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Hannah Arendt: A Life in Dark Times

  1. Wie ein Stern [German] (English translation)
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Wie ein Stern [German] (English translation)

Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle? Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Explore the Home Gift Guide. According to a compilation by Nachman Ben-Yehuda, Lehi was responsible for 42 assassinations, more than twice as many as the Irgun and Haganah combined during the same period. Of those Lehi assassinations that Ben-Yehuda classified as political, more than half the victims were Jews.

Lehi also rejected the authority of the Jewish Agency for Israel and related organizations, operating entirely on its own throughout nearly all of its existence. Lehi prisoners captured by the British generally refused to employ lawyers in their defense.

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The defendants would conduct their own defense, and would deny the right of the military court to try them, saying that in accordance with the Hague Convention they should be accorded the status of prisoners of war. For the same reason, Lehi prisoners refused to plead for amnesty, even when it was clear that this would have spared them the death penalty. In mid, Stern became convinced that the Italians were interested in the establishment of a fascist Jewish state in Palestine. However, the "intermediary" Rotstein was in fact an agent of the Irgun, conducting a sting operation under the direction of the Irgun intelligence leader in Haifa, Israel Pritzker, in cooperation with the British.

Late in , Lehi, having identified a common interest between the intentions of the new German order and Jewish national aspirations, proposed forming an alliance in World War II with Nazi Germany. The Lehi documents outlined that it's rule would be authoritarian and indicated similiarites between the organization and Nazis. Stern also proposed recruiting some 40, Jews from occupied Europe to invade Palestine with German support to oust the British.

Lubenchik did not take along any written memorandum for the German representatives. Had there been a need for one, he would have formulated it on the spot, since he was familiar with the episode of the Italian "intermediary" and with the numerous drafts connected with it.

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  • Apparently one of von Hentig's secretaries noted down the essence of the proposal in his own words. According to Joseph Heller, "The memorandum arising from their conversation is an entirely authentic document, on which the stamp of the 'IZL in Israel' is clearly embossed.

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    Von der Marwitz delivered the offer, classified as secret, to the German Ambassador in Turkey and on 21 January it was sent to Berlin. There was never any response. A second attempt to contact the Nazis was made at the end of , but it was even less successful. This proposed alliance with Nazi Germany cost Lehi and Stern much support. Even as the full scale of Nazi atrocities became more evident in , Lehi refused to accept Hitler as main foe as opposed to Great Britain.

    As a group that never had over a few hundred members, Lehi relied on audacious but small-scale operations to bring their message home. To this end, Lehi conducted small-scale operations such as individual assassinations of British officials notable targets included Lord Moyne , CID detectives, and Jewish "collaborators" , and random shootings against soldiers and police officers.

    Other actions included sabotaging infrastructure targets: Lehi financed its operations from private donations, extortion , and bank robbery. Its campaign of violence lasted from to Initially conducted together with the Irgun, it included a six-month suspension to avoid being targeted by the Haganah during the Hunting Season , and later operated jointly with the Haganah and Irgun under the Jewish Resistance Movement. After the Jewish Resistance Movement was dissolved, it operated independently as part of the general Jewish insurgency in Palestine.

    heller Farbton - English translation - German-English dictionary

    Moyne was the highest ranking British official in the region. Yitzhak Shamir claimed later that Moyne was assassinated because of his support for a Middle Eastern Arab Federation and anti-Semitic lectures in which Arabs were held to be racially superior to Jews. The two assassins, Eliahu Bet-Zouri and Eliahu Hakim were captured and used their trial as a platform to make public their political propaganda. In their bodies were returned to Israel and given a state funeral. Under a barrage of heavy covering fire, Lehi fighters broke into the car park, shot soldiers they encountered at close range, stole rifles from arms racks, laid mines to cover the retreat, and withdrew.

    Seven soldiers were killed in the attack, which caused widespread outrage among the British security forces in Palestine. It resulted in retaliatory anti-Jewish violence by British troops and a punitive curfew imposed on Tel Aviv's roads and a closure of places of entertainment in the city by the British Army. On 12 January , Lehi members drove a truckload of explosives into a British police station in Haifa killing four and injuring , in what has been called 'the world's first true truck bomb'. Following the bombing of the British embassy in Rome, October , a series of operations against targets in the United Kingdom were launched.

    On 7 March , Lehi's only successful operation in Britain was carried out when a Lehi bomb severely damaged the British Colonial Club, a London recreational facility for soldiers and students from Britain's colonies in Africa and the West Indies.

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    It failed to explode due to a fault in the timer. Five weeks later, on 22 May, five alleged Lehi members were arrested in Paris with bomb making material including explosives of the same type as found in London. Envelopes addressed to British officials, with detonators, batteries and a time fuse were found in one of Knouth's suitcases. Knouth was sentenced to a year in prison, Levstein to eight months.

    Shortly after their arrest, 21 letter bombs were intercepted addressed to senior British figures. The letters had been posted in Italy. The intended recipients included Bevin , Attlee , Churchill and Eden. Levstein was travelling as Jacob Elias; his fingerprints connected him to the deaths of several Palestine Policemen as well as an attempt on the life of the British High Commissioner. In , Margaret Truman wrote that letter bombs were also posted to her father, U. Truman , in Shortly after the publication of The Last Days of Hitler , Lehi issued a death threat against the author, Hugh Trevor-Roper , for his portrayal of Hitler, feeling that Trevor-Roper had attempted to exonerate the German populace from responsibility.

    On 29 February , Lehi mined the train north of Rehovot , killing 28 British soldiers and wounding On 31 March, Lehi mined the train near Binyamina , killing 40 civilians and wounding One of the most widely known acts of Lehi was the attack on the Palestinian-Arab village of Deir Yassin. One of these points was Deir Yassin. By March , the road was cut off and Jewish Jerusalem was under siege. The Haganah launched Operation Nachshon to break the siege.

    Then on 9 April , about Lehi and Irgun fighters, acting in cooperation with the Haganah, attacked and captured Deir Yassin. The attack was at night, the fighting was confused, and many civilian inhabitants of the village were killed. Exactly what happened has never been established clearly. The Arab League reported a great massacre: Israeli investigations claimed the actual number of dead was between and , and there were no mass rapes, but most of the dead were civilians, and admitted some were killed deliberately.

    Lehi and Irgun both denied an organized massacre. Accounts by Lehi veterans such as Ezra Yakhin note that many of the attackers were killed or wounded, assert that Arabs fired from every building and that Iraqi and Syrian soldiers were among the dead, and even that some Arab fighters dressed as women. However, Jewish authorities, including Haganah, the Chief Rabbinate, the Jewish Agency, and David Ben-Gurion , also condemned the attack, lending credence to the charge of massacre. Both the Arab reports and Jewish responses had hidden motives: The Jewish leaders wanted to discredit Irgun and Lehi.

    Ironically, the Arab reports backfired in one respect: Lehi similarly interpreted events at Deir Yassin as turning the tide of war in favor of the Jews. Lehi leader Israel Eldad later wrote in his memoirs from the underground period that "without Deir Yassin the State of Israel could never have been established".

    The Deir Yassin story did not much sway international opinion. It did increase not only support but pressure on Arab governments to intervene, notably Abdullah of Jordan, who was now compelled to join the invasion of Palestine after Israel's declaration of independence on 14 May. Although Lehi had stopped operating nationally after May , the group continued to function in Jerusalem.

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    The assassination was directed by Yehoshua Zettler and carried out by a four-man team led by Meshulam Makover. Example sentences from external sources for "Stern" not checked by the Langenscheidt editorial team. It is probably astronomic in origin and not caused by the alleged greenhouse gases. And we can reach the stars now! Unfortunately, this report has been ill-fated from the outset. Leider stand dieser Bericht von Anfang an unter einem schlechten Stern.

    Wie ein Stern [German]

    If you follow Stern, you have to take the pain now to save later. One group will be grounded in the earth, while the other looks toward the heavens. Die eine Gruppe wird mit der Erde verwurzelt sein, und die andere blickt nach oben zu den Sternen. A Yellow Star for the Jewish State?