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Yung-Shan Tsou is a Berlin based Taiwanese artist and writer whose work involves handwriting and bookmaking as conceptual artistic expressions. She has been intensively involved in novel writing since She has the following published novels: The waiting room and A traveler's guide to ride-sharing. Rich Benjamin is the author of Searching for Whitopia: Susan McKay is currently working on a book which brings memory and imagination to bear on stories from places in which the Northern Irish conflict flared up during her childhood.

She spent many years covering the conflict as an award winning journalist and commentator. A historian of medieval Russia, he started as a writer in the late s. In his novels he attempts to understand the traumas of the Russian-Soviet 20th century. Author of eight novels, a book of essays and a book of poetry, he was awarded the Russian Booker Prize and national Big Book prize for his novel Return to Egypt in His books have been translated into many languages.

Luke Fischer , poet and scholar, is the author of the poetry collection Paths of Flight , the monograph The Poet as Phenomenologist: He is an honorary associate in the philosophy department at the University of Sydney. Anna Matveeva is a russian writer born in Sverdlovsk now Ekaterinaburg in the Urals, into a family of linguists.

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After completing her studies at the Ural State University, she worked as a journalist for newspaper and magazines. Anna has published fourteen books of fiction and non-fiction and contribuated to most leading russian periodicals. Tom Pow was born in Edinburgh. Primarily a poet, he has also written young adult fiction, picture books, radio plays and two travel books: Denis Hirson lives just outside Paris. He has written seven books in English, most of them crossing the frontier between lyrical prose and narrative poetry, and mainly concerned with the memory of South Africa under apartheid.

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His first slim book written in French, and about French, will soon be published. Ben Okri has published ten novels as well as many collections of poetry, short stories and essays.

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  7. His latest poetry collection, Wild, came out in , and a novel, The Age of Magic, in He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and has received the OBE and numerous international literary prizes. Adine Sagalyn has written film scripts, radio plays, and edited a book of essays by French women writers exploring their relationships with their fathers. She works as a portrait and fine art photographer. She is currently writing about her grandmother, Suzanne Schwartz, sister of the Russian writer, Samuil Marshak.

    His works have received grants and awards in Hungary and abroad and been translated into many languages. He will read selections from his poetry and his novels The Autobiographies of an Angel and Mordechai's book. Ses romans abordent l'enfance, l'exil et l'histoire. Jakob Ziguras is a poet, philosopher and translator.

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    The Sepia Carousel is forthcoming in Anne von Canal worked as an editor and translator before she became a writer herself. Her first novel Der Grund was translated into French and Estonian. She is currently writing her second book, an exploration of friendship, ice and the structure of memory. Her award-winning work has included well-known authors, such as: Il en lira un extrait avec plaisir. Anni Sumari is a Finnish poet, author and translator. She has published 14 books so far, mostly poetry, and translated works by celebrated authors, e. Sumari's poems have been translated into 24 languages.

    Sa langue maternelle est le francique. Toute son oeuvre parle du corps. She holds degrees from Harvard and Oxford, where she was a Rhodes scholar. She is the co-editor of the first magazine of Chinese contemporary literature in Italian, Caratteri, Letteratura cinese contemporanea. Silvia is associate professor in Chinese language and literature at the University of Milan-Bicocca. His next novel will be published by La Table Ronde in January His poetry has won many awards.

    She is co-editor of the anthology Querida, a collection of literary portrayals of "the mistress. She teaches creative writing at Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand and has worked as an editor and writers' festival organiser. A few of his stories received awards and were translated into many different Indian languages. His novel Aakhar Chaurasi based on the genocide of Indian Sikhs in was chosen one of the five best debut novels of L'inondation est son premier roman. Eva Tind Being born in Korea and brought up in Denmark, my work reflects on the concept of cultural identity, through verse, prose, documentary material and pictures in the intricate interplay between the personal and the universal.

    My books often highlight how the world can seem very different depending on who is looking at it and from where. Et lui, il pleurait [ 13 ]. De quoi es-tu donc mort? Quel brasier [ 26 ]! Leur ancienne bonne Maria vient les y trouver pour proposer de les cacher dans son village. Je vois un feu! Je vois un feu [ 26 ]! Pourquoi devais-je sanctifier Son Nom?

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    Un autre les insulte [ 34 ]. Il ne restait qu'une enveloppe qui me ressemblait [ 37 ]. Jamais je n'oublierai les petits visages des enfants dont j'avais vu les corps se transformer en volutes sous un azur muet. Une nuit — une seule nuit [ 37 ]? Du reste, il n'est pas le seul: Aujourd'hui, je n'implorais plus. L'office s'acheva par le Kaddich.

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    Et cette ombre se jeta sur lui. J'avais seize ans [ 47 ]. Ils avaient l'ordre de tirer sur ceux qui ne pouvaient soutenir le rythme de la course. Coups de feu [ 51 ]. Je ne sais rien de plus [ 52 ]. Un violoniste juif polonais fait ses adieux au monde en jouant un fragment d'un concert de Beethoven , musique interdite aux Juifs.

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    Il y eut cependant quelques coups de feu, et quelques morts [ 54 ]. Je me jetai sur son corps. Je frottai les mains, en criant: On va te jeter du wagon Son corps demeurait inerte [ Un ancien de Buchenwald explique qu'ils prendraient une douche chaude. Une raison de vivre de moins [ 61 ].

    Je ne pleurais pas, et cela me faisait mal de ne pas pouvoir pleurer. Mais je n'avais plus de larmes. Mais de vengeance, pas trace.