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  • ESCORT 2 - View of the Advisory Committee on Pesticides Environmental Panel;
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Do not ask for referrals. In indicating acceptability of in-field effects, it may be appropriate to use aged-residue studies to indicate the potential for recovery.

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  6. However, the Environmental Panel highlighted that their use and subsequent interpretation was important to ensure that correct conclusions were drawn regarding recovery. Alternatively, other higher tier studies, eg extended laboratory, semi-field and field studies, may be used to indicate acceptability of effects see below.

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    As regards carrying out the off -field assessment, the Environmental Panel concluded that initial default distances of 1m and 3m for arable and orchard scenarios respectively should always be used. It may be appropriate to carry out an off-crop assessment at additional distances, if this is considered appropriate see below. It was noted that the higher tier data may be generated at application rates equivalent to the appropriate default distances of 1m or 3m, or at suitable distances, if appropriate.

    For example, if concern has been raised regarding the use of a product on cereals, then it would be appropriate to carry out higher tier assessments at the drift rate at 1m and 6m. The Environmental Panel appreciated that this value was a practical endpoint rather than an ecologically relevant endpoint. They acknowledged that this was due to the generally poor sensitivity of the experimental design for such studies, and they considered that the design of such studies should be improved, so that statistically significant differences could be detected at lower, more ecologically relevant effects levels.

    However, in the absence of further data, they accepted that this was an appropriate trigger value. The Environmental Panel considered this to be appropriate for the in-field calculation and agreed with the use of the ' MAF '.

    Billionaire Brothers (The Escort, #2) by Lucia Jordan

    The Environmental Panel proposed that for the off- crop drift calculation, the 'vegetation distribution factor' should be as outlined in ESCORT 2, ie However, they considered that due to the uncertainty regarding off-crop species, a higher uncertainty factor should be used. Therefore, they proposed that a correction factor of 10 should be used to account for uncertainty in sensitivity of species.

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    It should be noted that this issue is only relevant for extended laboratory and semi-field studies but not for field studies. On the issue of recovery and acceptability of effects in-field for the arable situation, the Environmental Panel agreed that "recovery within season" should be adopted as a working definition of acceptability. However, it was accepted that recovery, or potential for recovery, should be assessed on a case-by-case basis, hence it would be important to consider the biology and ecology of the species concerned as well as the crop treated.

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    If recovery was not observed within a season, this did not automatically preclude approval. In these instances, the use of risk management measures should be considered before concluding whether a use is acceptable or not. As regards orchards and similar situations, it was concluded that the issues were slightly different to arable crops, hence it would be necessary to demonstrate the potential for re-colonisation, which could be done via the use of aged residues studies. For off-crop effects, the definition proposed by ESCORT 2, ie the potential for recolonisation within an ecologically relevant time, was accepted.

    For hand-held and home garden uses, it was concluded that due to the small scale of use and hence localised nature of any impact, that no assessment for non-target arthropods is required.

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    7. However, appropriate labelling may be required. The Environmental Panel did however feel that there were key areas which should be considered further in future developments of non-target arthropod risk assessment. The basics for your business.