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Get used to that, it becomes a theme. We learn to make a Nocturnal Altar next. I'll try not to give anything away in case you haven't read through to the end, but here's a tip: Oh wait, chartreuse is just in Constance's little fantasy world. Actually, everything should be black blackety black black black. The blackest black that ever blacked, in fact. A big black attack! Did I mention black? Black altar cloth, censor, candles, ritual clothing, candle holders, etc. The only non-black item is whatever god or goddess representation you put on the altar I guess so that you don't keep knocking them off your altar because they blend in with all the other black.

I'm glad we got that squared away. This is a whole new tradition, you know -- so we have to get our altar items taken care of so that we can do all of this uniquely nocturnal magical stuff! Gee, being a Nightkind is grand! I think I'll go paint my toilet paper black so that it won't taint my gothic bottom. Good lord, I think I just found my Craft name: The chapter on Reaching the Dark Divine has nothing to do with the drag queen that used to appear in John Waters movies. This made Connie sad.

It does, however, include a lot of lazy scholarship, and that made Connie even sadder. I wept through the entire chapter; I'm woman enough to admit it.

In this chapter, K discusses evoking and invoking God forms. Except, he doesn't call it evoking and invoking God forms. He calls both methods invoking, and then throws in assuming god forms to muddy things up further. Next we move into Circles of Night and Lunar Light, which contains a twenty five step process for casting a Nocturnal Circle which is completely indistinguishable from any other circle a Wiccan may cast. So what we have so far is Ceremonial Magic light with some Wicca thrown in for flavour. And there you have the first whole section of the book. Now, if you are a generous soul like me, you may be thinking that maybe, just maybe, the first section of the book was a general primer on magic and the real slick Nocturnal stuff may appear in the second segment: Mind Powers after Dark.

If you are that generous of a soul, let me apologize in advance for disappointing you. To this I say two things: K has never come into contact with crazy thought forms produced by vivid dreaming. Second, if someone thinking real hard nearby is going to throw you off your magical game, you may need to rethink your interests. This chapter is just sad.

K mentions several times throughout the book and specifically in this chapter that the methods he is imparting to us have never been written about before. Perhaps he thinks he may manage to alter reality if he keeps insisting that this information is somehow new or innovative. We move on to learn about autosuggestion and basic visualization techniques, chakra meditation though he never calls it that , and some positive thinking is thrown in. At this point, my brain was melting with the effort of attempting to figure out why the hell people ever buy a second book that K has written.

Konstantinos talks about how he got into the occult and other topics

The entire next chapter is all about using an old stage mentalism trick to fool yourself into thinking you can read minds. K moves on to teaching us how to read minds without physically touching someone in the next chapter.

Nocturnal Witchcraft: Magick After Dark

I just have to share an exerpt here: Slightly extend your hand, perhaps just a finger or two. This should appear to someone watching as if you were about to raise a point but got interrupted. I will live the rest of my life with the image of desperate Goths running up to people, flashing a picture at them, and staring at them while gesticulating wildly. On to our third section: Hey, I thought he told me earlier that I was a Nightkind just for picking up this book! I knew it was too good to be true.

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Time to go change back to plain white toilet paper. The following chapter is all about lucid dreaming, and yes, once again, there is nothing new under the sun or under the mysterious ether of the nocturnal night time magic, whichever you prefer, you Nightkind, you.

Well, except during the part where he recommends that in order to get in touch with your childlike sense of wonder, you should hit some clubs and listen to some good music. He prefers Goth clubs, but I bet you guessed that already. He informs us that there is a reason these clubs are called nightclubs, after all, and so all Nightkind should take advantage of them.

Thanks for the tip, K. He also recommends slumber parties. Dark Mystique, Magnetism, and Suggestion. We are misunderstood and may even be feared! Yeah, you wish, Goth boy. Luckily, even though you have to keep your mouth shut, K assures us that the dark magical powers you work with will attract people and mystify them. You can increase this dark magnetism by pretending that normal actions require magical willpower. So, before opening a door, see yourself do it, then raise energy, and finally open that door quickly and with severity.

K also says you can use illusions or suggestions to influence people with your ooky dark powers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention nocturnal witchcraft good dark starting point mind reading clear and concise old stuff new age anyone interested darker aspects dark moon recommend this book must read dark paganism worth reading many people work with dark dark side darkness as evil interesting book great book.

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Please try again later. I've been searching for a path to call my own among Wiccan and witchcraft traditions for some time. The strictly formed covens or Gardenarian and other popular traditions were far too rigid for me, yet, being a solitary, too much of the eclectic left me feeling adrift in a sea of techniques and objects I did t know what to do with. Konstantinos talks about feeling alienated and disenchanted by regular witchcraft, which focuses on the sun and full moon energies. Spells best worked in the light by people who prefer it's company.

I, too, felt this way but had no idea that Nocturnal witchcraft, a path for children of the night that don't seek satanic rites, existed. Finding this book made me feel at home, understood, and one I truly had a place in the world of magick.

Tired of just reading about bad books?

I finally feel I am not alone, adrift with no focus or clear path to follow. Konstantinos has given me a great gift and I will not squander it. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. It is so hard to find craft books worth reading that fit me. I haven't fit in with any Wiccan, Neopagan, Eclectic, Chaos, or any other system. Finally I understand why.

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This book is detailed in its information, explains the why's and how's, and the whole concept overall made me feel like I'm finally home. Blessings to you, and thank you for writing this book! Great for those witches who are up at night. The author gives demonstrations and it is easy to follow. However, I will say, that this book is for the beginner to the intermediate witch, somewhere in-between the two. The information given in this book, should be known to the seasoned witch, but it still makes an excellent addition to your library. If you are looking for a bunch of how to's, intense spells and lots of witchy woo-woo, you will not find it in this book.

It is a fairly simple book, mainly for those witches trying to get a feel for magic in all its aspects. This is the kind of book whose content must be put into practice.

Nocturnal Witchcraft: Magick After Dark - Konstantinos - Google Книги

I am a bit annoyed with all the reviewers complaining about this book. The only thing in it that made me roll my eyes was the need to have everything be black on the altar, which I thought was more than a little silly. Of course, Konstantinos states in the beginning of this book that this "tradition" should not be followed word for word, and that one must adjust the content to one's practice. I do love the style of his circle casting. I tried it and found it much more powerful than other methods I have been taught. I like that he expands the book a bit more into things like telepathy and programing the aura.

I also like his 'banishing' which is really a cleansing of space. It takes a lot less time than a traditional Wiccan space purification, which can be a ritual unto itself. There are a few moments when Konstantinos tries a little too hard, but overall I do love this book. Konstantinos is the man, No doubt over 15 years of occult study. There's nothing wrong about him. We've been through an understanding, he is my psychic guide and thru his books he's increasing my occult including psychic knowledge. You should read this book, It's not completely evil proproganda or semi evil.

I must say it helps with mental balance and even if you're new to the craft as he says this book will definitely guide you. You cannot fool him. Not a bad book! Interesting to say the least! Although I am Pagan, not Wiccan, I can surely use this book for reference purposes! Konstantinos looks farther into "Night" magick then anyone author I have found! Easy to follow, but some may seem a bit off, but like he says, you can make your ritual or purpose to fit you!

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Konstantinos now devotes his time to writing, singing Gothic rock music, and exploring nocturnal life in New York City and around the country. Konstantinos is also the author of Vampires: The Occult Truth, Summoning Spirits: Calling Dark Forces and Powers, and the forthcoming Werewolves: