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1963: “Sukiyaki” by Kyu Sakamoto

  1. 10 astonishing record-breakers in global music
  2. # 9: No Mercy – Where Do You Go
  3. Number-one singles in Germany
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But if we're talking groups, the records are split. Bhujhangy Group, also from Birmingham, are the world's longest-running bhangra band they formed in ; Alaap , led by Channi Singh , are the most prolific. Most of the records on this list were broken by accident, but this one wasn't. In , Busted and Fightstar man Charlie Simpson travelled for four days with a small team to reach the 'Pole of Cold' - Oymyakon in Siberia - thought to be the coldest, permanently inhabited place on the planet.

Nr. 1 Hits Deutschland/ German #1s 1980-1983

He wanted to set the record for the coldest concert in history and he managed it, playing for 15 mins in temperatures of degrees Celsius to a group of bemused-looking locals. Simpson told Guinness World Records: We had to pack hand warmers into my sleeves before the performance to keep my blood warm and stop my fingers from getting frostbite. A glance down the Wikipedia list of best-selling albums in Germany reveals, for the most part, a love of British and American pop - with one notable exception.

Sitting pretty at No.

10 astonishing record-breakers in global music

His album Bochum made him a superstar in Germany, but it's album Mensch that tops the all-time best-selling album chart in his home country with over 3 million sales 21 x Gold. As he told Jools Holland , above, he's lived in the UK for many years, released English-language music, yet he still remains relatively unknown outside of Germany.

But Diab, who's now 55, had released some 12 official albums and many unofficial ones before Nour El Ain, creating a new pop sound termed Mediterranean Music - essentially a blend of Western and Egyptian rhythms. He's won three other World Music Awards, taking his tally to seven - a record for a Middle Eastern artist.

# 9: No Mercy – Where Do You Go

He's now released 28 official albums. Above is Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan performing on Indian reality show Star Singer, and it's a wonder that he managed to get his groove on in the mere four minutes allocated to his playing. Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan holds the record for the longest concert by a solo artist when he clocked up hours at the Rhythm Therapy Hall, Nandavanam Hospital, India in July Yup, that's nearly 21 days and, although he's in the Guinness Book as record holder in the category of solo artist, it's noted that no group has ever beaten that time.

Who would you imagine to be among the most successful French artists of all time? But of those four only one - Hallyday - has an entry in Wikipedia's list of the best-selling singles in France and he's way down at No. Lionel's comedy song La danse des canards. We can't verify that figure, except to say that the singer and actor, who died in , is almost certainly the best-selling French artist of all time.

Most robots dancing simultaneously - Guinness World Records. This final one is either cute or a bit scary. At the Qingdao Beer Festival in Shandong, China last August over a thousand robots danced together and set a new world record for "most robots dancing simultaneously". Guinness Word Records reported: A few robots were disqualified because they didn't dance or fell over, but the majority of the mechanical dance troupe completed the 60 second routine in perfect unison.

How well do you know the biggest Christmas hits?

Number-one singles in Germany

How much money do pop stars make from Christmas hits? The Sound Of longlist. Bobby Friction's Straight Outta Pakistan documentary. Sign in to the BBC, or Register.

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Performances Popular All Recommended. Playlists Featured All Recommended. Artists Popular All Recommended. Most recorded artist in music history - Asha Bhosle.

GERMANY TOP Popular Songs - Shazam Music Charts (Updated Daily)

World's largest pop group - AKB Most successful bhangra singer - Malkit Singh. ABBA were very successful on the other side of the Iron Curtain, and it was said that if they had only been allowed to meet the demand — most Eastern Bloc countries had strict regulations as to how many records could be manufactured and sold by Western acts — their sales success would have been spectacular instead of simply impressive.

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The most successful of these was Arrival, which spent a mind-boggling 14 weeks at the top of the charts. Media frenzy Naturally, the West German population was eager to see the group they loved so much performing live in concert. Ticket sales for their tour had been a bit shaky in some venues, but a few years later there were no such problems — every single performance was sold out.

Charts by country

With such phenomenal triumphs it followed that ABBA turned into a highly interesting subject for the West German press, not least the colourful pop magazine Bravo. So prolific was Heilemann in his coverage of the group that in he was able to publish a mammoth volume of his photographs, entitled ABBA — Photographs Incredible as it may sound, it was also through Bravo that Frida was reunited with her father, Alfred Haase, in One thing led to another and a little over a week later, father and daughter were able to meet each other for the very first time.

The press was not alone in devoting extensive attention to ABBA; their popularity ensured that they were also frequent guests on West German television.

Indeed, with their pre-fame appearance in and regular appearances right up until the end of the group in , it is likely that no other country can boast as many exclusive television performances by ABBA as West Germany. Shortly before this particular edition of Show Express, ABBA had experienced a kidnap threat, and were advised by the police not to leave Sweden.

Consequently, they had no choice but to cancel their appearance. But the Show Express producers would hear of no such thing — they were determined to have ABBA and simply arranged for a live link-up from a television studio in Stockholm. In November , they performed their three final songs on the show: