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Everything that you have done this far has brought you to where you are.

If you discovered a passion for linguistics and now you are trying to find professional expression of that passion, what you are doing is just taking the next steps. You may choose to forge a new path for yourself, but you are doing it based on where you are, and using the tools that you have collected and abilities you have honed along the way. The work that you have done has been your conditioning training.

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What did you really like doing of what you have done thus far? What does that tell you? You are collecting information. You are just trying to read a map.

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If you learn a great deal about a path you could have taken and ultimately decide not to take it, what you have really done is just learn something more about why you have chosen the path you have chosen. Experiential education in hospital pharmacy practice has undergone significant re-evaluation and reform in many places across the country. New models of experiential learning are being employed to take advantage of the many valuable opportunities to train learners at different stages of their education, while meeting the capacity needs of multiple training programs.

Together, these aspects of the education system necessitate the availability of more competent preceptors and improved infrastructure to support experiential training sites.

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Emerging challenges associated with the implementation and evaluation of new educational models, combined with higher expectations on learners, preceptors, and sites, create exciting opportunities but also test the long-standing commitment and passion of our practice educators. Finally, postgraduate training is changing rapidly in Canada, with direct implications for hospital practice. The implementation of entry-to-practice Doctor of Pharmacy programs at many Canadian universities will change the type of graduates who are completing our pharmacy programs.

The development of revised postgraduate year 1 residencies and more diverse year 2 residency programs will create new and important educational pathways for pharmacy residents. Emerging postgraduate programs that focus on practice, including combination degree programs, will also produce pharmacists with new and different levels of training, who will offer unique and valuable skill sets to hospitals as clinicians, educators, researchers, and administrators.

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This area will continue to evolve, and ongoing national discussions to define postgraduate training pathways will help not only the learners as they determine their respective paths but also the administrators in hospital pharmacy as they endeavour to understand career progression, succession, and opportunities for the future work force. I am sure that each of you could identify other challenges that we currently face in hospital practice.

We continue to have strong leadership in hospital pharmacy practice in our country and, despite the always-changing and emerging issues that arise, we continue to move our practices forward, all in the interests of providing exemplary patient care. As draws to a close, please take some of your own time to celebrate the successes of the past year and to embrace the opportunities and challenges that the year ahead will present.

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