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  1. The Ordinary Life and Extraordinary Death of Josh Turner by David Treciak (, Paperback) | eBay
  2. The Ordinary Life and Extraordinary Death of Josh Turner
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Aria and "Backwards" George, who simply refuse to let him rest in peace. Careen through the cosmos with an all-knowing extraterrestrial named Max, who offers to reveal the secrets of the universe — that is, if you ask nicely. Above all, see how a life, no matter how ordinary, can have extraordinarily far-reaching consequences. Fiction Literature Publication Details Publisher: Smashwords Edition Publication Date: Over the course of his journey he has David Treciak Author David Treciak is an award-winning writer with a number of stories and screenplays to his credit.

More about David Treciak. Sometimes I have to read more. I wanted to read it all. And, for a lot of reasons, I wanted it to go on and on and on. One of the reasons was that I found the writing to be terrific. Treciak knows how to write and he does it really well.

The Ordinary Life and Extraordinary Death of Josh Turner by David Treciak (, Paperback) | eBay

Then there's the dialog, which, in my opinion as a writer, is some of the hardest writing there is. Well, at least for me. To give each character a voice and a personality and not just have them as vehicles to impart information is a gift. And this guy has it. Then there's the story itself. I kept thinking of of Kurt Vonnegut as I read the manuscript.

And then there's the characters. My bias is that if you don't care about the characters then you don't care about the story because you don't care about what happens to the people. These characters are offbeat, fun, often funny, and I just wanted to keep hanging out with them. They became my friends.

Finally, there's the message.

The Ordinary Life and Extraordinary Death of Josh Turner

Not that this book is necessarily primarily about message, however it happens to have a great one. It's positive, it's upbeat, and it pretty much answers one of the great questions of the universe.

I don't know if Treciak set out to write a book with a message, but that's sure what he ended up with. And that message is Okay, I'm not going to rob you of the very great pleasure of diving into this book finding it out for yourself.

The Ordinary Life and Extraordinary Death of Josh Turner

Josh Turner is one of those characters who live on in your imagination long after you've finished reading his astonding story. Told from the hospital bed where Josh lays dying, The Ordinary life and Extraordinary Death of Josh Turner creeps up on you, until you find yourself loving this ordinary man as if he were real. Moving in and out of Josh's lingering death, the story shows Josh reliving his life through the eyes of an extra-terrestrial from a doomed world, through his quirky group of friends, and through the lives of the others who populate the hospital.

Without knowing it, Josh changes the lives of everyone around him with his dying. With the subtlety of master musician, David Treciak knows how to use silence, when not to answer every question so that the reader can let their own imagination run with the profound ideas he sprinkles throughout the story. Treciak's writing is full all the imagery you'd expect from a writer who knows his craft, yet this is an exciting, page-turning novel that sweeps you up into an extraordinary death.

What a wonderful way to talk about the most feared subject on the planet.

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Can we make a difference in the world, not with how we live our lives, but in how we die? This is the main question Treciak asks in what has to be the most imaginary way I've ever had the pleasure to read. An unforgettable book because David Treciak gives us an unforgettable character, Josh Turner, who we meet on his deathbed. I will certainly recommend this highly original and inspiring novel to anyone looking for an engrossing book that really stands out from all the others.

Grady Harp Top Contributor: David Treciak brings to his first novel the experiences he has gathered in his range of jobs from public school teacher to disk jockey, from sales professional to computer technician. And as his PR spot states, 'An avid student of life, David tells tales that make you laugh, cry, and scratch your head in wonder as the profundity of what he has written sinks in.

Not only is the story a combination of the interrelations of friends during a time of crisis but it is also a story about a man's life as he reflects during his last weeks of living, with all the 'what ifs' and regretted and embraced choices and coming to grips with the final hours of being apart of this particular stage in the cycle of existence. In addition, Treciak plays with the flights of fancy of the 'privilege' of viewing his life and past on a sweeping survey of the universe with an extraterrestrial guide - an ever changing form of being named Max who is able to provide vantages for considering alternative ways of reflection on our main character's life as well as presenting some absorbing and enlightening bytes of philosophy for the reader to ponder.

And, less the reader thinks this is a morbid book about dying, nothing could be further from the truth: Briefly then, Josh Turner is hospitalized in the final stages of cancer, having lost his wife to cancer not long ago, struggling with important decisions such as increasing his IV analgesic drip, loathing the hospital gruel presented at mealtime, and finding comfort and friendship with the nurses.

His tranquil, drug-altered state is fractured by the appearance of visitors - three friends from the past Aria, A. But even more important to the story line is the appearance of one 'Max', an extraterrestrial being who just happened to drop in on earth to observe the gradual deconstruction of the population of this small planet.

As Josh and Max ride the atmosphere of the earth Max shares input from other planets' views of earth: Dying is the one absolute thing we were born to do. If you fear death, then you may as well fear breathing'; 'It means that, despite the fact that Earth is an insignificant piece of fluff, its inhabitants have always believed that the universe revolves around THEM. It's never occurred to them that they're only a tiny part of a larger community'; 'Rampant consumption is one thing.

However, rampant consumption of limited resources is catastrophic. The laws of nature will soon put an end to Earth's population growth. I'm afraid that Earth is very near the end of its existence as you know it'; 'Human beings are genetically predisposed to act selfishly out of survival instincts that they learned eons ago.

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But those instincts that were once necessary to survive in a hostile world have, over the millennia, become self-destructive Reading David Treciak is then not only a completely entertaining experience, but it is also a warm presentation of philosophy that, in the context of this tale of a man facing death, provides some very fine reflections on those aspects of life we can share and save. Grady Harp, November See all 11 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on October 25, Published on October 8, Published on October 7,