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While we had unquestioningly accepted that the version held in la BiLiPo was the first edition published, the cover page told another story: Again, as with the versions we had been able to purchase, no date was given in the book. In order to date the Paris copy, we fell back on the one held in the Fisher Library at the University of Sydney, which is also catalogued as being the original version.

Les 7 boules de cristal - France Culture

In the past twenty-five years no other character in fiction has so gripped the public imagination. This version, again published by Jarrolds, is not dated either. Furthermore, the press cuttings included in its paratextual material reprise word for word the epigraph of the Panther edition: Since this text was published twenty-five years after the original edition, it is possible to divide the number of copies , by twenty-five to produce an average annual sales figure, and from that number to put a rough date on the copy consulted at la BiLiPo.

This calculation however approximate it is—it does not take into account the likelihood of higher initial sales produces a date of What remains absent is the edition from which all the subsequent texts have developed. For develop that text did, and it continued to do so until after , which is to say, after Chase had famously reworked the book and had it republished by Panther.

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As is by now traditional, this book contains no precise publication date. It does list a number of previous publications, including the Panther edition of and the Corgi edition published in , republished in , and again in The text itself appears to correspond to that of the Jarrolds edition.

In the absence of any clear indication, however, it is difficult to say with certainty that this is a faithful reproduction of the original text. Furthermore, this absence of clear publishing genealogy suggests a blurring, and potentially a deliberate one, of the history of No Orchids for Miss Blandish on the part of publishing houses both in England and France. Our initial hypothesis was predicated on two original texts and and their corresponding translations.

Our intention was to show that each original gave rise to its own network of texts. This proved not to be the whole story. The rewrite was far from being the first edition to present significant alterations to the text. And yet, this version had been deemed sufficiently important to merit a new French translation.

The fact that the text had become pluralised as discreet editions , and so on seemed increasingly to speak to interests known only to the publishers themselves.

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This translation was republished three times: It is the last republication that seems the most surprising. Most striking in this case is the disappearance of Miss Blandish.

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Perversely, the change in title appears to run against the received wisdom according to which the new text is designed to make the text more accessible to a contemporary reading public: One answer immediately suggests itself: Because it is a story of her sequestration? The new French text is first republished, albeit still by Gallimard, in the famous Livre de Poche format.

As is the case with the original English texts, the lines between the French versions appear deliberately blurred. All subsequent republications of the text are by Gallimard, which regains its monopoly over them.

And yet, it is the version, the translation of the now outdated English text, that lies in wait for Miss Blandish beneath this cover. Variation in the Texts A few brief examples will serve to demonstrate the lack of consistency in the evolution of the text, on the one hand, and the tendency, on the other hand, of what are otherwise ostensibly parallel trajectories to cross-fertilise one another. We can infer from his autobiography that the latter cut his teeth on No Orchids for Miss Blandish in terms of creating a skopos for his new series; his trade-mark, idiosyncratic style thus appears, logically enough, less domesticating here than it will do when applied to future texts.

Bailey avait une g. His mouth felt like a bird-cage and his eyes were gritty.

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He had been drinking heavily the previous night and the heat worried him. Bailey was feeling lousy. His mouth felt like a birdcage and his eyes were gritty. Interestingly, it should be noted that this opening line has proven unstable in French as well: Ce sont les femmes qui ont fait Charlemagne. C'est pour aimer tranquillement sa vence, que Saint Louis partit en croisade. Paperback , pages.

Histoires d'amour de l'histoire de France 1. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Histoires d'amour de l'histoire de France, Tome 1 , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Histoires d'amour de l'histoire de France, Tome 1. Lists with This Book.

Les 7 boules de cristal

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Apr 28, Ghost of the Library rated it it was amazing Shelves: And here i go again reviewing in english a book in french Ever since a few years ago i read a series of books about the Queens of France - Les Reines de France aux temps des Valois being the first volume - and a couple of others dedicated to specific Queens - Marie Leszczynska wife to Louis XV , Marie Antoinette and that unofficial Queen - Madame de Pompadour all written by Simone Bertiere , that this series of books has been lurking in the background. The author, journalist and writer And here i go again reviewing in english a book in french The author, journalist and writer whose great grandfather was an archaeologist in Napoleon's Egyptian campaign, writes what is essentially a history of France but told with the love stories of its Kings and Queens as main focus.

If you enjoy history, if you know only the basics about french history - guillotine, Louis XIV, Versailles, Marie Antoinette, Emperor Charlemagne and naturally Napoleon, this is a good introduction to it, its very well researched and even if at times the general tone is somewhat more academic, the contents are worth the trouble and time Volume one is perhaps the hardest because a lot of what you read can be hard to distinguish between facts and legends - no matter how good a country's records may be, the further back you go the more likely you are to find a folktale or two in between facts, but still its worth the time and patience like i said.

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Tous ces details historiques et ces anecdotes etaient tres interessant, et l'ecriture de l'auteur est elegante et amusante. Cependant, pour mieux apprecier le livre, il vaut mieux faire des pauses entre deux afin de ne pas se lasser. Jul 30, Alexia Richard rated it it was amazing. Mariab rated it really liked it Jun 14, Dominique Sobczak rated it it was amazing Jul 30, Maria A rated it really liked it Feb 13, Dorinda Lang rated it it was amazing Oct 27, Luc Antoine rated it liked it Apr 26, Lidia rated it really liked it Jul 05, Karime rated it it was amazing Nov 18, Elena rated it it was amazing Aug 25, Asilem rated it really liked it Nov 11, Anna rated it it was amazing Apr 18,