unique speech patterns of characters started to blur together when someone would abruptly change grammatical styles. A lot of telling rather than sho Not terrible, but not good. A lot of telling rather than showing in character building: POV would jump around through different heads within a single scene.

    World-building had promise but ended up lackluster, scenery description was sparse and mostly relied on cliche turns of phrase.

    I was bored a lot. The author has a very large chip on her shoulder about reproductive rights, and the issue is handled so hamfistedly and over-the-top that even if you agree with her stance you kind of don't want to anymore by the end. Hitler comparisons were made without a hint of awareness at the over-exaggeration.

    Rape and other violations feature prominently throughout; proceed with caution and prepare to be made uncomfortable. Jeanne Goldfein rated it did not like it Jan 28, Bill rated it liked it Oct 23, Paula rated it it was ok Oct 28, Jim rated it really liked it Jul 28, Jenny rated it did not like it Jul 02, April L'Orange rated it it was amazing Dec 21, Nadine rated it liked it Aug 20, Shannon rated it it was amazing Nov 14, Dawn Smoker rated it really liked it Oct 02, Barbara rated it really liked it Jan 09, Leanne rated it liked it Jan 13, William Howe rated it liked it Sep 07, Barbara rated it really liked it Oct 08,