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Tim, you beat me to it! I must have run this cartoon about a hundred times. BTW, the same cartridge had an Atom Ant cartoon on it. I also had a Dual 8 projector for all my ft "Castle Films" digests. Boy, this brings back some memories. Watch for more info, but you heard about it here first! Posted by Yowp at Pokey 18 January at Yowp 15 February at Howard Fein 18 January at As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Here is a link to wikiquote: Apparently this quote is often attributed to Nelson Mandela. One of my favorite yoga instructor often tells us to not let ego get in the way of practice. She also often tries to elicit verbal feedback during practice. I often think of ego as self aggrandizement. If thinking that we are so wonderful that we need to "play small" isn't the ego overworking, well …. Paula, thanks for sharing your story. Your story validates what my Intuitive told me a few weeks ago. She told me "When I engage in an honest open way with others by sharing my feelings speaking my truth regardless of the outcome, I invite the unseen forces I call the universe to be activated and heal the dynamics of my relationships.

She went on to say "Speaking my truth unlocks my Intuition and level of perception. Only the universe knows what each of us needs to heal and it takes over once activated. To me, the coolest part is, it's not about us. It's about being ok with who we uniquely are and allowing the universe to take over from there.

Speaking the truth takes courage but is so worth it. Glad you could relate to my story. All the best to you, Jon. I too am a yoga teacher and often wonder if the breath, balance, and meditative parts of every class I teach go unheeded. As I have told many if not all of my students at one time or another — do not give up on yoga; if my classes are not for you, find another teacher. Yoga will support you for live.

Thanks so much for sharing. It takes courage to let your students know they can practice with or without you. That is really a gift. Its the practice, we are just guides along the way. It took me several years to understand the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga. Sometimes those glazed eyes staring back at you result from concentrating on the details of alignment and do not signal disinterest in the other realms.

I do not go back to teachers who ignore the non-postural elements of yoga practice!! Thank you, Susan, for pointing that out. I think sometimes, as a teacher, its easy to feel exposed and we seek validation for these efforts. And instead of looking at the students and recognizing we have no idea what they are thinking, we can take it personally. But in reality, we just need to be authentic.

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That is the gift we share and also receive. Glad you found the beauty beyond the surface of yoga. Its the good stuff. You must be logged in to post a comment. We're dedicated to sharing "the mindful life" beyond the core or choir, to all those who don't yet know they give a care. We focus on anything that's good for you, good for others, and good for our planet. Log in or create an account below. Continue with Facebook Or. You have 1 free read left today.

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I don't like free stuff. It takes 7 seconds to join. I have no heart. Write Newsletter Unlimited Reads Login. Paula Shames December 12, Total Ecosystem Rating 0. While it may be a nice exploration of the Yogi-Ranger relationship and how Boo-Boo fits into it, I feel this cartoon is an extremely boring talkfest. On a totally unrelated note, I believe it's the last one to use 'Capital' music score.

A Yogi in Disguise. ~ Paula Shames

I always loved the bit when Yogi said, "I just don't trust anyone who's smiling all the time, and talks without moving his mouth! Though there have been other instances where a character wears a similar disguise that DOES have a rather expressive mask, and even that is actually something that can happen in real life outside of cartoons: Huckleberry Hound Show K Ranger Smith disguises himself as a polar bear to get the goods on Yogi.

Art Davis had been in theatrical animation for more than 30 years before he headed over to Hanna-Barbera after a bitter break with Warner Bros. In this cartoon, he tries to adapt as best as he could to the limits of television animation and does his best.

Yowp: Yogi Bear — Bareface Disguise

The expressions he gives the characters are basic but convey the emotions of the characters. The drawings are on twos. Artie had a specific way of drawing angular wide-open mouths on characters at H-B in some of his earliest cartoons. Nice balance by Boo Boo. The rounded tips of the bushes are at an angle and there are white and black outlines of trees in the distance.

Leonardo da Vinci, A Yogi in Disguise ?

Cut to the Ranger Station where Ranger Smith is telling the superintendent on the phone that he has a sure-fire scheme to catch Yogi with a picnic basket. The superintendent wears his badge to bed. The snoozing Yogi suddenly sits up.

Hey, hey, hey, hey! Now comes a long, humourless scene.