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  1. Irregardless and unthaw
  2. The 25 places you need to visit in 2018, according to the world's top travel experts
  3. The best places to visit in , according to travel experts - Business Insider
  4. The world's 10 most spiritual places – and how to visit them

What is it that we all find so magical about travelling? Maybe your 9-to-5 existence is getting you down , and you plan something as lavish and exotic as possible for your brief vacation escape. And how to experience that? Lazily watching the world go by from the deck of a luxury cruise ship?

Forgetting all of that splendour and just jumping in the experience life with the locals, armed only with your backpack? In reality, this is a tough thing to do. Sometimes, we choose vacation destinations on the spur of the moment, in keeping with the whole spirit of adventure. Sometimes, we base our choices on reviews and recommendations from others. All of these balls are entirely in your court, friends. As Burger King like to say, have it your way. That extends to our opinions of the destinations themselves, of course.

Universal popularity is completely impossible. For many people, the number one thing to look for in a vacation is quite simple: The biggest province of Thailand, it receives quite staggering tourist numbers 8.

Irregardless and unthaw

The trouble with all this popularity is that… well, humans will be humans. Not to mention the issue of actually finding a spot on said beaches. Scotland, like much of the British Isles well, all of it, speaking as an honest Londoner , is hardly renowned for its weather. One thing Loch Ness is certainly famous for, though, is its monster.

And, of course, a boat trip. How many people live there? Hong Kong itself is the fourth most densely-populated region in the world. Overcrowding is rife, and conditions can be stifling. As I say, every city and region on this rundown is a world-renowned bucket list regular, and New York is certainly no different. The difficulty is getting around the heavily industrialised and busy streets. Have you ever driven… well, anywhere in New York?

For many travellers, the allure of the whole thing lies in new experiences, sharing in a culture so different from our own, learning from it, and expanding our horizons as a result. The issue with that is, many such destinations rely on tourists for their income, and so cater more and more to them. The frequently-visited town of Marrakesh, Morocco revels in its popularity, with attractions and overly-friendly locals who are out to make some money from the naivety of visitors.

The 25 places you need to visit in 2018, according to the world's top travel experts

Some of us like to take idyllic, peaceful vacations. You could be that cartoon person, friends. Luxurious resorts tend to have incredibly busy peak times, and nowhere is this truer than in Bali. As Ed Graham Photography reports, the beautiful Indonesian island is a vast and busy place, with a population of almost four million. These problems of overcrowding are exacerbated by vacationers. A wonderful place, certainly, but not the remote and peaceful idyllic paradise some may picture. None of the entries on this list represent bad trips to take. Take Hollywood, for instance.

The place is pretty darn popular with adults too. As The Independent suggests, Orlando also offers Universal, which may arguably boast the more worthy attractions and rides. There are some places that have one very obvious USP. No trip to Pisa, for instance, would be complete without going to check out that world-renowned Leaning Tower more on that later. These are the sorts of attractions that people build trips around.

Earlier in this rundown, we took a look at Hollywood, that much-glamorised haven of the rich and famous. As Traveller reports, there are certainly luxurious and exclusive areas of the city. Often, Europe is seen as a bit of a treasure trove of history and culture. Paris, Rome, Florence, Naples… I took a cruise around the Mediterranean this summer and had the fortune of passing through some of these wonderful cities.

I passed through them. On a brief trip, you can get only a snapshot of what a town or region is really like. The new International Museum of the Baroque pays homage to Puebla's rich design history in a building that's just as beautiful on the outside as on the inside. Exploring North Africa's point break paradise with surfer Ramzi Boukhiam. Somewhere among the ancient towns and cities of Europe and northern Africa there's probably still at least one beautiful old port that hasn't been conscripted into backdropping for "Game of Thrones. Essaouira isn't it, but unlike other prime locations, it's largely escaped the fantasy series' tourism Midas touch.

Even as visitor numbers steadily increase in Moroccan hotspots Marrakech, Agadir and Casablanca, atmospheric Essaouira, overlooking the windswept Atlantic coast, has retained a low profile despite harboring some of the country's best boutique hotels Villa Maroc , Riad Dar Adul a generous sandy beach and a wonderful old medina alongside its 18th century fortifications.

Keeping the crowds at bay during sunbathing season -- regardless of regular budget airline arrivals -- are the powerful inshore gusts that give Essaouira its reputation as Africa's Windy City. Those same winds have also made this stretch of undeveloped coastline a haven for surfers and windsurfers arriving from both within and without Morocco, adding to the laid-back vibe.

Essouaria's fishing port is a cluttered soup of bright blue boats that deliver photo ops and delicious fresh fish that can be eaten in restaurants just yards from the waterfront. Perth has great food, pristine beaches and the Swan Valley wine region is only 30 minutes away. Oft overlooked in favor of Sydney and Melbourne, Perth seems to have finally hit its stride. For starters, the coastal city is better connected than ever, gearing up to welcome the first direct flight linking Australia to Europe next year -- a hour Perth-London flight operated by Qantas.

The best places to visit in , according to travel experts - Business Insider

New developments and hotels are popping up all over town. Among the fresh faces is the ultra-cool Aloft Perth. Opened this year, the youthful hotel is aimed at millennials, featuring keyless rooms, communal spaces, live music, rooftop yoga and a pantry. The modular-designed boutique Tribe Perth also landed this year near the city's famous Kings Park. The city's building on its lively night market and dense restaurant scene -- now offering more eateries per capita than both Sydney and Melbourne.

But that's just what's happening downtown. From pristine beaches to oceanfront cycling and whale-spotting, Perth also offers timeless natural adventures. About a minute drive northeast, Swan Valley proves a worthy side trip. This wine region is the oldest and most respected in Australia, promising more than 40 wineries and excellent restaurants and breweries.

The brand's home base has evolved into a little village, sporting the brew house, a lounge, restaurants, an outdoor deck and more. This central African country is on the tourist map thanks to its volcanic landscapes.

The small, central African country has been surfing a tide of good news stories in recent years as it distances itself from a troubled past with glowing accounts of its amazing volcanic landscape, clean streets, stable government and efforts to preserve endangered mountain gorillas. As Africa escapes go, it does look attractive if you can afford it. Verdant national parks such as Akagera , Volcanoes and Nyungwe Forest are home to safari favorites including lions, hippos, crocs and rare primates.

In , Akagera completed its Big Five list with the triumphant reintroduction of eastern black rhinos after they vanished 10 years ago. Throw in pleasant year-round temperatures of about 27 Celsius and direct flights from London and Rwanda could become one of the most tempting luxury year-round escapes on offer. Suspended a knee-wobbling meters above the floor of the Nyungwe Forest, the Canopy Walk takes visitors across a narrow meter bridge through treetops teeming with life.

Crete in Greece is blessed with sunshine, cultural history and archaeological treasures. How do you like your Greek gods? Fantastical heroes of ancient legend, or sun-kissed beauties atop powder-soft beaches? Either way, Crete has you covered. Heraklion, the Cretan capital, was Europe's fastest-growing tourism destination of Those visitors are coming to Greece's largest, most diverse island to enjoy 3, square miles of mountains, valleys and sandy shores lapped by the Aegean and Libyan seas -- as well as 3, hours of sunshine a year.

For history buffs, there are the archaeological treasures left by the Minoans, Europe's oldest civilization, who flourished here in 2, BCE. Heraklion's Archaeological Museum is a useful primer before visiting the sprawling Palace of Knossos, once home to , people and the mythical half-man half-bull Minotaur. Western Crete has the Venetian splendor of Chania and Rethymno, while the skyline is dominated by the limestone peaks of the Lefka Ori, or White Mountains.

The mountains are slashed with around 30 gorges, the most famous of which is the kilometer-long Samaria Gorge. Crete enjoys balmy temperatures April through October and is ringed with a host of impressive beaches. Diving trips in the clear, warm waters allow guests to view underwater canyons, World War II wrecks and a rich variety of marine life. The most celebrated beach is Elafonisi on the southwest coast, renowned for its delicately hued pink coral sand.

Heraklion restaurant Peskesi serves prehistoric recipes from Minoan times. Pork roasted with honey and thyme never gets old. The Winter Olympics are likey to put South Korea's ski scene on the map. Those in the know might be lamenting the loss of one of Asia's best-kept ski secrets, but the snowy spotlight is about to hit PyeongChang, a little-known mountain region in South Korea's east. Even if you can't make it to any of the sporting events, you should still add it to your winter vacay shortlist.

Though lacking the dramatic peaks you'd find in Japan's north, PyeongChang's ski and snowboard scene offers a uniquely Korean experience, its modern, mid-sized resorts famed for decent powder and speedy lifts.

The world's 10 most spiritual places – and how to visit them

Add in night skiing until 2: Among the more notable enhancements is a new high-speed train line, which began operations in late December and can whiz visitors from Seoul to PyeongChang in just over an hour. Alongside the usual influx of restaurants, hotels and improved roads, officials have also been working to ensure foreign visitors won't get tangled in the language barrier by developing high-tech translation apps and plenty of travel guides highlighting the area's attractions.

Post slopes, a jjimjilbang session is essential. You won't have trouble finding one, either.

Almost all of PyeongChang's resorts have their own jjimjilbang facilities. The fishermen of Cascais rise at dawn to catch the seafood that will later become the dish of the day. It's no secret that the capital of Portugal offers Mediterranean skies, Atlantic surf and hilly, cobbled streets with panoramic views of red roofs and houses in shades of yellow, pink and blue. But in this famously relaxed and convivial city has more to celebrate than usual. From May 8 to 12, it'll host the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time, having at last won the honor after 53 years of trying.

The long-running festival of kitschy fabulousness and bonkers spectacle is a Euro institution and will be watched on TV by some million viewers worldwide, while thousands of diehard fans will flock to the host city for one heck of a party. It's not just Europeans heading to Lisbon in And then there's the Portuguese capital's rise as a European tech hub, helped by cheaper rents than London, better beaches than Berlin, and a thriving cultural scene.

Oh, and did we mention the food? Portugal now has 28 Michelin stars, of which six are in Lisbon. In a city renowned for its seafood, one of the most talked-about new restaurants is Chef Diogo Noronha's new fish restaurant Pesca. The most celebrated, and with the longest lines, is Pasteis de Belem on the Belem seafront, but great versions can be found all around the city. The resort town of Sintra, high in the Sintra mountains, is a short day trip away. It's a pastel-colored wonderland of hilltop fairytale palaces and European Romantic architecture. The Peruvian city of Cajamarca is a cultural hotspot known for baroque churches, including Belen --pictured here.

A favorite Inca stopover along the old Cusco-to-Quito Royal Highway -- complete with natural hot springs and fatefully large quantities of gold deposits in its surrounding hills -- Cajamarca still hasn't quite hit its full stride with international tourism the way it has over the centuries with indigenous emperors, Spanish conquistadors, environmentally challenged mining corporations and the odd Chachapoyas-bound trekker.

That's good news for travelers who find their way to this lofty over 9, feet , resolutely villagey Northern Highlands charmer with its colonial edifices, cobblestone streets, time-warped central plaza, sigh-worthy Andean backdrop and -- who would've thought -- one of the wilder annual parties in South America. Cajamarca hosts Peru's most happening annual Carnaval February -- featuring several days of parades, live music, cultural events, chicha de jora corn beer quaffing and rambunctious water balloon fighting.

During quieter, equally captivating times in Cajamarca, checking into a restored colonial mansion-turned-posada overlooking the town's central Plaza de Armasn -- the site of a pivotal 16th-century Spain vs. Inca clash -- treats visitors to an Old World Peruvian scene like no other. Inca ruler Atahualpa's infamous ransom chamber El Cuarto del Rescate. Peru's richest ice cream -- you're in the country's dairy capital. That's all here too.

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Hiking or taxi riding to the crest of Cerro Santa Apolonia -- Cajamarca's stone-stair-lined hilltop shrine towering over the city -- leads to a favorite Inca and Spaniard perch along with the best bird's eye view of Plaza de Armas and the city's great cathedrals. The cascading rice terraces of Honghe Hani are among Yunnan's attractions. Anyone who's visited China's southwestern Yunnan province before won't need much persuading to go again.

Down by the country's border with Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and the region of Tibet, Yunnan delivers everything from snowy mountains to sub-tropical rainforest. There's the cascading rice terraces of Honghe Hani, the ethereally colored waters of Blue Moon Valley and some of the world's deepest gorges -- little wonder it's said to have inspired mythical "Shangri La. The province is also China's most ethnically diverse. It's home to 25 of the country's 56 recognized ethnic groups -- each with a distinctive cuisine and culture. If that's not enough to keep returning, or visit for the first time, offers a few extras, not least the energetic prospect of new marathons.

Fairyland Marathons , founded by Chinese adventurer Feibao Jin, is a campaign to promote the province's sports tourism via long-distance running races staged over days at scenic locations around Yunnan.