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This field is required. Barnaby Brocket has an unusual gift: Embarassed by their child's 'abnormality', his parents set out to keep his feet on the ground.

Noah Barleywater Runs Away by John Boyne: review - Telegraph

This is a compelling story, beautifully observed, which covers difficult themes such as shellshock and loss in a sensitive and understanding way. Search the site Search term is required. Noah Barleywater Runs Away. An uncomfortable book, thought-provoking but unsettling. John Boyne John Boyne was born in Ireland in and is the author of six novels for adults.

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You can read an interview transcript about the writing of this novel here. Reviews Timeless and imaginative. The New York Times.

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Philip Ardagh, The Guardian. Charlie Higson, Mail on Sunday. A moving and magical book.

Noah Barleywater Runs Away by John Boyne- Trailer (paperback)

A beautiful and wonderfully written fairytale. Poignant, fantastical and charming. Noah, unlike classic fairytale 'victims', has not been abandoned - he has decided to run away.

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As he speeds through a magic forest the author subverts a fairytale genre you can tell he loves. In the books he had read, grown-ups often left pies and cakes there with steam rising out of their peaked pastry hats, just as ravenous boys like him could come along and steal them away. But no one seemed to be that stupid in the first village. The dialogue is snappy and knowing.


When Noah is told he is a boy who is a "menace to society" Noah thinks to himself "I've been called worse". After meeting a droll, hungry donkey and a chatty Daschund, Noah finds a toy shop, where everything - including many puppets - are made from the wood of the magic tree outside.

In the shop, there is an argumentative Russian clock tightly wound after talking politics and doorbell that forgets to ring. The elderly mysterious owner tells Noah: It could be a customer from last year. The old toymaker Poppa tells Noah his story, providing ample opportunity for Boyne to explore the absurd.