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More than the romantic part of the story, I like the great charge of strength that a character like Jane can give to the reader. When I discovered this manga I was euphoric. I wanted to see how those scenes I had imagined in my head would take place. Surely the artist and the curator did a great job.

Although the drawings are simple in their clarity, they are beautiful, and represent the characters at maximum level. I really liked the characterization of the characters and the choice of the scenes to report. I adored the appearance of Jane, from when she was very young until she arrives at Rochester's house. The clothes are very well chosen, they have nothing that does not go. I liked everything, I have to admit it. An excellent reading to bring even the youngest to read the classics. Probably this book wou 1. Probably this book would have been better in the religious sector, because many of the ideas seem to be religious conceptions.

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I did not find much poetry in these pages. Why did not I like it? I chose this book because I was looking for poetry.

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I think a poem is a mirror to see what is hidden within us, a picture that shows what we do not know about us or our lives. Unfortunately, what I missed in this book is poetry. The music of words, the sound of sighs between one word and another, the expectation of the next verse that reveals the truth.

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The poem should be like one of those statues of truth unveiled by time, famous during the Baroque period, like the one made by Bernini and kept at the Galleria Borghese in Rome. Poetry should be revelation of the heart, a discovery of ourselves in the words of another. Sometimes poetry shows things we do not know, that we do not want to see: It makes us reflect. These poems have told me nothing that I did not already know, they did not show me anything new, they did not excite me.

orgoglio e pregiudizio italian edition Manual

The words chosen are trite and make the phrases commonplace, and therefore the concepts. They are not poems, they are sad motivational phrases that could be found on the bus. Sometimes the poems have also an explanation in prose, and I like these parts more than the actual poetry. But nothing can change the fact that the same ideas are repeated and rewritten every few pages. I'm sorry, this is one of the first books of contemporary poetry I read, and I was greatly disappointed. When I read that someone puts the soul in their writings I would like to see and know that soul.

I was looking for a trip to the heart of another person, not looking for a manual for successful people full of sentences and easy quotes. The Stories of Edgar Allan Poe.

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  8. I have never read a book or a story form Edgar Allan Poe, and I decided to throw myself into this manga hoping to feel the gloomy and disturbing atmospheres whereby the author is famous. The experiment was successful. The manga is divided into five stories, I will give my divided opinions: It was the first story-manga I read and I immediately appreciated it.

    Beautiful designs, just for the subject matter. Excellent choice of perspectives and phrases of effect. The cask of Amontillado: The recent 'Lassair' secret from the writer of the 'Hawkenlye' books - Very early one summer season morning, Lassair slips out of her Fenland village on a deeply own project and discovers the physique of a tender lady, hidden the place it has no position to be.

    The girl's id is instantly chanced on yet, as she wonders who killed her and why, Lassair rapidly turns into mystified and anxious.

    Inganno e persuasione: Un'indagine di Mr & Mrs Darcy by Carrie Bebris,A. Zabini PDF

    Historischer Thriller German Edition. Cronaca di un'ingiustizia Italian Edition - download pdf or read online. Parigi, 15 ottobre