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  1. I Had a Little Bird, It's Name was Enza
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A Bird Named Enza 4. This is a story based on the history of the Influenza of It is written from the perspective of one man and his inability to save his family and town from the deadly Influenza of Its name was Enza. I opened up the window, And in flew Enza. To this day, t This is a story based on the history of the Influenza of To this day, the influenza "virus" of remains a mystery. It spread with alarming speed across the country and, after it ran its deadly course, the pandemic had taken more than , lives in America and 30 million worldwide.

No one was safe.

I Had a Little Bird, It's Name was Enza

The young, the old, the healthy could become sick in the morning and dead by that same evening. Come with us back to and meet Frederick Walter Kelley. Stay with us to meet his family. Grow with us in a new town. Cry with us through the final chapters of death. Kindle Edition , pages. Published first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about A Bird Named Enza , please sign up.

Anyone who wished to enter or leave campus required permission and were given passes to present to the guards, like the one below. A pass issued to a faculty member during the influenza epidemic campus quarantine. In a memo to the heads of departments dated October 12, , he enacted the following:. The logic behind this was likely that all SATC members were men; therefore separating the men from the women would reduce the spread of the disease.

It was a method that seems to have worked. Out of the 53 people that died at Iowa State, only two were women. The other 51 were all SATC men. And of course, do what you can to prevent the flu and its spread this season — tips can be found here. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Please welcome Kristy K. James to the blog to discuss her journey is this amazing tale.

Welcome Kristy, can you tell us about Enza. Why did you write it? At some point during the program I realized that this would be a great subject for a story. So learning about the lifestyle of the people back then was very time-consuming. But eventually it all came together and Enza was born.

Readers will get to know and hopefully love all of these characters in the first half of the book. In the last half they will discover how each of them handles one of the worst tragedies in the history of the world. Old school right there. So, how did you come up with the title? During the documentary you could hear young girls chanting a little ditty in the background sometimes.

I guess they made it up to sing while they jumped rope. It was very eerie.

The Smallest Bird you have ever seen

I opened the window and in-flew-Enza. Okay, who is your favorite character in your books? But if I had to choose, it would have to be Elliot.

A Bird Named Enza

Humor is a wonderful thing. Love that about my man. Narrowing it down, I think I enjoyed the research the most. I wound up getting copies of many newspapers from that time. They have become some of my most prized possessions. It just makes you feel good to read about such an innocent time in our history. Tell us about a book that resonated with you either recently or prior to your writing career?

I Had a Little Bird, It's Name was Enza

When my little sister was in high school, she read an old book she thought I would enjoy. The story is about a small community in Florida, and how the people survived following a nuclear war. I had read-and hated-another story about the same subject…On the Beach. It left me feeling depressed and hopeless by the time I got to the last page.

Alas, Babylon was different. I may have to check that one out. Who is the one person that has single handedly inspired you the most in your life? I would have to say my maternal grandfather. Of course he made everyone feel that way. But when you were there, he was just so happy to see you, giving you his undivided attention. He really loved his family and loved making time for them.

He also liked to feed us. I think he thought that was his mission in life.

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Sounds like he was a wonderful man. What is your favorite historical period and why? I think I would have to choose the s. The music was good, they had a lot of modern conveniences. And morals were still firmly in place. Not too stuffy, either.

A Bird named Enza and the Influenza | Debra Kristi's Blog

Tell us your choice. After sharing an embarrassing episode in my life with a friend, her husband called me JJ for a while. That would be a really nice one. If your book was turned into a movie who you choose to play your main characters? I picture Sam Waterston-then-as Elliot.

For Marcus, Matt Damon all the way. Ian Sumerhalder would make a great Daniel. You had better start surfing the net and put together a pinterest storyboard for this book.

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If you were to write yourself into your book what kind of character would you be? If I were to write myself into Enza? You have me laughing up a storm, girl. I do, thanks for asking. I have two WIPs that are about half-finished, and need to write the fourth book by the end of the year and the last by next spring. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all our questions, Kristy! Enza sounds like a true labor of love.

Those always make the best books. Realizing that she might someday have to check out scary noises in other dark yards if she continued on that path, she turned to her other favorite love, writing. Since then, her days have been filled with being a mom and a reluctant zookeeper 7 pets , creating stories and looking for trouble in her kitchen. Hang with her to escape the everyday stress. Be sure to leave your mind open to the fantastical. James , Writer , writing. April 25, at 2: The book sounds amazing, Kristy and the characters sound interesting too.

As Debra says get on pinterest and set up a storyboard for your readers. They like them a lot.

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Great interview and strangely enough I do know quite a bit about the flu epidemic and how it was started. Soldiers living too close to chickens and the flu jumped species then of course all the soldiers got on boats and went home to their respective countries. A couple of years ago there was a really scary one about bird flu merging with swine flu and the results were horrific. Which is the premise for my futuristic vampire story set in after just such an event! Yes, Kristy should take notes from you on pinterest. You have that thing DOWN.

About Debra Kristi

Thank you for your praise and for sharing such a wealth of information. The premise for your futuristic vampire story sounds intersting. I know what you mean about current epidemics being scary. The whole storyboard thing sounds like it could be fun! So does your book. Debra does such a great job with interviews…I was really honored when she asked me about this. I had a hard time with history too. I have a hard time with historical facts. Writing is really building me up as a person — expanding my knowledge in all kinds of areas.

Good luck with your book. Hope you stop by and share with us sometime. Your comment brought his face and voice to mind clear as a bell…. I always say I love history…as long as I can choose the subject. I think that makes a difference in how we feel about it. I think history can be tough for everyone. There are many times throughout history that I would avoid studying like the plague. Enza certainly does sound like a labor of love. So much fun learning how stories come into fruition. Wishing you oodles of success, Kristy! Thanks for the fab interview.

I loved everything but actually finishing it.