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Smashwords – Essential Bible Study Compilations Volume 1 – a book by Don Preece

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A series of essential bible study compilations. A series of bible studies with spiritual revelation of the hidden wisdom of God. Inspect their inclination towards formalism, and inquire into the Talmud's 63 books. Probe these multifaceted decrees and traditions comprising the legal Biblical and Theological Foundations Widen your compass and broaden your understanding of the canvass on which Biblical history has been painted! Explore this carefully compiled collection from E4, Biblical And Theological Foundations and scrutinize this spectrum of subjects!

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The Background of the Bible Vol. Engage with authors who test, change and impact you , profoundly and permanently! Massive works , the fruit of inexhaustible labor, deal with war, idealism, Hermeneutics and the Study of Scripture Delight in learning to rightly interpret Scripture as you dive into authoritative Biblical theology. Glean from these grand works and be challenged spiritually and intellectually. Hermeneutics and the Study of Scripture from E4 will not only assist you to read the Unravel the complexity of Biblical record with this collection of vintage expositions , highly relevant today!

Appreciate the keen observations from B New Testament Theology and Literature Endowed with living energy , and active reasoning , this massive collection covers a wide range of topics on the New Testament.

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This set is certainly a valuable addition to any library. Theology of the Gospels Experience the wealth of the stout commentaries, stirring sermons , and serious studies that focus on the great truths of the gospels and bring to life the glorious good news. Rejoice in the writings of this cross section of spiritual giants and profit from t The Theology of Paul the Apostle Savor the living power that springs from this comprehensive collection of exceptional discourses on the Apostle Paul and his works!

Explore these exhaustive dissertations. Engage with Paul, the great ambassador of the gospel and author of most Old Testament Theology and History Discover the truths of God in this exhaustive legacy of devout exposition and reverent scholarship! The Wisdom of God Through Psalms and Proverbs Excelling in theological depth, thematic breadth and devotional warmth, this spiritually rewarding and revitalizing collection is truly an extremely rare but wonderful arrangement! The Psalms and Proverbs teach you the entire Bible, as they illuminate angles and as The Story of the Bible Monumental!

A wonderful aid to understanding the significance of the Biblical message, The Story of the Bible unfolds the unifying theme of the drama of redemption. Pulsating with God's heart for His people and His relentless power to save, this Set, Become a competent Christian apologist, able to argue for Christianity as truth, from premises acceptable to both the unbeliever and Defending the Faith in a World Gone Mad, is definitely a dynamite must have to train you to defend your faith! Christianity and Science at a Crossroads Explore scientific pursuits, engage with Christian beliefs and encounter ancient and modern philosophies that exert a profound impact even today.

Discover the operation of the Natural Law in the Spiritual Sphere. Experience the metamorphosis of concept shifts from Faith and Science Great arsenal! Replete with research from reputed scholars, this rich and thought-provoking compilation chronicles the systematic multi-millennial conflict between Faith and Science. Building a Christian Worldview Discover afresh the power of truth.

Amidst a chaotic world, truth alone will stand against any form of deceit. Be edified by inspirational sermons and unparalleled works of classic and contemporary authors. Access a cross-section of eminent authors who assist you to hear the still, small voice th Despair, Deliverance, Discovery invites readers to study the concepts that have shaped Christian theology and the church through the centuries. Discover Biblical answers to the d Exploits, explorations and excitement add zest to every real life story of each of these messengers of the gospel!

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  5. From gritty and unglamorous locales, to very real danger and unimaginable hardships, the resourceful missionary exudes More PRICE: In this captivating collection, The Missions , you will encounter brilliant minds , skilled hands , and willing hearts , were ever ready and on fire to take the ' Good News ' of the Gospel of C The Creeds, Confessions and Catechisms Throughout the centuries, Christians have used Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms to teach and affirm together what they believe. In this one-of-a-kind collection , E4 presents the most important and influential creeds, confessions, and catechisms of all time.

    These works can be The Ante-Nicene Fathers This massive 40 volume set contains over pages of the writings of the early church fathers from the beginnings of Christianity up until the First Council of Nicaea in A.

    Collected by the brilliant Phillip Schaff, this is the most complete set of early Christia This detailed picture of the life and teachings of the early church is priceless to anyone interested in church history or theolo Read yourself into a different time with these medieval chartbusters, and experience the fullness that comes through the great Christian classics! Be inspired and encouraged by the sermons Truths and rights we take for granted were delivered to us by the It affords a vision of God and His Word that is holy, glorious and beautiful, as well as All 19 authors showcased render reality and a vision beyond that , which explains why they have endured the ages and continue to positively impact The Scottish Reformers Library The suddenness and far-reaching impact of the Scottish Reformation happened because of God-directed impulses!

    The sweeping change grew to unprecedented proportions, a mission of Revival of Religion , at personal and national levels! Several unnoticed circumstances p Faith Essentials is an awe-inspiring assortment of reference books Engage with authors of renowned and vast scholarship and retrace the history and struggl Reformed Dutch Theologians and their Impact Upon Society Engage with these Dutch titans, men of towering faith and immeasurable spiritual sensitivity!

    Flowing with engrossing scholarship and style, the influence they exerted, extends far beyond their own times! Their narratives abound with dominant doctrine, stirring sermons an The Power of Gospel Preaching, Vol. An excellent starting point for those seeking a diverse selection of profound works that presents the deepest themes of Christianity with a splendor of expression that has rarely been equaled and will never be outdated. Famous Baptist Preaching An exceptional compilation containing some of the greatest preachers of all time , this collection will sharpen your focus on the power of Gospel preaching!

    Exposing you to some of the greatest Baptist preachers of all time, those you know, and those you soon will. Respond as these grea Hymns of the Church Unbelievably poignant , this exquisite Set, Hymns of the Church is bound to touch you and revitalize your faith and appreciation of God Himself. This set drives home the truth that theology can be embodied in hymns! Hymns uplift , q Christian Poetry Library "Poetry is thoughts that breathe , and words that burn.

    Mapping the Intersection Between Art and Theology Experience the gospel through some of the greatest literature ever penned. E4's Faith and Fiction: Mapping the Intersection between Art and Theology invites you to glimpse redemption through the tales of these widely heralded classics. This carefully compiled set, The Mighty Work of Prayer and Devotion is rich with robust thought, a variety of teaching , and elegant style , seamlessly woven with a rich vein of spirituality!

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    Full of valid instruction and Be established and confirmed in the grand gospel of Christ. Recognize what faith in God really means. Know the deep and mysterious things of God and be free from the fears and qualms that rage within your soul. Increase your judgment, be Comfort and Guidance with Christ our Companion from E4 will help you to calm your mind, control your thoughts and carry you through any difficulty that weighs you down!

    Trusting in God through Trials, is specially designed to encourage! Combining intellectual thought and creativity with the innocence of prayer , the authors spur you on in your pursuit of intima Trusting in God Through Trials Vol2 Comforting us in the bleakness of circumstances and the darkness of distress which swamps us from all sides, this specially selected set will boost your faith and bolster your hope.

    Essential Bible Study Compilations Volume 1

    Living Out The Faith: Theology in Action Amidst a Watching World is a true compass and an unshakable anchor. A Godly Society Widen your perspective and deepen your knowledge on world governance with this stimulating array of works! Christianity has powerfully influenced western civilization more profoundly than any other factor and the Bible remained the gold standard for the Church and God with Us Vibrant with hope! The magnitude of the mystery of Christmas!

    God manifest in human form! The Master of the Universe - a Servan Pink is an indispensable resource for any pastor, ministry leader or serious Bible student. Pink was a tremendous biblical thinker who goes deep into the meaning of the text of Mentor Scholarly Commentaries Scholarly and In-depth Commentaries that will give you solid answers as you study these books of the Bible. These books are not for the casual study of scripture. They really dig-in to the text and meaning of Scrip Martyn Lloyd-Jones Theological Lectures In these lectures the great preacher Lloyd-Jones goes through virtually every area of systematic theology bringing both great insight and heart-felt application to his hearers.

    It feels like someone has laid out a feast for your soul.

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    Sproul is known not only for his deep theology, but also for his knack for presenting the deep truths of the Scriptures in a way that any layperson can understand. In this library you will see why, as Packer leads in an exploration of the lives and teachings of great Puritans such as Owen, Baxter and Edwards, of leadership in Nehemiah, of t It is easy to understand, poetically beautiful, powerful, and emotive. At the same time, due to the careful work of ninety leading Bible scholars, it is accurate to the original Greek and Hebrew text. International Standard Bible Encyclopedia This massive encyclopedia is a tremendous topical resource that covers thousands of topics and issues important to Biblical study by nearly scholars including greats like B.