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WBS Numbering

Microsoft Project Level Two- Advanced features for working with templates, master projects, and customizations. It also directs you to more detailed information on that task.

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The Task tab provides buttons for adding, formatting, and working with tasks. From the Schedule group, you can mark the percentage complete, link tasks to one another , and inactivate a task. You can also convert manually scheduled tasks into automatically scheduled tasks from the Tasks group. In the Gantt Chart view, add the summary task above the tasks you want to include in it. On the Task tab, in the Schedule group, click the Indent button. For a detailed description of top-down scheduling, see Top-down planning with summary tasks or phases.

On the Task tab, in the Tasks group, click Auto Schedule. For a full description of the manual and automatic scheduling options in Project , see How scheduling works in Project.

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The buttons on the Resource tab help you with the often-complex business of managing the resources who do the work on your project. From this tab, you can add resources, assign them to tasks, and level resources that are overallocated. You can also launch the powerful team planner from this tab.

On the Resource tab, in the View group, click Team Planner. Now that the team planner is here, you probably want to know how to use it. Check out View your team's work with the Team Planner. If your code is unique, Project will move onto the next cell in the selection. Press F2 and Enter again to process the next cell.

Microsoft Project

It is easy to move down the column this way quite quickly, provided the codes are unique. If not, you will have to stop and change the code before you finish. You should stabilize your WBS and your schedule before adding the custom WBS codes so that you do not have to spend too much time making changes to them. On occasion, however, you will find that you need to add or delete tasks and perhaps move entire work packages to different areas of your WBS. Project makes some automatic numbering changes, and you need to be aware of how these changes work if you use custom WBS codes.

When you insert a new task into a work package summary task group , Project automatically gives it the next highest codes for the level. If you delete a task, Project renumbers the tasks that follow.

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If these are not the behaviors that you want, you will need to manage the addition and deletion carefully. If you move a task to another row within a work package, it keeps its original code even though it will no longer be in sequence.

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If you move a task from one work package to another not a recommended practice , it acquires the correct prefix code for the new work package. The final part of the code may change if it would be a duplicate of an existing task within the package. Editing custom codes after the code mask is created is straightforward.

Select a summary task by double-clicking any field in the row except the row number. The Summary Task Information window appears. Select the value field for WBS. Make your change in the entry bar immediately above the custom field name list box.