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The plot kicks off when Loki decides he wants to come back, and brings over five Chicago teenagers as part of his plan. The Faerie Queene has Faerie Land In Aaron Allston 's Galatea in 2-D , going into a painting instead of drawing a character out lands you in a world with the rules that the painter thought of. The painter was not thinking about how the heat would kill. Glenraven , which is also somewhat of a Deconstruction.


The Wizarding world in Harry Potter is technically part of our world keeping The Masquerade , yet is so disconnected from the muggle world that is by all practical effects a Magical Land. The Afterlife World in The Land of Oblivion , which is actually a pretty happy place , except the eponymous land.

The Land of Oz and its surrounding countries. In The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles , Whangdoodleland is a small otherworld created by the Whangdoodle as a refuge for himself and the other magical creatures who fled Earth when rationality overtook imagination.

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It's a monarchy, with the Whangdoodle as king. However, local humans generally think of magic and its wielders along the lines of Bad Powers, Bad People. Fantastica "Fantasia" in the film from The Neverending Story. Bigger than the real world, however - in fact, as the home of everything ever created by the human imagination, it's supposed to be infinite and still growing. Peter Pan has Neverland. The Secret of Platform 13 has the Island, which has various other names including Avalon , and can be accessed by a Portal Door that opens for nine days every nine years. It's technically part of our world, though, just hidden somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

As a bit of a twist, there are still lots of magical creatures living in the normal world under The Masquerade ; when the door between worlds opens, magical creatures migrate from one side to the other at their leisure. Human Muggles live on the Island, including the royal family, but they seem to be a minority. In The Shadow Speaker , the main characters go to a planet called Ginen, which is full of people with magical powers and has Bamboo Technology. This was what the land of the elves was going to be in early versions of what became The Silmarillion. In the finished book, Valinor is this with regard to Middle-Earth after it is removed from the physical world.

The Magic World in Spellfall. The Territories in The Talisman are a smaller version of America, only with magic and monsters and stuck in the middle ages. The western half of the country is a nuclear wasteland.

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Xanth has a lot of elements of this. And it's smaller than the real world due to it being a peninsula of some Earth continent which one depends on the era, 'modern' Xanth is found mostly off Florida. There is an in-universe series of books about the magical land of Fillory, which is basically Narnia without the villains. Quentin Coldwater, the main character, is ecstatic when he finds out Fillory is real.

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However, it turns out that while there are many wonderful things about Fillory, in the end it has many dark parts, like any other world. Sexism is rampant, political chaos is the order of the day, the gods are hedonistic idiots albeit well-meaning ones , and Disproportionate Retribution combined with Might Makes Right is the most common law. Sometimes it seems like the only reason people fall in love with Fillory is because the atmosphere is 0.

As Quentin notes, that's kind of a cheating way to get you to like a place. The Land of Magic in Merlin Well Mike, I guess it's just a magical land. Nouvelle Experience was their first example of this, and it crosses over with a Cloudcuckooland ; fools, angels, devils, and magic-wielding rulers dwell within it.

The newcomer to this world, rather than an everyman protagonist figure, is a troublemaker who constantly needles the emcee who's trying to keep everything in order. Quidam goes Down the Rabbit Hole to a melancholy magical land where the heroine learns about the universality of loneliness. KOOZA transports an Innocent into a kingdom where, if one isn't careful, a troupe of singing and dancing skeletons can be conjured up at a moment's notice.

In the DS remake, it's referred to as the Feymarch.

Magical Land

Final Fantasy VI has the world of the Espers, the place they fled to and sealed away from the normal world. Final Fantasy X has the Far Plane, where pyre flies souls go to rest. Ivalice from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. A Link to the Past in relation to the more "mundane" Hyrule. The Shantae series has the Genie Realm, the land that the genies returned to after they drained their magic and could no longer sustain themselves in the physical world. In the first game, Shantae actually had the chance to go there to join the full genies, but she refused since doing so would mean leaving her friends.

Gensokyo from the Touhou games, complete with visitors and occasional artifacts from the "real" world. Its name also literally means "fantasy land". Wonderworld , where magical energy literally falls from the sky in the form of meteorites. In Annyseed the magical land is not so much a secret, but goes unnoticed if you aren't looking for it. When Bali chases the spear into the forest, it turns from winter to summer. The Echo Chronicles The plane where priestesses comes from could be thought of as this in relation to the 'main' plane; Where The Echo Knights reside and where the story starts.

Gillitie Wood from Gunnerkrigg Court is implied to be like this. Only the edge of it has been shown, but it is known to be ruled by the Coyote , peopled by The Fair Folk and Living Shadows , and devoid of technology because its inhabitants are Luddites. They widely use the Ethereal designs that seem to lose effectiveness if studied too carefully.

Hence, the philosophy of the Court, which is to discover how the universe works is detrimental to them, setting them up in conflict. Just about every place in Homestuck that isn't Earth, but particularly the Incipisphere. The character of Erro from Interdimensional Transfer Student Erro comes from one of these realms - Another Dimension , of course, which is populated by a single species of strange, talking mascot animals of which he is one. Aylia, the titular character of A Magical Roommate , comes from Umbria. This is a bit of a subversion, however; Umbria is just a country in a much larger world, and the only off-worlders that affect politics are understandably those who married royalty.

The Magical Land of Yeld by Nick and Jake » Yeld update, July — Kickstarter

The jury is out on expanding technology, though. The common subtrope involving a child hero is deconstructed by xkcd in strip number Zoophobia 's magical World is actually situated in the centre of a colossal forest, isolated from the rest of the "real world". The world the The Dragon Wars Saga heroes are trapped in. The non-Earth planet in Guts and Sass: An Anti-Epic which features paleolithic to Iron Age technology, giant shapeshifting cats , anthropomorphic bodies of water, extrasensory abilities, a feudal monarchy, semi-domestic pastoralists, and hunter-gatherers.

He spends his entire adult life there, eventually marrying a girl and raising a family, causing him to choose to stay there until he dies, when it is revealed that the whole thing was probably just a dream. All of the magical lands explored on the final season of Babar , leading up to the Land of Happiness. Ledgerdomain in Ben Avalon fulfills this trope in Gargoyles. Equestria from My Little Pony: The Unknown in Over the Garden Wall. Mewni in Star vs.

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