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Ruins resulting from the same shock were previously seen at the beginning of Upper Hell the entrance of the Second Circle , Canto V. Canto XV Protected by the powers of the boiling rivulet, Dante and Virgil progress across the burning plain. They pass a roving group of Sodomites, and Dante, to his surprise, recognizes Brunetto Latini. Dante addresses Brunetto with deep and sorrowful affection, "paying him the highest tribute offered to any sinner in the Inferno ", [67] thus refuting suggestions that Dante only placed his enemies in Hell. Rusticucci blames his "savage wife" for his torments.

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The sinners ask for news of Florence, and Dante laments the current state of the city. At the top of the falls, at Virgil's order, Dante removes a cord from about his waist and Virgil drops it over the edge; as if in answer, a large, distorted shape swims up through the filthy air of the abyss.

Dante goes alone to examine the Usurers: The coats of arms indicate that they came from prominent Florentine families; they indicate the presence of Catello di Rosso Gianfigliazzi , Ciappo Ubriachi , the Paduan Reginaldo degli Scrovegni who predicts that his fellow Paduan Vitaliano di Iacopo Vitaliani will join him here , and Giovanni di Buiamonte. Dante then rejoins Virgil and, both mounted atop Geryon's back, the two begin their descent from the great cliff in the Eighth Circle: Geryon, the winged monster who allows Dante and Virgil to descend a vast cliff to reach the Eighth Circle, was traditionally represented as a giant with three heads and three conjoined bodies.

Geryon is a "monster with the general shape of a wyvern but with the tail of a scorpion , hairy arms, a gaudily-marked reptilian body, and the face of a just and honest man". The Eighth Circle is a large funnel of stone shaped like an amphitheatre around which run a series of ten deep, narrow, concentric ditches or trenches called bolge singular: Within these ditches are punished those guilty of Simple Fraud.

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From the foot of the Great Cliff to the Well which forms the neck of the funnel are large spurs of rock, like umbrella ribs or spokes, which serve as bridges over the ten ditches. Sayers writes that the Malebolge is, "the image of the City in corruption: Sexuality, ecclesiastical and civil office, language, ownership, counsel, authority, psychic influence, and material interdependence — all the media of the community's interchange are perverted and falsified". Canto XXII One of the grafters, an unidentified Navarrese identified by early commentators as Ciampolo is seized by the demons, and Virgil questions him.

The sinner speaks of his fellow grafters, Friar Gomita a corrupt friar in Gallura eventually hanged by Nino Visconti see Purg. He offers to lure some of his fellow sufferers into the hands of the demons, and when his plan is accepted he escapes back into the pitch. Alichino and Calcabrina start a brawl in mid-air and fall into the pitch themselves, and Barbariccia organizes a rescue party.

Dante and Virgil take advantage of the confusion to slip away. The centaur Cacus arrives to punish the wretch; he has a fire-breathing dragon on his shoulders and snakes covering his equine back.

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In Roman mythology, Cacus, the monstrous, fire-breathing son of Vulcan , was killed by Hercules for raiding the hero's cattle; in Aeneid VIII, —, Virgil did not describe him as a centaur. Dante then meets five noble thieves of Florence and observes their various transformations. Agnello Brunelleschi, in human form, is merged with the six-legged serpent that is Cianfa Donati. Puccio Sciancato remains unchanged for the time being.

Consider well the seed that gave you birth: Dante replies with a tragic summary of the current state of the cities of Romagna. Guido then recounts his life: When the Colonna accepted the terms and left the castle, the Pope razed it to the ground and left them without a refuge. Guido describes how St.

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Francis , founder of the Franciscan order, came to take his soul to Heaven, only to have a devil assert prior claim. Although Boniface had absolved Guido in advance for his evil advice, the devil points out the invalidity: Schicchi sinks his tusks into Capocchio's neck and drags him away like prey. Griffolino explains how Myrrha disguised herself to commit incest with her father King Cinyras , while Schicchi impersonated the dead Buoso Donati to dictate a will giving himself several profitable bequests.

He is punished by a loathsome dropsy -like disease, which gives him a bloated stomach , prevents him from moving, and an eternal, unbearable thirst. Master Adam points out two sinners of the fourth class, the Perjurers Falsifiers of Words. These are Potiphar's wife punished for her false accusation of Joseph , Gen. Both suffer from a burning fever. Master Adam and Sinon exchange abuse, which Dante watches until he is rebuked by Virgil.

As a result of his shame and repentance, Dante is forgiven by his guide. Sayers remarks that the descent through Malebolge "began with the sale of the sexual relationship, and went on to the sale of Church and State; now, the very money is itself corrupted, every affirmation has become perjury, and every identity a lie" [95] so that every aspect of social interaction has been progressively destroyed. The classical and biblical Giants — who perhaps symbolize pride and other spiritual flaws lying behind acts of treachery [96] — stand perpetual guard inside the well-pit, their legs embedded in the banks of the Ninth Circle while their upper halves rise above the rim and can be visible from the Malebolge.

Also here is the Giant Antaeus , who did not join in the rebellion against the Olympian Gods and therefore is not chained.

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At Virgil's persuasion, Antaeus takes the Poets in his large palm and lowers them gently to the final level of Hell. Cocytus , the Ninth Circle of Hell. Trapped in the ice, each according to his guilt, are punished sinners guilty of treachery against those with whom they had special relationships. The lake of ice is divided into four concentric rings or "rounds" of traitors corresponding, in order of seriousness, to betrayal of family ties, betrayal of community ties, betrayal of guests, and betrayal of lords. This is in contrast to the popular image of Hell as fiery; as Ciardi writes, "The treacheries of these souls were denials of love which is God and of all human warmth.

Only the remorseless dead center of the ice will serve to express their natures. As they denied God's love, so are they furthest removed from the light and warmth of His Sun. As they denied all human ties, so are they bound only by the unyielding ice.

In "the most pathetic and dramatic passage of the Inferno ", [99] Ugolino describes how he conspired with Ruggieri in to oust his nephew and take control over the Guelphs of Pisa. However, as soon as Nino was gone, the Archbishop, sensing the Guelphs' weakened position, turned on Ugolino and imprisoned him with his sons and grandsons in the Torre dei Gualandi.

In March , the Archbishop condemned the prisoners to death by starvation in the tower. In the very centre of Hell, condemned for committing the ultimate sin personal treachery against God , is the Devil , referred to by Virgil as Dis the Roman god of the underworld; the name "Dis" was often used for Pluto in antiquity, such as in Virgil's Aeneid. The arch-traitor, Lucifer was once held by God to be fairest of the angels before his pride led him to rebel against God, resulting in his expulsion from Heaven.

Lucifer is a giant, terrifying beast trapped waist-deep in the ice, fixed and suffering. He has three faces, each a different color: Sayers notes that Satan's three faces are thought by some to suggest his control over the three human races: Satan is impotent, ignorant, and full of hate, in contrast to the all-powerful , all-knowing , and all-loving nature of God.

He weeps from his six eyes, and his tears mix with bloody froth and pus as they pour down his three chins. Each face has a mouth that chews eternally on a prominent traitor. Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus dangle with their feet in the left and right mouths, respectively, for their involvement in the assassination of Julius Caesar March 15, 44 BC — an act which, to Dante, represented the destruction of a unified Italy and the killing of the man who was divinely appointed to govern the world. Judas is receiving the most horrifying torture of the three traitors: According to Dorothy L.

Sayers, "just as Judas figures treason against God, so Brutus and Cassius figure treason against Man-in-Society; or we may say that we have here the images of treason against the Divine and the Secular government of the world". When they reach Satan's genitalia, the poets pass through the center of the universe and of gravity from the Northern Hemisphere of land to the Southern Hemisphere of water. When Virgil changes direction and begins to climb "upward" towards the surface of the Earth at the antipodes , Dante, in his confusion, initially believes they are returning to Hell.

Virgil indicates that the time is halfway between the canonical hours of Prime 6 a. Dante is confused as to how, after about an hour and a half of climbing, it is now apparently morning. Virgil explains that as a result of passing through the Earth's center into the Southern Hemisphere, which is twelve hours ahead of Jerusalem , the central city of the Northern Hemisphere where, therefore, it is currently 7: Virgil goes on to explain how the Southern Hemisphere was once covered with dry land, but the land recoiled in horror to the north when Lucifer fell from Heaven and was replaced by the ocean.

Meanwhile, the inner rock Lucifer displaced as he plunged into the center of the earth rushed upwards to the surface of the Southern Hemisphere to avoid contact with him, forming the Mountain of Purgatory. This mountain — the only land mass in the waters of the Southern Hemisphere — rises above the surface at a point directly opposite Jerusalem.

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The poets then ascend a narrow chasm of rock through the "space contained between the floor formed by the convex side of Cocytus and the underside of the earth above," [] moving in opposition to Lethe , the river of oblivion, which flows down from the summit of Mount Purgatory. The poets finally emerge a little before dawn on the morning of Easter Sunday April 10, A.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Dante's Inferno disambiguation. This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. The baby died and David was troubled in his other children from that day forward. Began working with the Pharisees. He ran away and stayed at a distance. He fell into deep shame and remorse.

Job did not get angry and divide himself from God. God repaid him double in the end. The cheese is the distraction that leads to destruction. Satan has bait set out for you to bring you into division in order to deceive you in order to destroy you. Do not allow a spirit of independence to develop in your life that causes you to live your life independent from the body of Christ.

The Four D's of Defeat. Satan desires to destroy you and I A. Husband, parents, pastor, etc. What an awesome read to be an erotica. When I read erotic novels I am mostly looking for the steam and heat of the book. Sometimes I don't expect much more. But this book delivers and delivers in a big way. Rain gives us a well crafted story. She describes in detail a world of what seems to be fun and partying. In the meantime emotions get out of hand and out of control. Things start to happen. The boundaries of love and sex are tested.

This great story is told in a style that is easy to understand and identify with. The characters are well developed. Rain takes her time as we get to understand the motivations, wants and desires of the main character. This draws us further into the story making us care for each one and their well being. But hearts are going to be broken, lies and deceit will happen and the ultimate betrayal will take place in this hot, steamy and sexy book. I recommend it highly. But do yourself a favor, don't read it alone, if you know what I mean.

The author really knows how to spin a tale that keeps the reader guessing and reading. But it was all wrapped up nicely in the end, and overall I found it a little sad and happy at the same time. Having said that, there are some typos and grammatical errors throughout this story. See all 8 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Johanna Black (Author of S.P.I.R.E. Decodable Readers, Set 2B - 10 Titles)

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