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  1. A Mortal Curiosity (Inspector Ben Ross Mystery 2) : Ann Granger :
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Hardcover , pages. Published August 19th by Minotaur Books first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about A Mortal Curiosity , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Du moins, c'est ce que lui explique la famille parce que Lucy elle, soutient le contraire. Je vais donc continuer cette saga avec plaisir! Jul 07, Susan rated it really liked it. For me, this book is a perfect example of "Don't judge a book by its cover"!

Someone loaned me this book.

I read all the others in the pile that had more interesting covers, and finally, was left with this one. My assumption was that it was a leftover no one wanted due to poor writing. I was quite pleasantly surprised! The writing is clean with great grammar and word choices. The vo For me, this book is a perfect example of "Don't judge a book by its cover"!

The voice rang true to the period. I found the setting particularly interesting because of I have ancestors who lived not too far from that area around the same timeframe. This was not a deep, dark, hard-to-solve mystery, but all and all, a quick, entertaining read with a strong lead female character who was actually likable -- something I rarely come across. Jun 02, Rog Harrison rated it liked it. I quite like this series set in Victorian England.

Most of this story is told from Lizzie's viewpoint but some of the chapters are told from the viewpoint of Scotland Yard Detective Inspector, Ben Ross, who at this point is "walking out" with Lizzie though they are married in later books. Lizzie takes a post as a companion with a family in a house in Hampshire and finds a corpse in the garden.

This is a good mystery and I did not guess the murderer though all the clues were there. Jul 05, Vintagebooklvr rated it liked it Shelves: Though it was a little hard to get into it developed into a good story with interesting historical details. There were a lot of characters who do not lend themselves to be liked in any way.

A Mortal Curiosity (Inspector Ben Ross Mystery 2) : Ann Granger :

I would read another in the series. The second book in the series, this time we see Lizzie travel down to the South Coast. This story is interesting, I had a inclining that the storyline would turn out like this.

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Sep 06, Sheila Myers rated it it was amazing Shelves: A very good mystery. Ann Granger has create some wonderful characters and a great plot. I've found another series to read. Et il aura raison! Allez Lizzie, faut trouver le coupable et faire en sorte que la respectable famille Roche ne soudoie les flics locaux pour qu'on ne jase pas sur leur passage.

Apr 09, Priya rated it really liked it. Will definitely follow the series.

A Mortal Curiosity (Inspector Ben Ross Mystery 2)

After the events of the first novel, Lizzie Martin finds a new, temporary situation in Hampshire as a companion to the young Mrs. Lucy Craven has recently lost a child and her husband is in China on business. She's in the care of her elderly aunts and in need of some young companionship. Along the way Lizzie meets the charming, dandyish Dr. Lefebre, a man who notices as much as Lizzie if not more. She's not sure what to make of him but he's an enjoyable travel companion.

Upon arriving in After the events of the first novel, Lizzie Martin finds a new, temporary situation in Hampshire as a companion to the young Mrs. Upon arriving in Hampshire Lizzie discovers that all is not right. Lucy insists her child was stolen and not dead but no one believes her. Lizzie is horrified to discover Dr. Lefebre is a doctor of the mad and believes he has come to inspect Lucy.

When Lucy discovers the itinerant rat catcher dead in their garden, she panics. Lizzie is sure Lucy didn't do it or at least she doesn't think so, but when Lucy's previous behavior comes to light, along with other family secrets, Lizzie wonders whether Lucy is guilty after all. Inspector Ben Ross is uneasy about Lizzie going so far away. When he gets the summons to investigate in Hampshire he's convinced Lizzie is in trouble. Will he be able to solve the mystery so far from his home turf and get Lizzie back in London where she belongs?

This mystery is less captivating than the first. I figured out the mystery pretty quickly and wondered why Lucy or Ben didn't see it sooner. I guess I read too many 19th century mysteries! I think at least Ben should have figured it out.

I wasn't surprised by who or why at all but I still stayed up late to see how it all turned out. Lizzie's relationship with Ben takes a back seat to the mystery but Ben is ready to take their relationship to the next level. Lizzie is less sure she wants to be married to a policeman. Most of the book is told from Ben's point-of-view, which I didn't really like. It's his statement and very matter of fact. He doesn't like the descriptions of scenery or seemingly unrelated indictments that Lizzie is fond of recalling. One small section is told by Sergeant Morris, which I also didn't care for.

The author is excellent at describing how everything looks, sounds and smells and I prefer Lizzie's point-of-view. There's also too much info dump in this novel. The bits of history are often unrelated and told in long passages, usually inside Ben's head or from one character to another. I skimmed over that part since I read the first novel and wanted to get down to the mystery. I still really like Lizzie. She's more forthright than before and not willing to hide it. I like that she speaks her mind and she's willing to keep an open mind.

She deals with difficult circumstances quite calmly and rationally. I like how she knows just how to deal with other people and get them to open up to her. Ben is a little less rational. He's more matter-of-fact when it comes to investigating but when it comes to Lizzie, he loses his head. I find him a little cold and impersonal. I'd like more interaction with Lizzie and to see a softer side of Ben.

As for new characters, Lucy is difficult to like. She's very young and childlike. She's innocent yet not. She acts spoiled but she's not. I ended up feeling sorry for her. She's never experienced a loving family or a functional relationship. She's moody and temperamental as most teenagers are, but she's had a tough life. I hope she finds happiness in the future. Her aunts are soooo stereotypical. They're plucked from Victorian tradition: Or so we're meant to believe. I wasn't sure that all was as it seemed at first.

I didn't care for either of the aunts anyway. I wasn't sure what to make of Dr. On one hand he seems charming and kind but on the other hand, he's an "alienist. He seems compassionate and caring. I think Lizzie was rather unfair to him at the end. Those who are interested in the history of mental illness and what constitutes behavior indicating someone is mentally ill will like this book. It raises good questions. I'd like to read the other books in the series if I can to find out what happens next.

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Apr 17, Drunkenness Books rated it really liked it. Jan 07, Cornerofmadness rated it liked it. Got this one off Mom at the holidays. On the other hand, it does the one thing I do like in cozies, giving the amateur detective a positive connection with law enforcement I have trouble buying into the ones that go the ad Got this one off Mom at the holidays. Parry has arranged for Lizzie to act as a companion to Lucy Craven, the young niece to a powerful businessman, Mr. As Lizzie goes to the coast to meet Lucy, she finds out Roche hired Dr.

Lefebre to go out to Shore House as well. Lefebre is an alienist, an early psychiatrist. Lizzie feels duped by this and Shore House is even odder than imagined. Lucy has been living here with her two maiden aunts, who are overly prim, especially Christina who dominates her sister Phoebe. Everyone, including Lizzie, believes that to be a delusion.

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All in all, it was entertaining enough. Dec 19, Michael rated it really liked it. I normally go out of my way to not read a series of book out of series. If I find a latter one that looks interesting, I'll make sure to start from the beginning. I've only read out of series once before and that was with Anne Perry's Monk books. For some reason, I did the same when I came across this book in the library. Interestingly, both of these series share similar traits. A comparison is inevitable, s I normally go out of my way to not read a series of book out of series.

A comparison is inevitable, so I'll just get on with it. The characters of Lizzie and her beau Inspector Benjamin Ross are much more fleshed out and sympathetic than Hester and Monk are in Perry's novels. Lizze and Benjamin are awkward around each other in a manner that is totally natural yet incredibly interesting; as a reader, I just want to slap both Hester and Monk for their ridiculous and childish behavior towards each other. I understand that Perry is trying to make a comment about the repression of emotions in Victorian England, but all she succeeds in doing is making a caricature of them.

Granger's characters seem far more real, more interesting, and definitely more sympathetic to the reader. Similarly, Granger's treatment of the setting and its description are more organic and not so confrontational as opposed to Perry's. The latter tends to beat you over the head with all that was wrong with Victorian society, especially its treatment of women, in every book. Lizzie Martin and Inspector Ben Ross must uncover the truth behind a grisly crime in A Mortal Curiosity, the second novel in Ann Granger's wonderfully atmospheric Victorian mystery series. The perfect read for fans of Anne Perry and Sherlock Holmes.

Roll on volume three in this entertaining series' - Oxford Times Lizzie Martin, lady's companion, has been sent from London to the New Forest to comfort a young woman whose baby has tragically died. A sad enough task, but things take an even darker turn when a rat-catcher is found murdered in the garden, and the young woman is discovered beside the body, crying and covered in blood. Not knowing where else to turn, Lizzie calls upon her friend Inspector Ben Ross from Scotland Yard to solve the horrific crime.

There is a shocking secret at the heart of the novel , which I found quite heart-breaking'. A time of grief turns gruesome for one young woman What readers are saying about A Mortal Curiosity: There is a shocking secret at the heart of the novel , which I found quite heart-breaking' 'Ann Granger combines the ability to fast forward her plot while never hurrying the background details which vividly evoke the sights, sounds and smells of Victorian London and Hampshire ' 'Hard to put it down - a real page-turner'.

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Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. A gripping murder mystery of intrigue and secrets in Victorian London. A riveting murder mystery from the heart of Victorian London. A Victorian crime mystery of injustice and corruption. A gripping Victorian mystery of secrets, murder and family ties. An English country crime novel of murder and ingrigue Campbell and Carter. A riveting English village mystery. Kindle Edition File Size: Headline 7 January Sold by: Share your thoughts with other customers.

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Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Inspector Ross does not disappoint. One person found this helpful. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. The plot and the resolution didn't make that much sense to me. The current head of the family was employed by seemed to have made no effort to produce an heir, even after his brother died without producing a son. And the daughter's rebellion growing up would have made it imperative that he marry a women to give him heirs.

The author captures the physical aspects of the s, but not the mind-set of the time. Don't think I'll be in a rush to read more of this series, having tried two. I realised very early on who had dunnit and why. I look for some tension, some build up, but didn't find it here, I'm sorry to say. I enjoy reading historically based novels, especially mysteries and those where the background is set in England. It is easy to follow and holds your interest. She has been hired by a wealthy importer named Charles Roche to serve as a companion to his niece, Lucy Craven.