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  1. Getting Past Your Past: Breaking the Labels that Bind
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  3. Beyond Labels: Getting Past Stigma With How We Think About Mental Health.
  4. Beyond Labels: Getting Past Stigma With How We Think About Mental Health. | Mindful-Mastery

Today we begin the series looking at breaking the labels that bind. Each one of us has experienced someone in our past calling us or characterizing us in some way that we still carry with us. We internalize this label and it becomes who we are. This even happens in the way we tell stories or history. Fill in the blank:. I have several labels that I carry around with me. They thought this was hilarious and kept me in the dark about my mistake. But I am today! Probably one of the reasons I never caught their cultural references was because I lived in a more urban environment, and they all lived in a suburban culture.

I was too busy listening to Vanilla Ice and watching his MTV videos trying to learn how to dance to have any interest in 80s and 90s hair rockers, all apologies to Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, and the rest. Ok, so maybe I am still a little bit off. But today God is resurrecting me from the grave of my past music choices. The Point So what is the negative label that usually follows your name? God can take what is and make it no longer true. God can and will give you a new God-centered view of yourself.

Paul, the first missionary of the church and the author of many books in the Bible says it this way:. Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

Getting Past Your Past: Breaking the Labels that Bind

God can resurrect you from your past! That which held you hostage will hold you no more. New Name First, God will give you a new name. You will be called by a new name that the mouth of the Lord will bestow. God is in the business of giving new names. It happens all over the Bible. But God worked in their life and they became pregnant and God gave them both new names: They became the father and mother of many nations. Jacob means swindler or huckster or usurper. He was always doing shady stuff with his older twin brother Esau. He was pretty much afraid to stand up to his enemies.

So what name do you need changed?

But when September 11 happened I was working at a church and my pastor was on vacation out of town hunting in Colorado. All the flights were grounded, and I was left to take care of the largest Protestant church in Petoskey.

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You will grow into your new name too. As Sharon Villiness wrote to the Sociocracy group…in case you missed this perspective. It does a lot of other things as well but for the purposes of this discussion, those are the most important.

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That role has certain functions that are important for the success of everyone in the circle. Calling meetings, arranging the meeting room, confirming attendance, keeping good notes, having previous notes and documents available for the meeting, tracking the agenda items, etc. It is an important function. The circle depends on all its officers to do their jobs in the same way that a group would expect you as an NVC trainer to do your job when you are teaching a group NVC. In the circle meeting everyone is a peer. Thanks for sharing this clarification, Maggie. I understand that the intent of sociocracy is in harmony mostly anyway with the values I described in my post.

Since language influences thinking so profoundly, I like to consciously align language with intention as well as possible. So my fingers go down take something which i name note and the other hand hold something named pencil and the hand moves, so the result i name letters….. Some days ago, i was driving a car and told myself, i am tired, car driving is very stressy.

Beyond Labels: Getting Past Stigma With How We Think About Mental Health.

I am here in this car. Sitting on something named seat. One feet is on the gas pedal. We all share the same soil! When we become more informed about the processes, which apply to everyone, we can start dismantling the stigmatizing you-me, sick-healthy, crazy-sane divide, which propagates the stigma of mental health. With this information, we set the foundation for an agenda aimed more at the promotion of mental health maintenance, relapse prevention, and building individual resilience.

This blog was inspired by Dr. Fielding teaches clients how to master the auto-pilot tendencies of the mind-body emotional system with mindfulness and self-care skills. As a behavioral psychologist, she works with clients to empower their skillfulness in managing stress and regulating difficult emotions.

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The skills she teaches are based on her research at UCLA, Harvard, and Peperdine, to incorporate the psycho-physiology of stress, emotion and cognition. From this study, she derived a set of therapist guidelines for evidence-based practice. Her research there explored the relationship between health behavior and the psycho-physiological effects of stress on cognition and emotion. Fielding is trained and experienced working with groups and individuals suffering from the effects of traumatic experiences, anxiety, and mood disorders.

She has taught hundreds of clients concrete skills to better manage difficult emotions in the face of stressful life situations.


With these cognitive and emotional skills in place, clients are guided towards personal values consistent behavioral change, in order to achieve their life goals. Or via RSS Feed.

Beyond Labels: Getting Past Stigma With How We Think About Mental Health. | Mindful-Mastery

Find help or get online counseling now. Mindful-Mastery About the Blog Archives. Why We Turn to Labels You may or may not have had a diagnosis in your lifetime. The Medical Model of Mental Illness According to the American Psychiatric Association, mental illness should be considered a medical disease, no different from heart disease or diabetes.


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