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In Hassel suffered from an attack of a sickness caught during the war and was paralyzed for almost two years. After recovery, he began to write more books. The following year he used the name Willy Arbing when he and his wife registered a new primary phone at that address. In Pedersen started using the internet domain "svenhassel.

Hassel's books are written in the first person , with Hassel himself as a character, though not necessarily the lead character. The majority of the action occurs in the USSR. Due to errors in chronology, the regiment fights in several places, hundreds of kilometres apart, at the same time. In some of the books the 27th Regiment does guard duty for the Gestapo in Hamburg Assignment Gestapo and also at the military prison at Torgau March Battalion. Hassel states that the characters are based on real people and events are related to historical events.

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Hassel's view of war is brutal. In his books, soldiers fight only to survive, with the Geneva Convention rarely being observed on the Eastern front. People are killed by chance or with very little reason. Occasional pleasant events and peaceful meetings are brutally cut short.

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Unsympathetic Prussian officers constantly threaten their men with courts-martial and execute them with little provocation. Disgruntled soldiers occasionally kill their own officers to get rid of them. By graphically portraying war as violent and hopeless in such manner, Hassel's books have been said to contain an anti-war message. In total he published 14 novels which have been translated into 18 languages. Hassel's books are particularly popular in the United Kingdom, where he sold 15 million of the 53 million sold worldwide.

Rather, during the war he had been working for a German intelligence agency which collaborated with HIPO. The controversial Danish writer Erik Haaest disputed Hassel's claims for many years.

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Haaest claims that during the war period, Hassel was in fact a member of the HIPO Corps or Hilfspolizei , an auxiliary Danish police force created by the Gestapo, consisting of collaborators. Haaest also alleges that Hassel's first novel was ghostwritten and that, when it became a success, he employed his wife to write the rest of his books. In Hassel threatened Haaest with a lawsuit for defamation in reaction to Haasts' publication of the book Hazel.

A Hitler agent's fantastic story. A review of Haaest's book quotes Hassel's own statements and writes that his sentence of 10 years prison for treason was given primarily because he was an informant for the German occupation force in Denmark and argues that he could not both have been an informant in Copenhagen and been fighting deep inside Soviet territory.

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In the Danish public service television channel DR2 dedicated one of its five episodes on scandals in Denmark to Hassel. The program explained that he at first was wildly popular among his Danish readers and celebrated as a Danish Ernest Hemingway , until in he was exposed as a fraud with a dubious wartime past. He became an outcast and had go into exile to continue publishing. The national Danish Radio which aired the exposure were subsequently forced to issue a retraction after Hassel purportedly provided corroborating documentation of his wartime service.

One person found this helpful. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Possibly the worst of Svens books I've read, that's about my 8th. It's more about Porta with his wheeling and dealing, Tiny and his fighting, and both generally horsing around. Sven himself doesn't get up to much, besides biting a Russians neck in close combat.

The book dragged on, but picked up in the last couple of chapters all the same. The Old Man was at pains trying to be his good honest human being, and is a fish out of water with the regular wild bunch. Sometimes his books just seem to drag on. Mostly becous of the drinking scenes go on forever.

The Bloody Road to Death

Sven's work has entertained me for 40 years. This book was chosen randomly and turned out to be a great choice. It's well written and the characters are entertaining. It keeps you wondering what the will do or say next. I recommend that any war buff buy the series. Brutal reallity of war if true. Some train of thought suggest it is purely fiction, either way a good read. I first read Hassel's books when I was a schoolboy in the early s. It was very absorbing stuff for youngsters who had been raised on stories about good, clean heroes winning the Battle of Britain and El Alamein.

Its realistic portrayal of war from the perspective of those supposedly soulless Nazi monsters helped develop a healthy scepticism about heroic depictions of the Allies. However, in time the books become a bit repetitive and nihilistic. I am sure that most German soldiers were not as cynical as Hassel's group. In the end most of them fought with despairing heroism to defend their country and families rather than out of National Socialist idealism. The series of books are entertaining in some ways but they can be a bit depressing with all the slaughter and mayhem after a while. Sven Hassel: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

I suppose they still appeal as they have been republished after a number of years out of print. The Bloody Road To Death must be the funniest of all Sven's novels and it's definately the one I would make into a film if I had any choice about such things. It's set in Greece mainly but they do get back to Russia by the end. It has three major chapters one after the other: It's almost incidental that there's a war on.

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