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Other available translations, adaptations, and transliterations if applicable: Text added to the website: Gentle Reminder This website began in as a personal project, and I have been working on it full-time without a salary since Our research has never had any government or institutional funding, so if you found the information here useful, please consider making a donation. Your gift is greatly appreciated.

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Kontrapunkt des Lebens

If you wish to copy it and distribute it, you must obtain permission or you will be breaking the law. Copyright infringement is a criminal offense under international law. To reprint and distribute this author's work for concert programs, CD booklets, etc. Please provide the translator's name when contacting us. The term derives from the Latin for "point against point," meaning note against note in referring to the notation of plainsong plainsong or plainchant, the unharmonized chant of the medieval Christian liturgies in Europe and the Middle East; usually synonymous with Gregorian chant, the liturgical music of the Roman Catholic Church.

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The academic study of counterpoint was long based on Gradus ad Parnassum , tr. This work formulates the study of counterpoint into five species—note against note, two notes against one, four notes against one, syncopation, and florid counterpoint, which combines the other species.

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Countless textbooks have followed this method, but since the early 20th cent. The early master composers of contrapuntal music include Palestrina Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da , c. Palestrina, from which he took his name.

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  • Palestrina represents with Lasso the culmination of Renaissance music. Mons, also known as Orlandus Lassus or Roland de Lassus. Lasso represents the culmination of Renaissance musical art. At age 12, he entered the service of Ferrante Gonzaga, viceroy of Sicily.

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    • Although Roman Catholic, he composed anthems and services for the English Church in addition to his great Roman masses and Latin motets. Polyphonic forms were later given a most brilliant and sophisticated expression during the baroque baroque, in music, a style that prevailed from the last decades of the 16th cent. Its beginnings were in the late 16th-century revolt against polyphony that gave rise to the accompanied recitative and to opera.

      Bach Bach, Johann Sebastian , —, German composer and organist, b.

      Kontrapunkt Polyphone Musik in Selbststudium Und Uterricht | eBay

      Eisenach; one of the greatest and most influential composers of the Western world. He brought polyphonic baroque music to its culmination, creating masterful and vigorous works in almost every musical See also polyphony polyphony , music whose texture is formed by the interweaving of several melodic lines.

      The lines are independent but sound together harmonically. Contrasting terms are homophony, wherein one part dominates while the others form a basically chordal accompaniment, and monophony,