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Shasta Daisy

  1. Tutorial 1 – Drift of Daisies
  2. yellow Daisy flower on drift wood free image | Peakpx

Tutorial 1 – Drift of Daisies

If flowers were people, daisies would be blonde, freckled and perky. But how did so many flowers come to be called daisy?

There are Shasta daisies, painted daisies, Swan River daisies, marguerite daisies, oxeye daisies, English daisies, African daisies, leopardsbane daisies….. The list goes on and on.

yellow Daisy flower on drift wood free image | Peakpx

Botanically, daisies fit into the family Compositae , meaning the flower head has a composite or compound structure of numerous tiny florets flowers arranged in a central disk, surrounded by sterile ray florets. Composites tend to attract butterflies and bees, providing them with a landing pad while offering up a lunch of pollen and nectar from the masses of disk florets.

Medieval herbalists evidently thought that a few drops of eyewash made from the common oxeye daisy was just the thing to relieve sore eyes. My favorite daisy is a reliable, hardy, but uncommon one that blooms in June called Caucasian daisy Tanacetum corymbosum , also known as scentless feverfew.


From fern-like foliage, it sends up flat clusters of long-lasting yellow-centred white daisies on 2-foot 60 cm stems. Reduce the intensity of your photos by desaturating the color.

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Customize a shadow to give your scrapbook layout a more realistic look Rotate a layer to change a horizontal element to a vertical one. Save time by copying and pasting layer styles.

Open multiple digital elements at the same time, and load them into your workspace Move, reposition and resize your scrapbook elements Duplicate digital scrapbooking elements easily Link elements together to enable you to easily move multiple elements at the same time PLUS a your Complementary Drift of Daisies Digital Scrapbook Kit. Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial , Photoshop Elements. Reviews 0 Reviews There are no reviews yet.