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Kenny Leng I love to write online! When are u guys gonna update the breeding guide with the new mutants?

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How do you use the bronze star. Just obtained Anubis using gold star Undead Soldier plus gold star Valkyrie.

How to you use Orbs in Mutants Genetic Gladiators? Reply Cancel reply Notice: Possible outcomes from this could have any of the four parent genes first, so the resulting outcomes become a bit more complicated. There are eight possible final results, so it helps to draw out a pair of Punnett Squares that break it down:. You can see how it gets very complicated, very quickly when it comes to having multiple genes in a cross-breeding.

As such, one can get very overwhelmed in short order when trying to figure out what to breed to get the best results.

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Mutants Genetic Gladiators Breeding Guide Updated

Take your time, draw out the list of possible results, and cross-reference that against the Mutant Bingo cards to make sure you know what your potential results are. As it stands in the game there are six base mutants in the game that may be purchased for Credits. All of these are single-gene mutants in their respective classes. From these base mutants, a player may currently expect to be able to breed between eight and nine non-Legendary mutants with that base as their primary gene, including the upgraded Bronze, Silver, and Gold versions of the single-gene mutants and the "Secret" breeds that require specific parents.

In order to reap the benefits from cross-breeding your mutants, it is suggested you take a methodical approach toward reaching your goal mutant. Breeding new mutants is simple enough; as soon as two mutants have full Mutosterone bars, you can cross-breed them. Doing so with two non-upgraded, lower-level mutants will result in a single offspring that is also non-upgraded, which, in the long run, wastes your time in the game.

Breeding mutants

Your goal should be to produce upgraded offspring as soon as you possibly can, to better accelerate your progression through the game's PvE section and improve your chances in the PvP arena. Producing Bronze-level mutants with your base breeding pairs at the beginning will give you more powerful mutants to use in both sets of battles, as well as accelerating your progression on your Mutant Bingo cards - a Bronze mutant counts on both the Bronze card as well as the regular cross-breeding card.

To speed this up, we must plan accordingly. If you have a non-Elite version of a Legendary or PvP mutant, they can typically be upgraded to Bronze and above once they meet the level and star requirements.

Breeding mutants | Mutants Genetic Gladiators Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It is usually easiest to use the mono-gene or dual mono-gene mutants to do this. Fusion is a breeding ability that allows the player to take two Gold-level mutants from their roster and combine them with a Platinum star to produce a single Platinum-level mutant.

It carries the following provisions and restrictions:. Fusion was introduced to the game with the 15 July, update. More mutants are expected to be added to the Fusion list in future updates. Sign In Don't have an account?