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  1. The Devil’s Anvil – Hard Rock From The Middle East (Columbia, 1967)
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Devils Anvil is ranked number 15, in the overall artist rankings with a total rank score of This may not be a complete discography for Devils Anvil.

The Devil’s Anvil – Hard Rock From The Middle East (Columbia, 1967)

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Agglestone Rock

You can't buy, steal or borrow" - Primal Scream. After Lawrence is wounded in the shoulder, the bloodstain appears and disappears between shots as he marches along the top of the train. During the opening credits, the shadows fall well to the right of the motorcycle. Right after the credits, when the angle changes, the shadows fall directly beneath the motorcycle. When Gasim is walking through the sun's anvil after falling off his camel, he begins to shed various items. During a reverse tracking shot, the dolly tracks are clearly visible in the sand.

As the Arab Army advances upon the Turkish rear, Lawrence and Ali look to their right at the thunder of the British artillery shelling the Turkish lines. Since in real life they were on the British right flank, they should have been looking to their left.

Yet, when Gasim is seen walking at sunrise he has the sun to his left and a stretched shadow to his right, meaning he is travelling south. It is implied in the early scenes with Colonel Brighton and Prince Feisal that Yenbo is "fifty miles south" of Wadi Safra, when it reality it is only about five miles west of it. Lawrence rides his camel on beach at the Gulf of Aqaba, after the victory over the Turks.

The audience sees big waves in the water coming at Lawrence. These waves signify tide. There is no tide in the Gulf of Aqaba. In this region the water is often is smooth and calm as a windless lake. When Lawrence is being escorted across the desert on his way to Faisal's camp, his Bedu guide offers to share his food with him. Lawrence is somewhat reluctant but is anxious to show that, unlike other Brits, he is at one with the desert people.

He reaches into the guide's proffered dish and takes a morsel - but with his left hand, and he does it twice. The Bedu shows no reaction, but he should: It could be that the guide is observing another Bedouin custom, that of warm hospitality and unstinting generosity to strangers, and is too polite to mention the gaffe he would probably be aware that many outsiders do not know of the taboo , but it is more likely that it is a genuine error.

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Peter O'Toole is left-handed, and though he goes to great lengths throughout the rest of the movie to do things right-handedly T. Lawrence was right-handed , this was probably a momentary lapse that no one noticed, or thought to mention. Throughout the movie T. Lawrence is seen carrying a British Webley Mk.

Agglestone Rock - Wikipedia

Though it was the correct weapon for British officers of the era, the real T. Lawrence had sent for two Colt M pistols in when a friend was traveling in the US and British pistols were scarce due to the war effort. The Ms would serve Lawrence as his personal weapons throughout his campaigns. In his letters to this brother he wrote: The more I examine it the more I like it. There is a vast gulf between it and the ordinary revolver. In front of Auda Abu Tayi is a vacuum tube of approximately vintage and on the left hand side of the screen is a supethet radio receiver again of approximately 's vintage with the tuning capacitor half open.

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Although vacuum tubes had previously been invented it is most unlikely that these would have been used in telegraphic equipment in Arabia in The Morse code heard when Auda Abu Tayi smashes the equipment is of an electronic nature again not available in Details of some historical characters and events have been changed to fit the dramatic narrative. When Lawrence reaches the Suez Canal, a steam freighter passing through blows its whistle. The whistle is an electric siren whistle.

In most merchant ships were steam-powered.

Battlefield 1 - Operations: The Devil's Anvil

The ships whistles would have also been steam powered and the whistle would have given out a bellowing sound, not a piercing shriek as from an electric whistle as seen in the film. A steam whistle would have also emitted a great, highly-visible jet of steam upon being used.

The Devil's Anvil

About 15 minutes into the film, Lawrence and Tafas are resting at night. The scene was filmed during the day with filters. The scene ends with a brief shot of the moon. The moon's top half appears illuminated which can only happen when the sun appears high in the sky.

When Lawrence issues the promissory note to Auda he writes right-to-left. Many have interpreted this as the film being processed backwards when in fact he is writing Arabic which is right-to-left.

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And when he signs his name at the bottom, he does so left-to-right.