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Castles and Forts

A castellated nut , sometimes referred to as a castle nut , is a nut with slots notches cut into one end. Castellated nuts are sometimes referred to incorrectly as castigated nuts. While castellated nuts are often referred to as slotted nuts , from a technical perspective, slotted nuts differ slightly from castellated nuts. Castellated nuts are formed with a round section at the top where the slots are located. Slotted nuts do not have this rounded modification.

The Queensland Fairytale Castle You've Never Heard Of - Australian Traveller

The flat sides of slotted nuts extend fully from the top to the bottom of the nut. Both castellated and slotted nuts are designed to use a pin usually a cotter pin that fits through the slots and through a hole in the screw to which the nut is attached.

Imagine the modern enterprise as a fortress and that the riches inside are valuable corporate data. Traditionally, defending the perimeter of the city was sufficiently managed by building towering walls. The modern equivalent of this for an organisation would be a traditional perimeter approach to network security ensuring that all firewalls and antivirus solutions have been deployed and are functioning as intended.

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But even the tallest of fortress walls can be breached. And any device accessing corporate data can involuntarily act as the most unassuming and infamous security threat in history, the Trojan horse. There is no doubt about it, the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace has increased the volume of potentially unguarded entrance points into the corporate kingdom.

Never has the IT manager's role in securing every port and protecting an organisation's data been more challenging.

Storming the castle

But all is not lost. In fact, even though the challenge facing IT managers may seem insurmountable, technology exists to not only regain control, but to also reduce the workload and time needed to manage who is accessing what and from where.