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How is it even possible to read through all the stuff she needs on a daily basis to function? And why is it so important that her outfits are listed? And how can she possibly ever pass a course, or a test? But then, maybe she leaves a note as to what the questions will be… Oh, and one other thing: What I did like was the thought experiment that is the concept — given adequate explanation, it could be really thought-provoking and was a bit.

Her past disappears, and all she has left is a shrinking future. In a way, I would have liked a more traditional sci-fi novel with this premise — it could have covered much more about her life and how it all happened, and how she manages to live it. Dick, even though I find a lot of his writing painful to read As it was, I found it had a lot of the typical teen romance stuff re-hashed. But, then, many readers are going to love that. In terms of the re-hash: The usual friend stuff. The usual school stuff. A very tall handsome boy named Luke who likes her.

Here the relationship reminded me of Twilight. However, London is not a delinquent, and Luke is not nearly so hygiene challenged as Spider from that novel. But it might be the closest match, genre-wise. If they do, I recommend finding some more serious sci-fi — like Philip K. Filed under Just Read , Young Adult books.

I gave in after a friendly customer insisted it was great, and took it home from the store. A week later I finally started reading it. At sixteen Allie is the ultimate music aficionado: Allie is remarkably and refreshingly self-possessed and at home in her skin. The interaction between her and her loveable but befuddled mother is fantastic, as is her solid relationship with her outgoing fashion-junkie best friend, Kit. Every character is imbued with loveable quirks, and the setting is home to all these quirks.

The crazy vibe of the place pulses through the novel. It is hip, urban, and dingy enough to be both edgy and comfortable. Not to give too much away, but the zine and blog fairly quickly take off, and the robbery leads to serious, but not too major soul-searching. Divergent was just published in April , and yes, it is another YA dystopian thriller.

A few of my co-workers had read it and loved it loved it! I love when a book sweeps me away like this, even though it makes me grouchy or completely useless for anything else. I was actually not completely sold on the premise, as it seemed to be too overwrought when I first heard it. In this world, the people of the city a future Chicago are separated into five factions, each reflecting a virtue: Candor honesty , Abnegation selflessness , Dauntless bravery , Amity peacefulness and Erudite intelligence. Fair enough — but my mind immediately went wondered why anyone would do this. How does it make sense to organize a society in this way?

Moreover, the central point of the novel — that everyone is a mix of these virtues, or that they should be mixed, seems so obvious as to defy comment. Or point to a path we seem to be on, and show how it could lead to evil? It must be just another grab at a crazy premise to get a book published, I thought. Then I started reading, and within the first three pages, I pretty much forgot all my objections.

The writing is great — tense and terse. The economy of language perfectly captures this character who begins as a member of the ascetic Abnegation faction:. It is behind a sliding panel in the hallway upstairs. Our faction allows me to stand in front of it on the second day of every third month, the day my mother cuts my hair.

And the same for the other characters. Usually we realize something before the main character does because of the careful placement of these clues. In some cases the giveaway is too obvious as in the love story , but on the whole it works very well. At age sixteen, everyone in her society is tested to see which of the five factions they belong in — then they must make a choice about which one they want to spend the rest of their lives in. For some, this might mean leaving their birth faction and their families forever. But Beatrice is an exception — she is divergent, and displays the qualities of multiple factions: Abnegation, Dauntless and Erudite.

She must now keep this dangerous secret and choose which of these faction she will belong to. Despite the pain of leaving home, Beatrice chooses Dauntless, and launches herself on a truly challenging path to become an initiate in a society that prizes bravery and danger above all else. To succeed, she must face her greatest fears, but always hide her true self. So there you have it — great action, great writing, great driving plot the ending was a little weak: A huge wave of dystopian novels aimed at teens is making its way on the market, attempting to cash in on the popularity of The Hunger Games.

The Predicteds is one of the most recent offerings in this genre available Sept How would we treat people who are predicted for these actions? Daphne Wright has just moved to a small town whose high school students have recently been profiled with just this kind of test which is an amazing co-incidence given that her mom helped create the test, but left the project because of moral objections over how the test was being used. Not only is the town full of rednecks and a fair portion of narrow-minded citizens, all hell breaks loose once the predicted lists are released.

The kicker is that Jesse, the tall, handsome guy Daphne has fallen in love with, is predicted as a violent offender. Added to that are the rumours that he stalked a former girlfiend, and accusations that he was involved in the violent assault of another girl actually a very close friend of his. Daphne is of course torn between her feelings for Jesse and her fear that the charges might be true. I have to say — part of me hated this book, and part of me very much enjoyed it.

I have a feeling it will appeal to a lot of teen readers — if you liked Numbers, or series like Prettys or Gossip Girl , this might be the right read for you. The writing is uneven, but has some very nice moments like this one:. Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? Delivery and Returns see our delivery rates and policies thinking of returning an item? See our Returns Policy.

Visit our Help Pages. Audible Download Audio Books. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. I stirred in my sleep.

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As I opened my sleepy eyes they fell on Maddy who was sleeping with her head on my chest, her hair splayed out covering part of her face her soft breath tickling the tufts of hair on my chest. I gently moved her hair from her face, trying not to wake her. She looked so peaceful in her sleep. Just like sleeping beauty. A ray of sunshine hit her eyes and she stirred. Then she must have remembered where we were and what we did last night, as she hid her face in my chest and grabbed the covers closer to her body. I chuckled a little and kissed the top of her head.

Then I lifted her head of my chest and put it on the pillow. I turned into my side and moved down a little so that I was face to face with Maddy. And we were supposed to wait until you got back. It was supposed to be special. We both wanted it and this was going to happen. Wait was this not special for you? It was special for me. It doesn't matter where as long as it's me and you it will always be special. I say sourly as I'm hit with a sense of loss. I realise in that moment that it's because I miss my family. I shake my head before Maddy realises. She's already half changed.

I smile at her as she pulls her top on. I wear my pants with the duvet over me.

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Then I get up and pull my top and shoes on. Maddy straightens out the bed and we head for camp hand in hand both contemplating in our own silences. When we get back to camp we assume that Jana is not awake yet as the camp looks desolate. As we walk back to our hut we hear shouting coming from Winnie's hut. We both run over and burst through the door to see Jana screaming at Winnie.

It takes them a moment to realise that me and Maddy are there. As soon as Jana sees us she turns on us. I push Maddy behind me and stand protectively in front of her. You weren't well so Winnie gave you some medicine. You need to calm down. Now calm down and get out of my hut before I throw you out and I mean that literally. Do not test my patience and get out now. She stop and turns around. She sniffs the air. I look down and so does mads. I glimpse towards her and see her furiously blushing.

How did she know I think to myself. This basically let's other wolves know that your taken. Because we've all smelt your scents as your own this scent is new to us. It will take time for us adjust to it. But if I'm honest I'm glad everyone will know. I want the world to know that Maddy is mine and I am hers. We were all waiting to see when you two would finally mate.

In fact some of us even placed bets. Talking of which I won a few so I need to go collect. Winnie gets up to leave. Take as long as you need but I must warn you that the brat Jana is in a bad temper that's about to get worse. I'd face it sooner than later. Your dad's going to kill me. Wait let me rephrase that forget your dad your mums going to rip me apart. I don't like you talking like that. Everything will be fine. Winnie said they were all waiting for it to happen. I have a feeling mam and dad will be fine with this ok.

It's just Jana we have to worry about. I love your eyes, your smile, your messy hair.

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I love your personality. But most of all I love what in here. I smile at her before closing the distance between us and catching her lips between mine. I kiss her slowly and passionately. She reciprocates my passion with a fire of her own. I nod slightly and we both stand up.

We leave Winnie's house making sure to close the door. Hand in hand we walk towards the centre ready to face the pack.

WOLFBLOOD S1E1 - Lone Wolf (full episode)

As we reach the middle quite a few people turn and give us a knowing smile. Me and Maddy smile back politely. Maddy let's go of my hand and links her arm in mine looking down. I let go of her arm and put my arm around her instead. I think she's grateful as she relaxes in my hold. I look towards mum Emma and Dan and they all smile at us too.

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Ok this is weird I think to myself. Just then Jana comes and takes her place on the high rock. I smelt it at Winnie's house before aswell. It's similar but not similar at the same time. No one else can smell it can they? Maybe you should go back to bed. I'll make you a sleeping draft. We don't want the pack leader to fall ill now do we? Me and Winnie will handle the duties.

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  5. Winnie hands Jana a vial. Jana takes it and heads to her hut. As soon as she's out of ear shot everyone cheers. Winnie calms them all down then starts to hand out jobs. Me and mads are to collect firewood. We head into the woods hand in hand. Knowing Shannon though she's probably worked it out and told the rest of them.

    King Arthur: Book 12 of 12

    After that we collect firewood for a couple of hours in a comfortable silence. When the two large wagons are full we slowly pull them back to camp. We stop in the middle and stack the sticks up so that they are ready for when the fire needs to be lit. After we finish the stacking we head back home apprehensively me more so than mads which came as quite a surprise.

    We slowly opened the door and I peeked my head around to see who was inside. Luckily the room was empty.

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    I fully opened the door and me and maddy walked in. As soon as the door shut behind us the door that separates the room from the main hut opened. Ellie, Emma, Dan and mum walked in. Oh great I thought. I'm about to open my mouth to speak when Ellie speaks up.

    As Winnie may have told you we were already waiting for it to happen. Dan and Emma come and hug me. Emma goes to hug Maddy and I hear her whisper something To Maddy. Your wolf knows when it is ready to produce. If your not ready it won't happen. Shannon and Ava grab Maddy and spin her around. She just nods her head and hides her face in her hands. Be out in 15 minutes so you can eat first. I give her a reassuring smile. Everyone quietened down after that as no one wanted to leave. Our family has just been made complete and now it's being teared apart.

    Again I feel a pang of longing in my heart. A longing to see my other family again.

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    To have them here with me and join them with this family. Why is it i still don't feel like the family is complete? I need to talk to Ellie I mean gran. She said to call her gran. Maddy helps me pack the few things I bought with me. There isn't as much to carry back so I will carry the heavy stuff alone. I don't want to leave Maddy and I can see right through her brave face. We all head out. Everyone is waiting for us. Today we eat in silence, everyone upset about the parting. After we finish eating we grab hold of our stuff and start heading towards Stoneybridge. Me and mads are holding hands sending our thoughts to each other through our minds.

    When we reach the border we all hug our goodbyes. I take Maddy to the side and kiss her soft lips. I'll let you know and we can meet half way. I can't be without you mads. I hug her hard before letting her go. Me, tom, Harry, Shannon, Ava and Ellie cross over the border as everyone wave us of. We wave back and carry on, my heart experiencing more pain than usual.

    Me and Ellie walk slightly ahead. I became part of a family there. At that time I thought I was a werewolf but that didn't matter to them. For them I was family and you never turn your back on family. They tried to foster me but they weren't aloud. I have two little nephews as we'll. I miss them so much. More now than I did before. I feel like this family is not complete. Why is that gran? Well the thing is there was another part to the prophecy. But everyone including myself believed that that part had been made up by the previous generations.

    Obviously this isn't the case. Rhydian this family isn't fully complete anymore. Your other family play a vital part in your life. Your feeling like this because you need them as much as the rest of your pack. The only thing is no knows there exact role in all of this but they are important. They will come to you. I'm sorry I can't help you much dear. But don't worry everything will be ok. We are almost home. Ellie takes of in another direction as she is going back to her own house.. We say goodbye to her and carry on our way.

    I take my mobile out and try Brian's mobile. It goes to voicemail. I try the others. The same thing happens. Annoyed I put my phone away. I drop toms stuff of to his house drop my sisters of home, see Harry in then head home myself. Thank goodness no one is in. I head straight to bed. I have a feeling tomorrow will be an interesting day. With that I fell asleep.

    That night I dreamt of my old family. How big nicko and jack would now be. I was so lucky. Rhydian wake up you'll be late for school.