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This is a good time to go out of your comfort zone and try new recipes. You can use our lightning fast dinner ideas to help inspire you.

Check your weekly calendar against your intended meal plan. Have you chosen meals that are quick and easy to prepare on those days? If so then timetable them in accordingly. Talk with your partner about their preferences and what days they can be involved in helping organise dinner. If you have slightly older children chat with them about the kinds of meals they enjoy.


Ask them if they prefer pasta to rice, or meat based over vegetarian dishes. Often their responses will surprise you. When you are doing the weekly shop it is crucial to have enough vegetables stocked up. This is so that you can serve them up at dinner time each night.

Salads and vegetables require minimal preparation at meal-time.

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Meal planning for the week ahead

At most they will need peeling and chopping up. However they provide invaluable nutritional benefits for you and your family and it is important to include them in your meal planning. Firstly, it will act as a daily reminder if you need to pull meats out to defrost or if there is a key ingredient you need to stock up on. Learn more at Author Central.

First of all, the sauerkraut is much more to my liking than the pickles. Second, I like using the whey much better than the extra sea salt. Third, I made a few mistakes.

How to meal plan

They made a difference in the results but all was not lost. Let me explain… Remember how I said I wanted to try the whey and salt methods for fer. My Foray into Fermentation. I have wanted to try this for quite some time to widen the spectrum of probiotics my family consumes on a daily basis. Just click on the link to find the recipe. We look forward to this Tomato Basil Salad every year! We are in the middle of summer and that means playdates, swimming and keeping good snacks around to fill those little tummies and keep everyone cool. Frozen juice ice cubes added to water cherry is yummy!

Sweet cereals as desserts Some snacks that can feed a crowd… Popcorn we. For some reason putting the word casserole at the end of a dish seems to take it down a knotch or two for me. I really do like casseroles. I have nothing against them. Cabbage Casserole My Spring Menu. The title of this post gives you some clue as to where I have been. Morning sickness manages me! Our lettuce has come and is almost gone, starting to bolt in places. It was delicious while it lasted!

Our favorite lunch was a salad with diced apples, cheddar cheese and tangy dressing. I like my salad with nuts as well.

Meal Planning | Time Management Tips - Huggies

The herbs are doing well, as are the wildflowers that I planted last year. Oh, and the blackberries are almost ripe!

If you are reading this in an email, click HERE to see it! If you are looking for instructions to make those adorable bunny cupcakes you can find them HERE!

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They are so cute and fun to make! Ground Turkey Spinach Enchiladas. This is one of the meals in my Spring Menu. Click HERE to see my whole menu! We ate the whole darn pan of enchiladas before I remembered to grab my camera!