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Today we are faced with the twenty-first century snake oil that proponents want you to believe that marijuana cures everything from minor pains to cancer. Snake oil never lives up to the sellers hype.

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The great news is that most of our youth do not use marijuana; that in itself is refreshing. This Is Your Country on Drugs. Drugs and Drug Policy. The Case Against Lawyers. Inside This Place, Not of It. Clean and Sober Forever. Jesse Ventura's Marijuana Manifesto. Tapping into The Wire. The Medical Marijuana Business. The Medical Culling of America. Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana.

Are Nootropics (smart drugs) Snake oil?

A Reference Handbook, 2nd Edition. Ending the War on Drugs. What the Early Worm Gets. From the Hearts of Alcoholics and Addicts. Know Your Limits and Liabilities. Dying to Get High. The Cross and the Marijuana Leaf. Society, Psychology, and Heredity. Drugs and Alcohol To Gently Leave This Life. Get Smart About Heroin. Federal Narcotics Laws and the War on Drugs.

Drugs in American Society: Marijuana Law in a Nutshell. The Real Trick or Treat. Cannabis Legalization and the Bible: Encyclopedia of Drug Policy. Drugs, Crime and Violence. Why the Constitution Doesn't Apply to You. Voices from the Inside. Drug Abuse and Social Policy in America. Good People Like Pot. Showing of 7 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. For this collection of paper pages to be called a book is insulting to any true author.

The "book" looks like Ray Martinez simply pulled files off of his personal diary's harddrive and then slapped them together in a supposed organized fashion. However, most of the content is not original, nor Ray's - it generally consists of emails he has sent or received, or other non-original writing. The other issues I have with the content, if you can call this 'brain-barf' content, is that Ray makes numerous and almost continuous arguable claims, yet passes them off as the accepted paradigm as he simply does mention these arguable claims in his footnote sections.

Also, the make-up of the book is very odd. OK, that was my issues with the content Now for the real issue The writing style of Ray is elementary at best.

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Few, if any, of the sentences relate to each other, and the paragraphs are just as disheveled. Here is are some example of Ray's writing. Creation through a person is designed by our Creator-it's God's greatest gift to each one of us-an idea. An idea conceived is hope that becomes reality. When I worked in drug enforcement, we found many grow operations with hydro pod systems and grows in sheds and basements. He seems to think simply by repeating something over and over it then becomes true.

This makes for a very tiring, repetitive and boring read. Lastly the title of this book "The Truth About Marijuana" is deceptive. There is not one shred of truth in this book. The book is simply Ray's personal opinions that are not backed up by any non-contestable claims.

Marijuana: The New Snake Oil?

Further, his complete lack of laying out any of the other sides view in any other form than reprinting emails some random people sent him, makes for a weak argument. To call this collection of pages a book is a joke. I want my money back!!! Welcome to the modern day Reefer Madness. This demagogue is a real piece of work. Ray Martinez vehemently opposes a harmless and medically beneficial substance like marijuana, but supports misogyny and discrimination against women. A city investigation became public weeks before Martinez's first bid for city council, which he narrowly lost.

Ray's futile attempt to swing opinion is nothing more than the usual biased hate-mongering that has created fear and intolerance.

The Truth About Marijuana: America’S Snake Oil - Ray Martinez - Google Книги

Perhaps if Ray could try thinking outside the box for a change, he could see what things are like on the other side of the aisle. Instead, Ray uses reports and stats that have been proven to be false, misleading, or outright lies as the basis for this "book". A good author would try avoiding government sources and try checking out scientific areas of research as well. As a former cop, Ray should want to help keep people informed on crimes, but instead, he focuses on something being "illegal just because it is illegal". Ray, try researching outside the box, outside your law enforcement propaganda, and outside your narrow-minded thoughts.

In this book Mr. Martinez, a retired law enforcement officer, provides an overview of his personal opinions regarding marijuana. Anyone who is interested in obtaining factual information and objective analysis of this topic by qualified medical doctors should instead consult the excellent book entitled "Marijuana Myths Marijuana Facts: The author, Ray Martinez, is a compassion-less ex-cop that helped to defeat a proposition in Fort Collins, CO that would have given sick, suffering and dying people access to a medicinal plant.

He knows little about cannabis and it's medicinal use but attempts to pad his pocket by writing a book about the dangers of marijuana use. The only thing he can say is "Don't let our town go to pot". Martinez, and others like him, are part of the reason why sick people, over 8, in the Fort Collins area, do not have access to an effective and totally safe medicine.