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Download PDF The Badugi Chapter, by Barry Greenstein

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The stuff on the distribution of pat hands vs. I like that the very first example talks about breaking A24K, which is good I've seen excellent players in other games make this pretty egregious mistake before. This is all information that isn't hard to find if you look for it, but it's not often found in one place. I'll probably post more either here or in the draw forum when I'm not on my phone. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Barry probably released this chapter via Kindle to test the waters for a full-length book about all the triple draw games, perhaps even badacey and badeucey which Barry touches on very briefly at the end of the e-book.

Go for it, Barry. There are eight million books on holdem out there, and the PLO literature is gradually developing. This is virgin territory for poker literature, and it would be great to have a resource written by a known winning player. The sister-in-law plays Badugi.

Never saw the attraction myself. This was to be a chapter in Nolan Dalla's cancelled book. Originally Posted by Professionalpoker.

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Originally Posted by RedGladiator. Originally Posted by slowjoe. Watch the first five minutes even if you hate badugi. I liked Barry's book.

Badugi All-Stars - A poker podcast with news, strategy, interviews, and humor

I think the content could be better organized, but there is very good information there. If you like Badugi, buy it. Pretty basic, but I learned a thing or two. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Badugi Chapter by Barry Greenstein. Books and Publications Discussion and reviews of books, videos, and magazines. Send a private message to craphoot. Find More Posts by craphoot.

Find Threads Started by craphoot. Badugi Chapter by Barry Greenstein Cardrunners have a free vid on badugi too. Send a private message to RedGladiator.

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Find More Posts by RedGladiator. Find Threads Started by RedGladiator. Send a private message to 2J4U. Find More Posts by 2J4U. Find Threads Started by 2J4U. Send a private message to Coelacanth. Find More Posts by Coelacanth. I wish it was longer By Wally I just purchased this for my Kindle and was fairly impressed.

I've been wanting to see more books on any type of draw poker. This was pretty much a tease to me seeing how it's what, 20 pages? The "Chapter" is basically Barry talking about what he thinks to be correct play in this intense Korean game of action, and I'm sure it is, though it would've been sweet to have seen some other player's collaborate their styles along side him. Hopefully this will someday be compared to Sklansky on Razz and will return in a longer book of theory by this poker great! A spotted Dog and a new game of poker By L.

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Price Apparently a badugi is a spotted dog as well one of the newer forms of draw poker. Barry as always emphasizes basing your play on your opponents tendencies. For example he describes drawing to an A27 versus a an early pat hand and explains how early pats are often weaker but throws the 7 versus strong 3 card hands and versus loose 3 card hands.

The style of the chapter is concise and well written, with the exception of a few strange voices like uses of we versus you or I thrown in.

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He also asks and answers the core questions like what is a good hand worth? How often am I dealt a badugi? Barry seems to think so and describes plays he uses in the game to generate and profit with it. Last of note for me was his description of a lowball card squeezing play for bluffing which allows him to see the rank of the card and not its suit. If it's the rank he needs he uses it to randomize a bluff. I've never played badugi live just triple draw but an interesting inclusion in the next edition or a larger triple draw book could be a video of the lowball squeeze. Overall this is a good addition to any mixed game players library and well worth the price of admission.

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I give it 4 out 5 stars for now. It's concise and well thought out.

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Yes but this is a good starter, just what is needed for getting to know a new game. Useful, clean, but missing simulations By Nikolai Yakovenko You can't fault Barry G for being a math guy, not a computer science guy. His analysis is great. But it's limited to what you can compute with a few probability sums.

The strategy he suggests is way too tight. Tighter than Barry himself would play, and tighter than anyone plays in real life. But it's a great guide.

*E-Books* : The Badugi Chapter by Barry Greenstein:

Short and well written. If my opponents knew even this much, I'd be in trouble. Minggu, 09 Januari [H